DS Daily - 7th August 2009


Breaking the Link

The role of drug treatment in tackling crime. 24-page PDF [NTA, UK]

Drug treatment for prisons to get funding boost

Prisons across England will benefit from £2.9m for drug treatment for 2009/10 from the Department of Health, as part of the extra £8.9m capital funding announced in June [NTA, UK]

One in six long-term young jobless 'dead within ten years'

In one British city, 15 per cent of 'Neets' - Not in Education, Employment or Training - died mainly from drinking or drugs within ten years of falling out of the system [Daily Mail, UK]

Eric Carlin stands down as Chair of the Drug Education Forum

Eric chaired the Forum in an exemplary fashion and is leaving the Forum in an even stronger position than when he joined [Drug Education Forum, UK]

Cocaine madness

It may be unwelcome news to ministers, but many young people take drugs for enjoyment, not to feed an addiction. UK drug policy, however, speaks predominantly to the parents of users and their simmering fears [New Statesman, UK]

Help for addicts after drugs raids

Drug treatment workers are being sent into neighbourhoods in the immediate aftermath of police raids on dealers' homes [Leicester Mercury, UK]

Legal highs?

BBC Blast reporter Stephanie Cantrell looks into the rising popularity of laughing gas as a recreational drug amongst students and young people [BBC, UK]

Concern at early alcohol sale ban

New licensing laws in Scotland could cost traders early morning sales of alcohol, according to the industry [BBC, UK]

Pressure mounts to call last orders on alcohol sponsors

Support for a ban on sponsorship of sport by alcohol firms gathers pace with every loutish performance at a Test ground or drunken brawl in a pub after a football match [Times, UK]

DCSF to develop new youth alcohol strategy

The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) is to develop a new campaign strategy with Manning Gottlieb OMD (MGOMD) to tackle alcohol misuse among young people [Marketing Week, UK]

Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain: 2008 estimates for accidents involving illegal alcohol levels

This release includes provisional statistics on accidents involving drinking and driving in Great Britain in 2008, according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority [Department of Transport, UK]

Drink-drive deaths rose last year

The number of people killed in road accidents involving alcohol rose last year, according to figures released by the Department for Transport [Times, UK]

NHS still failing to tackle alcohol misuse despite rise in admissions

The picture contrasts sharply with services for drug misuse - Abstract [BMJ, UK]

Methadone addicts hit hard by dispute

A spokeswoman said the IPU had no view on the withdrawal by some pharmacists of their methadone services during the dispute with the HSE [Irish Times]

HSE denies 'any problems' with methadone plan

Methadone programmes for drug addicts are struggling to cope with overcrowding at some clinics as the pharmacy dispute enters its sixth day [Independent, Ireland]

Germany Battles Youth Drinking Scourge

For years, Germany has been famous for its tolerant stance toward public drinking. Now many communities are finding that drunken youths are a public nuisance and a danger both to others and themselves [Spiegel, Germany]

Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?

A new book explains how we're steering people away from cannabis and toward the use of a very harmful and deadly substance: alcohol [AlterNet, USA]

Legalize marijuana now

All arguments against marijuana legalization are flimsy; the arguments for legalization are myriad and overwhelming [Examiner, USA]

Regulating cannabis in California Puff, puff, pay

With the approval of 80% of its voters, Oakland last month became the first city in America to exact a sales tax on cannabis [Economist, USA]

Hold the White House Accountable on Medical Marijuana

Since taking office the Obama administration has been sending mixed messages on medical marijuana, and providers still live in fear of federal raids. Write to the White House, and ask him to take a clear stance on medical marijuana [DPA, USA]

Is the Drug Czar Legally Required to Lie?

A few weeks ago, drug czar Gil Kerlikowske falsely asserted that marijuana "has no medicinal benefit ... As for why Kerlikowske, supposedly a more-enlightened-than-usual drug warrior, feels compelled to lie about such well-established facts, perhaps it's because he is legally required to do so [Reason, USA]

Nanotherapeutics Announces NanoBUP™ Capsule for Treating Opiate Addiction

The 2 x 2mg capsule achieved significant oral bioavailability of 60 to 70 percent, in comparison to sublingual administration of buprenorphine/naloxone at a similar dose [PR-inside, USA]

Drug killings soar as Obama heads to Mexico summit

Mexican drug gangs are killing rivals in record numbers in a major setback for the government, which will seek more support from U.S. President Barack Obama when he visits the country this weekend [Washington Post, USA]

UN denounces Guinea 'drug labs'

Evidence of drug factories capable of producing heroin, cocaine and ecstasy has been found in Guinea, the UN says [BBC, UK]

Opium ravages Afghan villages

In dozens of mountain hamlets in this remote corner of Afghanistan, opium addiction has become so entrenched that whole families – from toddlers to old men – are addicts [Ariana, Afghanistan]