DS Daily - 28th August 2009


Recovery and the UK Drug Treatment System: key dimensions of change

This discussion aims to develop the ongoing debate about the future of the Drug Treatment field in the United Kingdom. It takes up certain themes from the current debates and discussions about the Recovery Orientation in drug treatment and seeks to locate these discussions historically in terms of a paradigm analysis, but also contemporaneously in terms of other key dimensions of current change.. 73-page PDF [Ian Wardle, CEO, Lifeline Project, UK]

Latest ONS report on drug related deaths

The NTA in conjunction with the Department of Health is committed to delivering an action plan to reduce drug-related harm and overdose death in England and have boosted the national harm reduction campaign by targeting those most at risk of overdose with additional support [NTA, UK]

DrugScope: levels of drug-related deaths 'extremely concerning'

Every drug related death is a tragedy and many could have been avoided. It is extremely concerning that deaths related to illegal drugs are at their highest since 2001. Despite the significant progress made in increasing the number of people accessing drug treatment services clearly more needs to be done [DrugScope, UK]

Thailand executes two for drug offences

Two convicted drug traffickers at Bang Khwang prison have been executed by lethal injection [IHRA]

The War on Designer Drugs: Britain Bans Legal Highs

With this new legislation, Britain joins the growing number of European countries that have tackled legal highs over the past several years [TIME, USA]

NDTMS core data set G consultation

We are asking stakeholders to review the proposals presented here and comment back to us. The consultation will last for 12 weeks and will close on 23 October 2009 [NTA, UK]

Alcohol Concern Survey for Social Workers

As part of our research for Alcohol Awareness Week 2009, Alcohol Concern is conducting a survey of social work professionals in order to better understand the effects of parental alcohol misuse on children [Alcohol Concern, UK]

Youth justice - Summer booze crackdown

Sixty-nine areas with high levels of youth crime have received government funding to clamp down on teenage drinking over the summer. Andy Hillier goes on patrol with police in Birmingham to see how the money is being spent [Children & Young People Now, UK]

Non-drinkers more depressed - study

People who spurn alcohol tend to be miserable social misfits, research suggests [Mental Health foundation, UK]

Episodic Memory in Detoxified Alcoholics

Contribution of Grey Matter Microstructure Alteration [PLoS]

Research into childhood exposure to tobacco smoke in Northern Ireland

New research published by the Health Promotion Agency for Northern Ireland (HPA) details for the first time the extent to which children here are exposed to second-hand smoke [Health Promotion Agency]

Drug users back proposed needle exchange in Victoria

A group representing intravenous drug users in Victoria is throwing its support behind the proposed site for a permanent new needle exchange, weeks after suggesting the Princess Avenue location was inappropriate [Vancouver Sun, Canada]

The TEDS Report - -Heroin and Other Opiate Admissions to Substance Abuse Treatment

On 2007, opiates accounted for almost one fifth (19 percent) of all substance abuse treatment admissions [SAMHSA, USA]

White House Drug Czar Awards $21 Million to Local Community Coalitions Addressing Youth Substance Use

Gil Kerlikowske, Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy today announced $21 million in new Drug Free Communities (DFC) grants to 161 communities across the country and ten new DFC Mentoring grants [ONDCP, USA]

Experts Help Increase Focus on Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment

ONDCP has engaged experts to help formulate and address long-term policy goals for increasing the Nation’s focus on preventing and treating substance abuse [ONDCP, USA]

Anesthesiologists with Substance Use Disorders

A 5-Year Outcome Study from 16 State Physician Health Programs [International Anesthesia Research Society]

Tide turns in favour of drug reform

It is now clear that support for a drug policy heavily reliant on law enforcement is dwindling in Western Europe, the US and South America, while support for harm reduction and drug law reform is growing. Sooner or later this debate will start again in Australia [Brisbane Times, Australia]

Moderate Drinkers Less Likely To Develop Dementia

People who drink light to moderate amounts of alcohol in later life are less likely to develop dementia than people who abstain from alcohol consumption, a study from The Australian National University has found [Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association]

Drunk mums give birth; babies seized from unfit parents

Queensland mothers are giving birth while drunk as new figures show babies are being seized from unfit parents almost every week [Adelaide Now, Australia]

Alleged Drug Ties of Top Afghan Official Worry U.S.

It was a heated debate during the Bush administration: What to do about evidence that Afghanistan’s powerful defense minister was involved in drug trafficking? [Ariana, Afghanistan]