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13th December 2019


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UK news

'Hangover days' for employees criticised by alcohol harm campaigners amid fears it could encourage binge drinking

Abusiness offering its staff "hangover days" for when they are feeling worse for wear has been criticised by alcohol harm charities who have raised concern that the practice could encourage binge drinking | Telegraph, UK

Pharmacists warning over safety of cannabis oil products, amid concern some contain illegal high inducing chemical

Pharmacists have been told to check the safety of their cannabis oil products, amid concerns that some may contain illegal high-inducing chemicals | Telegraph, UK

Pioneering ketamine treatments: depression – Science Weekly podcast

Ketamine might sound like an unlikely candidate for treating addiction and depression. But a growing number of scientists believe the drug could help. In the second part of this Science Weekly mini series, Hannah Devlin speaks to another expert using ketamine in their work: a physiatrist who has been conducting research on the use of ketamine for treating depression for several years | Guardian, UK

NHS Fife fails in bid to limit alcohol space in new Lidl store

A move by health chiefs in Fife to block a new supermarket’s bid to dedicate more space to alcohol has been knocked back | Courier, UK

Social events & alcohol

Do you feel left out of social events if you don't drink alcohol? Qasa is asking this as the Christmas party season gets underway | BBC Radio Asian Network, UK

Gang behind Jayden Moodie murder are London's most feared

The street gang behind the murder of 14-year-old Jayden Moodie are one of the most feared crime networks in London responsible for a string of killings and violent attacks, it can be revealed | Telegraph, UK

Vietnamese man charged over £260,000 cannabis parcel

A Vietnamese man has been charged in connection with the interception of a parcel containing £260,000 worth of cannabis | BBC, UK


International news

Drinking just ONE glass of wine or pint of beer each night 'may raise your cancer risk by 5%' as scientists warn the safest amount of alcohol is NONE

A study of more than 120,000 people in Japan found that regular drinking – even in small amounts – significantly increased the risk of cancer | Mail Online, UK

Banning e-cigarettes could do more harm than good, experts warn

E-cigarettes are a powerful tool for helping smokers kick the habit, the paper argued | i news, UK

Juice Wrld’s family break silence on his death: ‘Addiction knows no boundaries’

Juice Wrld’s family have broken their silence on his sudden death, expressing their grief while confirming the rapper battled a prescription drug addiction | Metro, UK

Emirati ruler’s son died after taking cocaine and GHB

The Emir of Sharjah’s son was found dead in his London apartment after taking ‘strong’ cocaine and the sex drug GBH, an inquest was told | Metro, UK

Trump impeachment vote: Senior Republican attacks Hunter Biden’s alleged crack cocaine use

Republicans accused of creating ‘sordid spectacle’ to distract public from president’s conduct | Independent, UK

MLB: Marijuana removed from banned list after policy revision

The policy, which comes into effect in 2020, says players found to have taken natural cannabinoids will be treated the same as alcohol-related issues | BBC, UK

Four drug deaths in Brisbane and three in Perth after 91 overdoses in four days

Western Australia police warn of ‘bad batch of drugs out there’ | Guardian, UK

Drug law amendments proposed for no mandatory prison sentence for personal cannabis cultivation

On Thursday morning Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici published a set of amendments to existing drug laws, proposing court discretion on whether to sentence to jail a person who can show that the cultivation of cannabis was for their strict personal use | Independent, Malta

Trend Report: Q3 2019 Opioids in the United States (PDF)

The objective of this report is to provide timely information regarding the status of opioids including novel opioids and fentanyl analog prevalence, positivity, and discovery within the United States | NPS Discovery et al, USA

New York tries to keep alive flavored e-cigarette ban

New York's ban on flavored e-cigarettes is still held up in court, but a state council voted Thursday to keep it alive in case the judge rules in the state's favor | Medical Xpress, USA

Scientists pry apart party drug's therapeutic, addictive qualities

Stanford University School of Medicine investigators have succeeded in distinguishing the molecular pathway responsible for an illicit drug's abuse potential from the one behind its propensity to make people feel sociable | Medical Xpress, USA

Finally: A Black-Owned, Equity-Program Cannabis Dispensary in San Francisco

For better or worse, San Francisco has been a leader among cities in many respects. Over the past several decades, the city has been a center of the hippie and countercultural movement... | Filter Magazine, USA

Australian Capital Territory Drug Trends 2019: Key Findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) Interviews

This year, we have provided a suite of products with the most up-to-date findings from interviews conducted annually from 2000-2019 with a cross-sectional sentinel group of people who regularly inject drugs recruited from Canberra, ACT | NDARC, Australia

Australian Capital Territory Drug Trends 2019: Key Findings from the Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting system (EDRS) Interviews

This year, we have provided a suite of products with the most up-to-date findings from interviews conducted annually from 2003-2019 with a cross-sectional sentinel group of people who regularly use ecstasy and other stimulants recruited from Canberra, ACT | NDARC, Australia

Study debunks the myth that an imposed floor on alcohol prices would punish the poor

There is no evidence that a minimum unit price on alcohol as a deterrent against binge drinking would effectively make the poor poorer, an ARC-funded UNSW study has found | Phys Org, Australia

Government urged to increase alcohol laws and legalise cannabis

The Government is being urged to strengthen alcohol regulation and legalise and regulate cannabis |, New Zealand

AUT gets approval to grow high-THC and high-CBD cannabis

The university has been granted licenses to grow high-THC and high-CBD cannabis with medicinal cannabis producer Zeacann | Newshub, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

What Christmas is like when someone you love has an addiction

Christmas is the time of year when we need the most help. I didn’t understand this until I was dealing with my husband's addiction | i news, UK

Simon Harris: Addiction is 'a public health epidemic' that impacts every community

We don't talk enough about addiction in Ireland but we talk even less about how it impacts on families, said Health Minister, Simon Harris | Irish Examiner, Ireland