DS Daily - 7th December 2009


Transform submission to the Home Office review of the ACMD

Transform have prepared a response to the Home Office review of the ACMD available in pdf here [TDPF, UK]

Transform FOI vs Home Office suppression of research - Part V (in The Economist)

The following article is the latest installment in Transform's long running campaign to get the Government to release its publicly funded research into the effectiveness of UK drug policy. Economist article [TDPF, UK]

Mephedrone and the problem with 'legal highs'

The key side-effect of the mephedrone scare has been a spike in sales – and a government policy now close to breaking point [Guardian, UK]

£28m funding finally delivers drugs manifesto pledge

The Scottish Government will today announce a record £28.6 million in drugs funding to meet a controversial manifesto pledge that they reneged upon in their previous budget plans [The Herald, Scotland, UK]

Scots are paying too high a price for drugs scourge

Every day thousands of people across Scotland live with the daily trauma associated with drug misuse. Last year, this claimed the lives of 574 people [The Herald, Scotland]

SCDEA Annual Plan 2009 - 2010

This Plan describes our strategic priorities set by Scottish Government Ministers, together with the funding available to the Agency and the manner in which I propose to allocate this funding [Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency, UK]

Cocaine campaign comes to Aberdeen

Revellers in Aberdeen were targeted this weekend in a major push to warn of the dangers of cocaine. A total of 38 pubs and clubs in the city took part in the Scottish government campaign [Scotland On Sunday , UK]

One in 20 British teenagers have taken cocaine

A staggering one in 20 15-year-olds have tried cocaine, according to a new report [Mail on Sunday, UK]

Getting better, and getting on with your life

Drugs workers and service employers hold the key to delivering a treatment system more sharply focussed on drug users overcoming addiction as soon as they are able, NTA Chief Executive, Paul Hayes, said at the Crime Reduction Initiative's (CRI) Towards Sustainable Change staff conference in London [NTA, UK]

Open source harm reduction

We need to stay up to date with harm reduction advice, and it's all well and good being up to date on an individual basis but what about the information we hand out? Are you still giving out that leaflet that was written 5-6 years ago? Of course you are [Injecting Advice, UK]

Police accused of spying on addicts at needle centre

Health workers fear people are shunning the centre in Inverness because they are worried about officers keeping them under surveillance [The Press and Journal, UK]

The dangers of cannabis

High-potency cannabis and the risk of psychosis Vs contamination [UKCIA]

Future proof

Can we afford the cost of drinking too much? Mortality, morbidity and drink driving in the UK. 35-page PDF [Alcohol Concern, UK]

Bid to crack-down on binge-drinking epidemic

In a stark warning about the state of the nation’s drink problem as Christmas approaches, the country’s chief medical officer today warns that alcohol could cause the same level of health problems as tobacco [Wales Online, UK]

Alcohol advertising in new media

Trends in Alcohol Marketing [EUCAM]

Drinking epidemic 'fuels surge in cancer'

Cases of cancer of the mouth have gone up by half in the past decade, with a 43 per cent rise in liver tumours. There have also been big rises in breast and colorectal cancer [Daily Mail, UK]

NHS Stop Smoking Services

This document provides best practice guidance relevant to the provision of all NHS stop smoking interventions and sets out fundamental quality principles for the delivery of services which can be used to inform the development of local commissioning arrangements. 112-page PDF [DoH, UK]

Lethal coketail

Festive thrill-seekers chasing a cocaine high may be snorting a horror cocktail of pet worming powder and pesticides, experts warned last night [The Sun, UK]

Irish cocaine cut with deadly toxins

The mixing agents used to cut cocaine in Ireland appear to be more lethal than those used in other countries, warn doctors who have recorded a dramatic increase in the number of cocaine-related overdoses in recent years [Times, UK]

Euros become currency of drug cartels

Smugglers and launderers use €500 notes instead of $100 bills to save space [Observer, UK]

A better-targeted drug fight

Among some segments of youth, the perceived harmfulness of using drugs, and disapproval of drug use, has been deteriorating. History shows that this kind of softening of attitudes is often a precursor to increased rates of drug use [Pushing Back, ONDCP, USA]

In My Backyard: Dispelling Myths About Methadone

A 15-minute video addressing the "not-in-my-backyard" (NIMBY) phenomenon - probably the greatest barrier to meaningful expansion of methadone treatment availability in America [International Center for Advancement of Addiction Treatment, USA]

Clinical Supervision and Professional Development of the Substance Abuse Counselor

Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) 52 - Part 1 for clinical supervisors and Part 2 for program administrators. 45-page PDF [SAMHSA, USA]

Free HIV Handbook Online

A revised edition of its comprehensive HIV/AIDS handbook, intended for those at risk of HIV infection and people currently living with the virus. 116-page PDF [Columbia University , USA]

The Secret to Legal Marijuana? Women

Why women have signed onto marijuana reform - and why they could be the movement's game-changers [AlterNet, USA]

Drugs and Prison

The American Disgrace [Addiction Inbox, USA]

Opposition push for roadside drug tests

The ACT Opposition will introduce a bill in the Legislation Assembly this week to give police the power to conduct roadside drug tests [ABC News, Australia]

Here's jeers!

The forum, part of the ''Dangerous Consumptions Colloquium'', was convened to bury DrinkWise, not to praise it [The Age, Australia]

Turning Point Oration

Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, Simon Overland’s speech at Oration 2009 [Turning Point, Australia]

Crime of International Drug Trafficking

Trinidad and Tobago and Belize propose the inclusion of the Crime of International Drug Trafficking in the Statute of the International Criminal Court [IHRA]

Drug use pushing the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Asia

The World Health Organization (WHO) said today that studies show that HIV/AIDS in Asia is now mainly driven by drug use and that the epidemic is poised to spread explosively to the sexual partners of people who use drugs [Relief Web]