DS Daily - 20th August 2009


Making Every Adult Matter

Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM) is a coalition of four national charities – Clinks, DrugScope, Homeless Link and Mind – formed to influence policy and services for adults with multiple needs and exclusions [MEAM, UK]

Brighton and Hove "too dangerous" for recovering drug addicts

Heroin addict Hannah Mayne is terrified of returning to Brighton in case she gets sucked back into the city’s drug scene [The Argus, UK]

High Impact Changes

The Department of Health has identified a number of High Impact Changes which are calculated to be the most effective actions for those local areas that have prioritised the reduction in alcohol-related harm [Alcohol Learning Centre, UK]

Tory Leader Calls For Overhaul Of Drinks Laws

David Cameron has said he wants to make "serious changes" to alcohol laws after joining police on a late-night patrol [Sky News, UK]

Report claims public place alcohol control powers are misused

A recent report claims that the police are misusing their powers through the excessive confiscation of alcohol in controlled public places [Alcohol Policy UK]

Concateno tackles the dangers of drug driving

Three changes to cut the risks of death and injury on UK roads [Concateno, UK]

Not a drop, not a drag guidance for fleet managers

The road safety charity Brake, has published a guidance leaflet for fleet managers explaining the risks of drug driving - one of its cornerstone campaigns in its upcoming Road Safety Week this November. Concateno is proud to be co-funding the leaflet with the Department of Transport [Concateno, UK]

Alcoholics misread facial cues

A study finds that even in recovery, their brains don't react as strongly to emotional expressions as nonalcoholics' brains do [LA Times, USA]

Sharp rise in liver cancer blamed on binge drinking and obesity

Statistics compiled by Cancer Research UK show that in 1975 there were 865 cases of primary liver cancer. In 2006 that had risen to 3,108 [Guardian, UK]

Acupuncture does not aid treatment of alcohol dependence

An exhaustive multi-country and multi-language trawl for randomised trials of acupuncture in the treatment of alcohol dependence found just 11 studies, which overall offered little support to any form of the therapy [Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK]

CRI Supports Tackling Drugs Changing Lives Awards

Alison Ede, winner of last year’s Tackling Drugs Changing Lives Awards has been cited by the Home Office as an example of who should be nominated in 2009. Alison won the award last year for the work she does with CRI’s PATCHED project in Brighton & Hove [CRI, UK]

'Think of children before sending parents to prison'

Children's rights should be considered before their parents receive custodial sentences, according to Scotland's children's commissioner [Children and Young People Now, UK]

Diacetylmorphine versus Methadone for the Treatment of Opioid Addiction

Injectable diacetylmorphine was more effective than oral methadone. Because of a risk of overdoses and seizures, diacetylmorphine maintenance therapy should be delivered in settings where prompt medical intervention is available [NEJM, USA]

New Study Suggests Alternative to Methadone Is More Effective

The best way to treat some heroin addicts may be to give them pure, pharmaceutical heroin, a new study argues [Wall Streert Journal, USA]

Two Acres of Hope for Recovering Addicts

Renewal Farm is run by Project Renewal, a Manhattan nonprofit that helps the homeless, the addicted and the mentally ill [New York Times, USA]

Many Baby Boomers are Continuing Illicit Drug Use into Their Later Years

Reflected in the rise in the rate of illicit drug use among those aged 50 to 59 from 2002 to 2007 [SAMHSA, USA]

VA Health Chief to Lead Tobacco Center

The Obama administration on Wednesday named a longtime public health expert with deep roots in the fight against AIDS to lead the Food and Drug Administration's efforts to curb deaths from tobacco [Washington Post, USA]

Concern aired over oxycodone black market

There's now a black market in oxycodone and some experts are concerned that Australia could follow America's lead, where deaths from oxycodone now outweigh those from both heroin and cocaine [ABC, Australia]

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