DS Daily - 1st December 2009


Drugs in Wales, 2008-09

The latest National Statistics on Drugs in Wales produced by the [Welsh Assembly Government, UK]

High-potency cannabis and the risk of psychosis

The finding that people with a first episode of psychosis had smoked higher-potency cannabis, for longer and with greater frequency, than a healthy control group is consistent with the hypothesis that (Delta)9-THC is the active ingredient increasing risk of psychosis [British Journal of Psychiatry]

Skunk 'poses bigger psychosis risk than cannabis'

People who smoke potent skunk are more at risk of psychotic illnesses such as schizophrenia than those who simply use cannabis, scientists suspect [BBC, UK]

The art and science of evidence about drugs

It is very difficult to study the relative harms of individual drugs – and there are lots of vested interests [Guardian, UK]

How the tabloid sledgehammer smashed Professor Nutt

Against the triple whammy of international law, tabloid journalists and a coward of a home secretary, the poor man never stood a chance [Tribune, UK]

Sacked government drug adviser says Gordon Brown is from another universe

At a conference of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, an organisation which calls for the legalisation of many drugs, Prof Nutt accused the Government of failing to protect people against the dangers of drugs [Telegraph, UK]

11-year-olds 'selling mephedrone to younger pupils'

Schoolchildren as young as 11 are selling the potentially lethal drug mephedrone to fellow pupils, according to the mother of a young woman who died after taking another 'legal high' [Telegraph, UK]

Police launch Christmas anti-drink driving campaign

Drivers will be checked for alcohol in roadside breath tests, as well as illegal drugs, in a series of exercises known as Field Impairment Tests [BBC, UK]

Impact of Alcohol in Greater Manchester

This report identifies available alcohol intelligence from across Greater Manchester. The data are separated into six categories: consumption, health related impacts of alcohol, crime, young people, and examples of interventions to tackle excessive alcohol consumption. 64-page PDF [Centre for Public Health, UK]

Understanding College Students' Alcohol-Related Social Norms in Sefton: Interim Findings

This report builds on previous research conducted in schools in Sefton into social drinking norms in young people. 24-page PDF [Centre for Public Health, UK]

Lancashire: Brief Intervention Online Training Evaluation

Severe, chronic or hazardous alcohol use, as well as binge drinking has numerous harmful effects, on health mortality and offending. 40-page PDF [Centre for Public Health, UK]

Call for 50p-per-unit alcohol tax

Dr Sarah Wollaston, parliamentary candidate for Totnes in Devon at the next election, would like to see a 50p price per unit tax on all alcohol [BBC, UK]

Average Briton drinks 84 times their bodyweight in alcohol

The average adult consumes 84 times their body weight in alcoholic beverages in their lifetime, research has suggested [Daily Mail, UK]

An ongoing process

A qualitative study of how the alcohol-dependent free themselves of addiction through progressive abstinence [BioMed Central]

Binge drinking

If it helps to shame this Government into protecting society, last week’s report on binge drinking by the Health Research Board (HRB) will have been worthwhile [Irish Times]

Drug Worker Share Part 3/3

Ed Mitchell is joined in the Inexcess studio by six professional drug workers, to talk about their professions in a group share [Inexcess TV, UK]

Nida Notes

Volume 22, Number 5 [Nida, USA]

Harm Reduction

A Smart Way to Battle Drug Addiction and Save Lives: Harm Reduction [AlterNet, USA]

The fine line between coca and cocaine

A decision by the country's first indigenous president to rehabilitate coca and distinguish it from its chemical derivative, cocaine, was hugely popular – but it has also resulted in cocaine laboratories springing up across the country [Guardian Weekly, UK]

Draft Australian Guidelines on ADHD

The draft RACP Australian Guidelines on Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder are yet to be considered for approval by the Council of NHMRC [Australian Government]

War on drink violence could take decades

Police Chief Commissioner Simon Overland will today declare the battle to beat alcohol-fuelled violence may take decades and will launch an attack on ''profit-hungry businesses'' that he says encourage binge drinking [The Age, Australia]

Hanoi to treat drug addicts with methadone

Hanoi will launch its first project to treat drug addiction with methadone next Tuesday, according to Le Nhan Tuan, director of the city’s HIV/AIDS prevention center [Thanhnien, Vietnam]

Hamas approves law to execute drug dealers

The Islamist Hamas-run government ruling Gaza has approved a legal change that will allow for the execution of convicted drug dealers, its attorney general said on Monday [AFP]