DS Daily - 9th December 2009


Strategies to reduce the harmful use of alcohol

Draft global strategy. 25-page PDF. Follow the progress here [World Health Organisation]

Prisoners' heroin addiction treatment 'undermined'

Government in-fighting is undermining efforts to tackle prisoners' heroin addiction, says a former drugs tsar [BBC, UK]

A substitute for prison drugs policy?

Mike Trace who currently heads a charity which runs drug rehab programmes in jails, says the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Health are "fighting each other about who runs treatment in prisons" [Mark Easton, BBC, UK]

Balancing women's recovery with the vulnerability of affected children - Video

Joy Barlow describes the model that built on the contributions of women who were tackling the problems drug use brought for them and their children. Joy continues to describe the work at Aberlour [FEAD, UK]

Jeremy Vine discusses drug addiction

Two hour (audio) including Sarah Graham discussing "functioning" addicts [BBC Radio 2, UK]

Amnesty Int'l accuses Mexican army of abuses

Amnesty International said that Mexican soldiers have carried out torture and forced disappearances while fighting drug cartels [Washington Post, USA]