DS Daily - 6th August 2009


Factors associated with teenage ecstasy use

The findings suggest that ecstasy use patterns may be changing from their historical perception as a 'party' drug, as the demographic profile ecstasy of users in this study reflected the traditional profile of illicit drug use during adolescence, which raises challenges for addressing the problems associated with this drug [Drugs: education, prevention and policy, UK]

July Policy Update


40 per cent of teenagers know someone hurt by cannabis

The survey, by the Home Officefunded drugs advice service Frank, is fresh evidence that the supposedly soft drug has harmed the health, education and careers of millions of teenagers [Daily Mail, UK]

The world premier of ‘Mr. Mange Goes Over’

A new animated short film on the causes of heroin overdose [Lifeline Project, UK]

Improving access to child and adolescent mental health services

This guide has been produced to help providers and commissioners of child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) improve access and waiting times for children and young people. 36-page PDF [Department of Health, Department for Children, Schools and Families, UK]

Mental health: The financial cloud over New Horizons

The government's latest vision for mental health is exciting and inspiring – so let's hope it gets the financial backing required ... Paul Corry is director of public affairs at mental health charity Rethink [Guardian, UK]

Government action needed to reduce harmful drinking say public sector professionals

A survey of over 1,000 teachers, nurses, doctors, police and public health consultants shows the overwhelming majority wants tougher rules on alcohol [RCN, UK]

Million Scots in danger from booze

More than a million Scots drink alcohol in amounts that might damage their health, a report revealed yesterday, amid calls for better services for people with addiction problems [The Scotsman, UK]

Minister hears strong North West backing for crackdown on irresponsible drinks promotions

Regional Minister for the North West Phil Woolas MP yesterday - ahead of the closing date for consultation responses to new licensing proposals - heard strong public backing for urgent action to tackle irresponsible drinks promotions and the rising unhealthy drinking culture in the North West and nationwide [Alcohol Policy UK]

Drinking guidelines are in need of a top-up

With 40 per cent of people in Scotland still unaware of sensible drinking guidelines, there is an urgent need to rethink the current UK policy on alcohol [Edinburgh Evening News, UK]

Cash boost for tackling alcohol misuse

The Scottish Government has increased the money it provides health boards in the north and north-east to tackle alcohol misuse [Press and Journal, UK]

Chapels call for an end to ‘frenzied drinking’ in Wales

Alcohol must be sold with a minimum unit price to curb the current culture of “frenzied drinking”, chapels across Wales said yesterday [Wales Online, UK]

Mine's a half...

Beer activists are calling on the government to scrap tax on brews made with just 2.8% alcohol. But would drinkers sup a weaker pint for the sake of 60p? [BBC, UK]

Bath's senior players take on troubleshooting role after drug scandals

Players had no support system - Move aims to reassure parents of young players [Guardian, UK]

Dual illness rarely treated in mental health patients

In his tumultuous 21 years, Danny danced with death in the most amazing, horrible ways. In the end, two college students spotted him facedown in the cold, murky water of the C&O Canal one afternoon in April 2008 [News Leader, USA]

NBC, CBS, ABC, & FOX Happy to Profit from Marijuana, as Long as Nobody Talks About Legalizing It

Everywhere you look, corporate media are covering pot stories, except for the issue of its illegality and the lives ruined by prohibition [AlterNet, USA]

E-Cigarettes: Another Look

FDA remains conflicted over safety concerns [Addiction Inbox, USA]

Senator Holds Up U.S. Anti - Drug Aid to Mexico

Mexico has not yet met human rights requirements laid down in U.S. law for the release of millions of dollars in U.S. anti-narcotics aid, a Democratic senator said on Wednesday [New York Times, USA]

Could ‘Intervention’ Have Helped a Star?

Specialists in drug interventions — a rapidly growing field since the concept was developed in the late 1960s — have watched the Jackson case closely, viewing it as a classic example of lost opportunity [New York Times, USA]

Treatment for Stimulant Use Disorders

This Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) describes basic knowledge about the nature and treatment of stimulant use disorders. More specifically, it reviews what is currently known about treating the medical, psychiatric, and substance abuse/dependence problems associated with the use of two high-profile stimulants: cocaine and MA [SAMHSA, USA]

Iran hangs 24 drug traffickers 'in mass execution'

Iran hanged 24 convicted drug traffickers in a prison last week in one of the country's biggest mass executions [BT BYahoo News, UK]

The Opium Standard

Next stop in our occasional series on commodities used as currencies around the world: Afghanistan! [Reason, USA]