DS Daily - 25th August 2009


Government to ban harmful ‘legal highs’

Man-made chemicals which are sprayed on herbal smoking products such as “Spice” and the chemical solvent GBL are two of the so called “legal highs” to be banned by the end of the year, Home Secretary Alan Johnson announced today [Home Office, UK]

Tory Government to take hard line on drugs

A Conservative Government would take a hard line on drugs with addicts potentially forced to go "cold turkey", the Shadow Home Secretary has signalled [Journal Live, UK]

Sturgeon pays visit to site of drug unit

Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon laid the final foundation of a £12million affordable-housing and drug-rehabilitation development in Aberdeen yesterday [Press and Journal, Scotland, UK]

Two-thirds of jails 'overcrowded'

Prison Reform Trust said that "We think that more money spent on crime prevention, drug treatment and facilities for dealing with mental health problems, would be far more effective [BBC, UK]

YJB funding for prevention programmes drops again

Youth Justice Board (YJB) funding for prevention programmes has fallen for the second time in two years, CYP Now has learned [Children & Young People Now, UK]

Norwich alcohol-free nightclub is a UK first

The UK’s very first under 18s alcohol-free nightclub is set to be launched in the Open Venue in Norwich city centre at the end of August [Network Norwich and Norfolk, UK]

Drug users say new needle site too dangerous

Approval of a permanent needle exchange for Victoria continues to be held up because drug users say the site is in a violent area [Globe and Mail, Canada]

10+ Years on Opioid Analgesics! What Happens?

Overall, the reported outcomes in this study offer hope for patients who might benefit from long-term opioid therapy for chronic or intractable noncancer pain conditions [Pain Treatment Topics, USA]

New meth formula avoids anti-drug laws

Now drug users are making their own meth in small batches using a faster, cheaper and much simpler method with ingredients that can be carried in a knapsack and mixed on the run [Associated Press, USA]

Michael Jackson drugs death was homicide says coroner

The Los Angeles coroner has ruled that Michael Jackson's death was homicide, while police have found evidence pointing to manslaughter during a search of a clinic used by his doctor [Telegraph, UK]

Alcohol abuse screening/brief interventions in community hospital emergency department

If the identified barriers can be overcome, we believe that a refined model will result in higher levels of screening for alcohol problems and appropriate referrals for help with many patients [EurekAlert, USA]


The many sides to the Australian opioid pharmacotherapy maintenance system. 108-page PDF [Australian National Council on Drugs]

Modelling pharmacotherapy maintenance in Australia exploring

Exploring affordability, availability, accessibility and quality using system dynamics. 80-page PDF [Australian National Council on Drugs]

Give me power to shut bars, urges Doyle

Mayor Robert Doyle wants the power to shut bars and pubs earlier and further limit patron numbers to stop venues releasing violent drunks on to the street [The Age, Australia]

Keeping the streets safe is everybody's problem

Reports of escalating violence on the streets of Melbourne's city centre have not ceased to shock, but trying to understand the causes of this violence, and what might be done to stem it, grows ever more difficult [The Age, Australia]

The first edition of "The Beacon"

The newsletter of the state-wide family inclusive practice implementation project in the AOD sector. 8-page PDF [The Bouverie Centre, Australia]