DS Daily - 12th August 2009


SCDEA - Annual Report 2008-09

A year of success. 1.1 MB PDF [Scottish Crime & Drugs Enforcement Agency, UK]

Boy, 17, fitted with pacemaker after massive heart attack caused by 60 line-a-week coke binge

'Coke gave me such a buzz and I liked the confidence it gave me. ‘I never considered the risks. We all felt invincible.’ [Daily Mail, UK]

Councils 'not prepared for next wave of the recession'

Councils are not doing enough to prepare their communities for the fallout from the recession and face a surge in social problems such as addiction, alcoholism and domestic violence, the leading public sector watchdog warned yesterday [Guardian, UK]

Police sniffer dogs used for illegal searches on public, say campaigners

Lawyers and drugs campaigners say use of dogs is ineffective and potentially flouts human rights legislation [Guardian, UK]

Drug experts to urge ban on Spice 'herbal high'

Legal smoking mixture contains chemicals that mimic effects of cannabis, government advisers warn [Guardian, UK]

Oxford Street Services Commended for Best Practice

The team was specifically praised for its approach to contact assessment and outreach, especially with the most vulnerable service users [Crime Reduction Initiatives , UK]

Andy Parkinson named Chief Executive of UK Anti-Doping (UKAD)

Andy Parkinson has been appointed as the first Chief Executive of UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), which will take over as Britain’s national anti-doping organisation from UK Sport later this year [NDS, UK]

The Truth About Happy Hour

Is it time for a new approach to tackling binge drinking? Video [Panorama, BBC, UK]

Drinking limits debates re-opened: units and driving

Daily vs Weekly guidelines? [Alcohol Policy UK]

Don Shenker: We need action to shield children from alcohol

Last month's statistics from the NHS revealed the true extent of children's drinking in England and a worrying pattern which has emerged over recent years [Yorkshire Post, UK]

Treatment expert confirmed for a top drug post

The Senate confirms University of Pennsylvania psychologist A. Thomas McLellan as deputy director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy [Philadelphia Enquirer, USA]

Washington state revisits three-strikes law

Many states have begun applying the severe laws more sparingly. Washington is beginning to revisit three-strikes cases, giving some nonviolent offenders another chance [LA Times, USA]

Schizophrenia and Violence: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Schizophrenia and other psychoses are associated with violence and violent offending, particularly homicide. However, most of the excess risk appears to be mediated by substance abuse comorbidity [PLoS, USA]

U.S. War on Drugs Is Killing Mexico

The Three Amigos Summit which just ended -- U.S., Canada and Mexico -- is the private gathering of North America's dysfunctional family. The level of good will and cooperation has been incredible, but border problems are growing, not abating [Huffington Post, USA]

Obama urges $100m for Mexico drugs war

President Barack Obama will press Congress to release more than $100m (£60m) of aid to help Mexico in its war against the drug cartels [Independent, UK]

Thumbs up for methadone and BNX

A paper published in the latest issue of the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) confirmed that buprenorphine-naloxone (BNX) was less likely than buprenorphine alone to be injected by both opioid replacement therapy patients (ORT) and injecting drug users [Pharmacy News, Australia]

Taliban drug proceeds lower than thought, U.S. report says

A Senate committee report says U.S. spy agencies believe that about $70 million flows to the Taliban annually from drugs -- enough to finance the militants' relatively low-cost insurgency [LA Times, USA]

Injecting drug users take central role in anti-stigma film

The lives of injecting drug users and the HIV-related stigma and discrimination they face was one focus of the IX International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific as the film Suee (Needle) was launched by Response Beyond Borders, the Asian consortium on drug use HIV, AIDS and poverty [UNAIDS]