DS Daily - 26th August 2009


ACMD letter to the Home Secretary on the government's consultation on GBL and 1,4-butanediol

As outlined in our original report, the ACMD recognise the indisputable harms associated with taking GBL and 1,4-BD, both of which are rapidly converted to gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) when ingested [ACMD, UK]

Legal high classification 'a joke'

The mother of a student who died from taking the legal high drug GBL tells Channel 4 News that reclassifying it as a class C drug is "a joke" [Channel 4, UK]

Do you know your drugs?

The government cracks down on legal highs to combat the trade in party narcotics. So what are these drugs and why are they set to be banned? [Channel 4, UK]

Horrendous drug world of The Wire has come to Britain, say Tories

The horrendous world of drugs and gangs depicted in cult television series The Wire has been imported to Britain, the Tories have warned [Telegraph, UK]

Anger at Tory's Wire comparison

People in south Manchester have reacted angrily after the Tory Party compared Moss Side to the Wire, a US television show depicting inner-city drug wars [BBC, UK]

Drug users face treatment wait

Problems with waiting times for treating heroin users in Wales have been highlighted by an official report [BBC, UK]

All Wales Review of Substance Misuse Prescribing Services

This first review 129-page PDF has focused on the commissioning and provision of substitute drugs such as methadone which is used to help manage and reduce the use of illegal opiate drugs such as heroin. The review has also established an overview of substance misuse services across Wales and a baseline of provision which will be used to inform future reviews. [Healthcare Inspectorate Wales, UK]

NCIDU abstract

Abstract: Harm Reduction and New/Social Media [Injecting Advice, UK]

120 children were treated for drug addiction in past year

According to the government figures, 124 children aged 16 and under sought help for their addiction (6% of the total), while just under a quarter of the people who sought drug rehabilitation were 21 and under [Belfast Telegraph]

Aberdeen alcohol summit approved

A summit to discuss ways of tackling drunken disorder in the centre of Aberdeen has been backed. [BBC, UK]

The practical guide for preventing and dealing with alcohol related problems

This Practical Guide is the essential reference for all those responsible for, and with an interest in, tackling alcohol-related crime and disorder. 119-page PDF. [Home Office, UK]

Economies paying high price for smoking: Report

According to the authors of the Tobacco Atlas, tobacco consumption lost the world a staggering €349bn in 2007 through dropped productivity, premature deaths, and missed taxation opportunities due to cigarette smuggling [Ireland On Line]

Conservatives target dealers of synthetic drugs

The Conservatives announced new tough-on-crime legislation on Tuesday that is intended to crack down on the production of synthetic drugs such as ecstasy and methamphetamine [CTV, Canada]

Shining a Light on a Hidden Epidemic

Why and How Advocates Can Support the Expansion of Hepatitis C Treatment in Eastern Europe and Central Asia [Open Society Institute]

National Forensic Laboratory Information System

Annual report 2008. 32-page PDF [DEA, United States Department of Justice]

Federal drug czar calls for increased focus on preventing, treating drug problems

Kerlikowske, whose title is director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, also said he wants to see the cultural stigma attached to drug addiction change, not to make the problem acceptable, but to make it easier for addicts to seek treatment and return to a healthy, productive lifestyle [Nola, USA]

Battling to Be Drug-Free

The recently reported heroin research does a disservice to the thousands of heroin abusers who are battling to live drug-free and to gain control over their lives [Letter - New York Times, USA]

'Just dial 0 for the rock’n’roll docs with legal, tax-free drugs'

Need a shot of sedatives after a three-day cocaine binge that’s left you bouncing off the walls of your penthouse suite? Just dial 0 for the doc [Times, UK]

Doctor and his ‘magic milk’ at heart of the mystery over Michael Jackson’s last hours

It is the word that Michael Jackson’s £92,000-a-month former doctor never wanted to hear: homicide [Times, UK]

Latin Judges Agree Statement on Drugs and Human Rights

It calls for the concept of harm reduction to be expanded from public health to the “reduction of violence exerted by government or state agencies over the population" [IHRA]

ICAAP Calls for Stronger Commitment to Universal Access

A pre-congress forum was also held for people who use drugs to discuss issues such as the decriminalisation of drugs, the human rights of people who use drugs, and issues around drug policy reforms [IHRA]

Study: alcohol less harmful paired with marijuana

A recent study conducted by University of California, San Diego researchers found some teenage binge drinkers had less brain damage when they combined their drinking with marijuana use [Daily Texan, USA]

Argentina rules on marijuana use

The supreme court in Argentina has ruled that it is unconstitutional to punish people for using marijuana for personal consumption [BBC, UK]