DS Daily - 21st August 2009


Big business blamed for public health problems

David Cameron said that a Conservative government would propose "responsibility deals" with different industries to tackle problems such as obesity and alcoholism [Independent, UK]

350,000 heroin and crack addicts claim a staggering £1.6bn in benefits

Figures calculated by the Lib-Dems show that if each of them claimed the highest rate of Incapacity Benefit - £89 a week - the payout would be £1.6billion [Daily Mail, UK]

Proposals to Modify NDTMS Codes - We Need Your Help!

SMMGP recently received a request from Colin Bradbury, NTA Treatment delivery manager, to participate in a consultation exercise on the content of the 2010/11 National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS) core data set for adult drug users in treatment [SMMGP, UK]

Become Drinkaware’s university blogger

Are you off to uni for the first time in September? You could well be the right person for our new A Fresher Perspective blog [Drinkaware, UK]

Police urged to help pubs over fake ID

National guidelines being sought on seizing documents after police send out mixed-messages [The Publican, UK]

Screening and brief interventions for hazardous and harmful alcohol use in
primary care

This pragmatic factorial trial, with cluster randomization of practices, will evaluate the effectiveness and costeffectiveness of different models of screening to identify hazardous and harmful drinkers in primary care and different intensities of brief intervention to reduce excessive drinking in primary care patients. 39-page PDF [BioMed Central]

Video: Intuitive Recovery – a short cut to recovery?

Inexcess recently caught up with Peter Bentley the founder of Intuitive Recovery. Peter told us about the progress of Intuitive Recovery over the past 4 years and how it has grown from a few people in a room trying new ideas, to an accomplished, accredited course [InexcessTV, UK]

Guidance on Provider-initiated Voluntary Medical Examination, Testing and Counselling for Infectious Diseases in Injecting Drug Users

This document addresses basic operational guidance on provider-initiated medical examination, testing and counselling with regard to infectious diseases in injecting drug users (IDUs). This is accompanied by a recommended package of prevention and primary care in relation to injecting drug users and infections. 37-page PDF [EMCDDA]

NHS cost of helping smokers quit rises by a quarter

The cost to the NHS of helping people to stop smoking has increased by a quarter with each successful quitter now costing £219 [Telegraph, UK]

Fewer are quitting cigarettes despite millions spent on anti-smoking services

The number of people giving up cigarettes declined last year, despite millions of pounds being invested in NHS stop smoking services [Times, UK]

Lung cancer genetics unravelled

The genetics underpinning a smoker's risk of developing lung cancer have been further unpicked by UK scientists [BBC, UK]

Youth alcohol and drug use in rural Ireland - parents' views

Life in contemporary rural Ireland is influenced by dominant social changes in terms of the normalisation of alcohol and drug use in youth subcultures, with increased fragmentation of traditional rural family norms and values, emerging acceptability of alcohol and drug use in recreation time and the widespread availability of alcohol and drugs [Journal of Rural and Remote Health, Ireland]

Stepping away from the darkness

The Drug War has failed. After more than 20 years of tirelessly pushing for the same policy, the efforts have not been able to bring the expanding illicit drug markets under control and instead have led to an unmanageable crisis in the judicial and penitentiary systems, human rights violations, the consolidation of criminal networks and the marginalization of drug users who are pushed out of reach of health care services [Transnational Institute, The Netherlands]

Infants Prenatally Exposed to Cocaine Reach Their Teens

Longitudinal study investigates cocaine's impact on adolescent development [Case Western Reserve University, USA]

Campus Hypocrisy: Marijuana Is Safer, But Students Are Pushed to More Dangerous Booze

The stats for death and injury tied to alcohol on campus are staggering, yet students are more harshly punished for pot -- which is far more benign [AlterNet, USA]

Drugged Driving

White House Drug Czar Warns Drugged Driving is a Threat to Public Safety [ONDCP, USA]

U.S. Indicts 10 Mexicans Reputed to Be Drug Lords

Federal authorities on Thursday announced the indictment of 10 men described as Mexican cartel leaders who have organized the smuggling of billions of dollars of drugs into the United States [New York Times, USA]

Mexico decriminalizes small-scale drug possession

Mexico enacted a controversial law Thursday decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and other drugs while encouraging free government treatment for drug dependency [Washington Post, USA]

Drug Policy Timeline

The Australian (illicit) drug policy timeline has been updated: 1985-2009. Please feel free to email through any comments or suggested inclusions to caitlin.hughes@unsw.edu.au. 58-page PDF [DPMP, Australia]

Interview with counsellor at Bhutan Narcotic Control Agency

The UNODC Regional Office for South Asia recently interviewed Tshewang Tenzin, peer counsellor at the Bhutan Narcotic Control Agency [UNODC]