DS Daily - 17th August 2009


Drug-driving campaign is launched

An advertising campaign warning of the risks of driving after taking drugs is being launched in England and Wales [BBC, UK]

Hooked at birth

The number of babies born hooked on drugs has reached a shocking all-time high [Scottish Sun, UK]

New video contributions from David Best [FEAD, UK]

1. The Politics of Recovery

2. Psychology and recovery

3. De-medicalising, de-professionalising and de-stigmatising

4. Are we right to talk about a "Recovery Movement'

5. Intensive therapeutic interventions including ITEP

'Desperate' prisons jam more in cells

The prison population has reached a record level this weekend – 84,154, just under 1,000 places below safe operating capacity [Observer, UK]

Ministers urged to impose price controls on alcohol

42% rise in cases of cirrhosis sparks new calls for tougher action [Observer, UK]

Labour backing paves way for minimum pricing of alcohol

Ministers have claimed growing support for setting minimum prices for alcohol, following reports that the plan is set to become a reality [The Herald, Scotland, UK]

Moderate drinking 'boosts bones'

Women who drink moderate amounts of beer may be strengthening their bones, according to Spanish researchers [BBC, UK]

Alcoholic died after being refused a liver transplant

Mother of dead binge drinker Gary Reinbach tells of her devastation [Mirror, UK]

Alcohol Commission Resource Centre

The Alcohol Commission Resource Centre has been built to allow members of the public to upload and share information relating to alcohol - The Commissioners, all aged between 14 and 22 [Alcohol Commission Resource Centre, UK]

Meta-analysis shows that alcohol consumption has negative impact on antiretroviral adherence

HIV-positive individuals who drink alcohol are approximately 50% less likely to be adherent to their antiretroviral therapy than those who abstain from alcohol, according to a meta-analysis published in the online edition of the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes [Aidsmap, UK]

Our prison work is part of charity aims

The positive impact on reoffending, regardless of sector [Lord Adebowale

Chief Executive, Turning Point - Letter, Times, UK]

Relapse prevention: Big red line

Although not something that people would normally expect from a worker in needle programmes we do use relapse prevention techniques with our visitors [Injecting Advice, UK]

Half of inmates in single prison test positive for drugs

Most of the prisoners had been transferred from “closed prisons”, prompting the observation that drugs must also be available in these institutions [Irish Times]

Rome battles teenage binge-drinking culture with street ban

An alcohol ban in the Italian capital is tackling a summer explosion of drunkenness among the young [Observer, UK]

It's Time to Legalize Drugs

Only after years of witnessing the ineffectiveness of drug policies - and the disproportionate impact the drug war has on young black men - have we and other police officers begun to question the system [Washington Post, USA]

Mexico cartels go from drugs to full-scale mafias

Mexican drug cartels have morphed into full-scale mafias, running extortion and protection rackets and trafficking everything from people to pirated DVDs [Washington Post, USA]

Cost a barrier to methadone treatment

Heroin addicts are being deterred from entering methadone treatment programs by high costs often exceeding $400 a month, and a shortage of GPs and pharmacies willing to prescribe and supply the drug [The Australian]

Drug policy reform in practice

This article provides an overview of European drug policy practices regarding harm reduction, decriminalization of consumption and possession, and more tolerant policies towards cannabis, particularly in The Netherlands and several states in the US. 19-page PDF [TNI, Netherlands & Nueva Sociedad]