DS Daily - 5th August 2009



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The UKDPC’s “smart enforcement” proposals amount to legalisation by the back door

Last week brought a new twist to the myth that law enforcement – hyperbolically designated as ‘prohibition’ by the pro drugs lobby – rather than drug use itself is the root of the country’s drug problem - Kathy Gyngell [Centre for Policy Studies, UK]

Legalise drugs or license the users instead

Drug problems are getting worse, it's time to seek alternative approaches [Letters - Times, UK]

‘Worrying’ rise in young adults using drugs like cocaine

More young adults in Wales are using Class A drugs than at any time in the past five years, worrying new figures have shown [Wales Online, UK]

Addiction service review aims to reduce wait times

NHS Highland said it would be looking to redesign and review its current provision of services — the aim being to establish a more structured system of referral to improve access to services and reduce waiting times [Inverness Courier, Scotland, UK]

Drug charity director sues after he is wrongly targeted by sniffer dogs

A drugs charity director is suing British Transport Police after he was wrongly targeted by sniffer dogs at an Underground station [Telegraph, UK]

Random testing on the way as RFU gets tough on 'recreational' drugs

The Rugby Football Union, concerned by suggestions that the use of 'recreational' drugs by its top players is on the increase, is moving to introduce a much tougher testing regime [Telegraph, UK]

Scourge that claims even reputations of innocent

Dozens of websites offer kits to rid the body of traces of alcohol or drugs so that they will not show up in conventional tests [Times, UK]

Boredom 'fuels teen alcohol use'

The charity Drinkaware found that 8% of the 16 and 17 year olds it questioned said they drank at least once a week simply because they were bored [BBC, UK]

The Health Effects of Parental Problem Drinking on Adult Children

These long-lasting consequences of parental problem drinking on adult children's mental health should be considered when designing and financing interventions targeting problem drinkers and their families - Abstract [The Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics]

Methadone scheme for recovering addicts also hit by closures

A number of pharmacies in Dublin city centre, including some involved in dispensing methadone to recovering heroin addicts, were closed yesterday with notices posted outside explaining closure was “due the pharmacists’ dispute with the HSE/Minister Harney” [Irish Times]

War on drugs is not working, says EU Commission

The war on drugs has not reduced the production, trafficking, availability or use of drugs, a massive study by the European Commission has found [Irish Examiner]

IDPC Address to ECOSOC Meeting

As a co-ordinating mechanism, the ECOSOC committee needs to seek better coherence between the outcomes of the different functional commissions on this issue, and we would urge you to request that the Secretary General to consider ways to ensure that the UN can truly ‘speak as one’ on the issue of drug control [IDPC]

Playing a Deadly Game With AIDS

Nearly 600,000 Americans with AIDS have died since the beginning of the epidemic. Nearly a third of those cases can be traced to intravenous drug users [New York Times, USA]

Device Offers a Roadside Dope Test

The system uses magnetic nanoparticles to detect traces of cocaine, heroin, cannabis, and methamphetamine [MIT Technology Review, USA]

Program credited with saving drug users faces cuts

Lawmakers and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger have cut Proposition 36 funding nearly in half, forcing counties to drastically reduce their rehabilitation offering and creating long waiting lists for court-ordered treatment [Press Democrat, USA]

Helping America's Least Wanted

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health, has comprehensively reviewed the scientific studies on needle exchange. "It does not," he says, "result in an increase in drug abuse, and it does decrease the incidence of HIV [Washington Post, USA]

Mexico's drug war spills into the US

Ever wondered how long it will take for the drug-related violence and chaos in Mexico to spill across into the US? According to some observers, it is already happening on quite a large scale [Financial Times, UK]

Mexico urged to change drug war strategy

US-backed plan not working, say political leaders [Boston Globe, USA]

Australian Guidelines to Reduce Health Risks from Drinking Alcohol

These 2009 National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) guidelines aim to establish the evidence base for future policies and community materials on reducing the health risks that arise from drinking alcohol. 179-page PDF [NHMRC, Australia]