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SMART Recovery – The Evidence


SMART Recovery – The Evidence


UK SMART Recovery in association with London South Bank University.

Hear the latest research findings and understand SMART Recovery’s place within the mutual aid landscape.


Tue 23 January 2018, London SE1 6NG. Book here




ESH Works opens ESH Community residential rehab


ESH logo


ESH Community rehab is a peer led fully residential CQC registered 11 bed facility with 24/7 on site support. The rehab is operated and managed entirely by professional staff who all have their own personal experience of addiction and recovery. Find out more




Druglink archive

Nearly 30 years of DrugScope’s magazine, Druglink, dating back to 1986 now available and searchable on the DrugWise website



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12th December 2017


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UK news

Call for drug laws devolution to allow 'fix room'

The Scottish government is to seek devolution of drugs laws to allow users to take heroin safely under medical supervision | BBC, UK

Minimum unit pricing not UK wide

Spirit price rise: with Scotland set to introduce minimum unit pricing, will Wales follow and will English border towns become 'the new Calais'? | Morning Advertiser, UK

Green cigarettes plan to encourage young people to stub out habit

Young people would be less likely to smoke if each cigarette was tinted green with “smoking kills” written on them, according to a cancer charity study | Herald, UK

Rehab is a lonely place for a gay man like me

Too many services assume people are straight. Tailored, more inclusive approaches are critical – and a civil and human right | Guardian, UK

Disproportionate stop and search of black people 'threatens public confidence in police', inspector warns

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary finds black people are eight times more likely to be searched, even though drugs are less likely to be found | Independent, UK

Smoking and chronic pain (PDF)

New factsheet | ASH Scotland

New tobacco products (PDF)

New factsheet | ASH Scotland

Bristol’s Recovery Choir’s 3 Year Anniversary

Recovery Choir, Rising Voices, is celebrating 3 years of singing for recovery with the release of a short film, by local filmmaker Jessica Balla, which follows their journey of hope and positivity in their recoveries from alcohol and drug addiction | BDP, UK

Scottish court hears of 'sophisticated' drug gang

A cocaine gang kidnapped and brutally tortured a man over money they thought he owed them, a court has been told | BBC, UK

How 'sophisticated' crime gang went about business

Nine men have pleaded guilty to a variety of charges linked to the most sophisticated organised crime group encountered yet by Police Scotland, according to prosecutors | BBc, UK


International news

British man faces two years in Dubai jail after testing positive for cannabis

A 24-year-old British man faces two years behind bars in Dubai after he tested positive for cannabis | Independent, UK

Austria stubs out looming smoking ban in name of 'freedom'

Plan to ban smoking completely in bars and eateries from 2018 scrapped by far-right Freedom party in coalition talks | Guardian, UK

Incredible video shows a man who 'overdosed on heroin' in CVS being revived with the life-saving drug naloxone

An incredible video shows how the life-saving drug naxolone saved a man who was passed out after apparently overdosing on heroin | Mail Online, UK

Health Research Board publish latest drug-related deaths figures

Almost two people died each day in Ireland during 2015 as a result of poisoning, trauma or medical causes linked to drug use according to the latest figures from the Health Research Board (HRB). This represents almost 20,000 potential life years lost* in just one year. A total of 695 people died in 2015 compared to 431 in 2004 - this represents an increase of 61%. There have been 7,422 deaths among people who use drugs since 2004 | HRB, Ireland

Cocaine-related overdoses rising, figures show

On the back of a series of large seizures and concerns from gardaí and treatment centres regarding the resurgence, new figures show that cocaine was involved in 44 deaths in 2015 | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Dublin’s drug-dealing rickshaw drivers

As gardaí get tough on the rickshaw trade, the driver-dealers are getting smarter | Irish Times, Ireland

Fewer than half of drink-drive cases result in conviction

Fewer than half of the drink-driving prosecutions initiated by gardaí last year resulted in a conviction, according to an RTÉ investigation | RTe, Ireland

In just 10 days Gardaí make 260 drink- and drug-driving arrests

Arrests made as part of the force’s Driving Under Intoxicant enforcement campaign | Irish Times, Ireland

How illegal drugs sustain organised crime in the EU (PDF)

Drug markets remain the largest criminal markets in the EU. More than one third of the criminal groups active in the EU are involved in the production, trafficking or distribution of various types of drugs | Europol, Belgium

Recovery bulletin - Novemeber/December issue

Updates relating to treatment and recovery | Recovery Research Institute, USA

Managing concerning behaviors when opioids are taken for chronic pain

Patients receiving long-term opioid therapy for chronic pain sometimes demonstrate challenging and concerning behaviors, such as using more opioid medication than prescribed or concomitant alcohol or drug use. A new study establishes expert consensus about treatment approaches that should be implemented when these behaviors arise | Science Daily, USA

Does prescription opioid use by one household member increase risk of prescribed use in others?

Living in a household with a prescription opioid user may be associated with increased risk of prescription opioid use by other household members | EurekAlert, USA

FDA launches public education campaign to encourage adult smokers trying to quit cigarettes

“Every Try Counts” builds on agency’s comprehensive plan to reduce disease and death from combustible cigarettes | FDA, USA

Research shows that e-cigarettes serve as gateway to traditional smoking

Young adults who use electronic cigarettes are more than four times as likely to begin smoking tobacco cigarettes within 18 months as their peers who do not vape, according to new University of Pittsburgh research | News Medical, USA

Nevada, Nebraska seeking to use fentanyl for executions

Two states want to take a drug from an addict’s needle and add it to an executioner’s arsenal | NYDaily News, USA

Cold turkey at Vietnam's compulsory drug rehab centres

During four years of compulsory rehab in Vietnam, Trung spent his drug-free days gluing together false eyelashes as part of what authorities billed as valuable 'work therapy' for his heroin addiction | Yahoo, USA

A new clinical trial in Ottawa asks: Can e-cigarettes help the homeless quit smoking?

An Ottawa doctor is about to launch a clinical trial aimed at finding out whether e-cigarettes can help homeless people quit smoking | Ottawa Citizen, Canada

One-third of Australian cancer deaths are potentially preventable, study says

Tobacco was identified as the modifiable factor with the greatest room for improvement, accounting for 23 per cent of all cancer deaths | Age, Australia

Busting methamphetamine myths: The truth about ice - video

Is it fair to accept - without question - the statement that 'if you try ice once, you’re hooked'? | SBS, Australia

Opioids bring a terrifying electro-cerebral silence you should avoid at any cost

We are electrical beings. There lies the horror of how opioids shut us down | Age, Australia

Drug version of Uber Eats': Cab drivers sentenced over delivering cocaine

Four men operated a sophisticated cocaine delivery service across Sydney | SMH, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

Harry's blog 42: The truth is out there

There is a long-standing and recognised procedure for the publication of academic papers. They go through a peer-review process, suggestions may or may not be made by anonymous reviewers back to the authors. Ultimately the paper may or may not be finally accepted. If it is published, then there may be a letter or letters to the editor criticising the paper, sometimes on grounds of methodology or conclusions drawn from findings | NSP Blog, UK

Why We Shouldn’t Ignore The Cannabis Oil Boom

It has become the trendy new supplement discussed quietly over dinner parties | Huffington Post, UK

Community pharmacies ideally placed to help the global fight against hepatitis C

2016 brought with it the first fall in deaths from hepatitis C in the UK in more than a decade, likely the result of increased treatment with new direct acting antiviral drugs | Pharmaceutical Journal, UK

Jeffrey Aronson: When I use a word . . . Alcohol

At this time of year, well at any time of year really, a look at alcohol may not go amiss | BMJ opinion, UK