DS Daily - 14th December 2009


Opium Poppy Cultivation in South-East Asia

While focusing on the opium problem (mostly in rural communities), we should not lose sight of rapidly increasing production and use of synthetic drugs (mostly in cities) in the Greater Mekong region. It would be a Pyrrhic victory for drug control if South-East Asia’s appetite for opium was simply replaced by a new craving for ampethamine-type stimulants. 119-page PDF [UNODC]

More injecting drug users are being tested for Hepatitis C

More people who inject illegal drugs are being offered and are accepting confidential tests for Hepatitis C through contact with drug treatment services in England [National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse, UK]

Hep C - a handbook

A handbook for people who have injected drugs [National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse, UK]

Lifeline Annual Review 2008 - 2009

At Lifeline we are committed to learning and sharing what we know, and are open to change. We are committed to working with the sector to ensure the lives of those affected by substance use do not suffer as the sector changes [Lifeline Project, UK]

Lifeline - Ian Wardle CEO Report

In times of major transformation, change and uncertainty ... the quality and depth of our discussions right across our field and beyond is critical [Lifeline Project, UK]

Methadone in prison is the best practice

The provision of methadone in prisons is considered best practice by esteemed national and international expert bodies. Letter - Professor Gerry Stimson Executive Director, International Harm Reduction Association [Times, UK]

Shock documentary uncovers scale of heroin problem in Swansea

Directors of a new fly-on-the-wall documentary about heroin addicts in one of Wales’ biggest cities found children as young as 11 getting hooked on the drug [Wales Online, UK]

English national evaluation fails to support drug education programme

In the British context, it was expected to decide whether an evidence-based, well structured and well resourced drug education programme could contribute to reducing youth substance use, yet the multi-million pound Blueprint study never got near fulfilling its promise [Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK]

Mephedrone menace

The deadly drug that's cheap, as easy to order as pizza... and totally legal [Daily Mail, UK]

Sandwell - An initiative of substance

The new resource, to be introduced across the authority, will use cartoons and group activities to teach pupils about the dangers of hard and soft drugs [TES, UK]

Interview with Danny Kushlick by Mark Thompson of the Lib Dem

Mark Reckons blog at the Lib Dem Conference in 2009 [Lib Dem Nertwork, UK]

Snort more cocaine and the rainforest dies

Every time they snort a line, part of the rainforest dies — or so say the police in a new campaign against drugs [Times, UK]

Horse racing community has a drug abuse problem, says Kieren Fallon

Kieren Fallon has reopened old wounds within horse racing by claiming there is a drug abuse problem within the sport and, more particularly, within the extensive racing community in Newmarket [Guardian, UK]

Quitting for New Year

So what advice should you give someone who has had or is planning a break from opiates? [Injecting Advice, UK]

The end of yet another decade

It’s interesting, not to say quite depressing to note how little things have changed in that time, despite so much of it – time that is – having passed. Not much may have changed, but a lot has certainly happened [UKCIA]

It's time we outed the real binge-drinkers

One of the most interesting facets of any government move to curb excessive national drinking (this time the House of Commons health select committee's proposed call for a minimum price on alcohol) are the photos that accompany the reports [Guardian, UK]

Shock toll of young drinkers

More than 6,000 children aged 10 to 15 were cautioned or taken to court for alcohol abuse, latest figures show [Daily Express, UK]

Rugby players learn to kick the booze

A new course helps sports stars stop binge drinking [Times, UK]

Drug money saved banks in global crisis, claims UN advisor

Drugs and crime chief says $352bn in criminal proceeds was effectively laundered by financial institutions [Observer, UK]

More care for addicts badly needed

Clients would have a better chance of overcoming drug and alcohol addictions if residential treatment centres offered longer programs, says the executive director of Hope Place Centres [The Star, Canada]

Vote moves D.C. closer to medical marijuana

The U.S. Senate passed a bill Sunday that clears the way for the District government to allow medical marijuana use [Washington Post, USA]

Congress OKs bill to boost SEC, fund agencies

A $447 billion bill that would boost financial oversight and high-speed rail, encourage needle exchanges for drug addicts, and advance other Democratic priorities won final U.S. congressional approval on Sunday [Reuters, USA]

You can’t handle the truth

A respected scientist set out to determine which drugs are actually the most dangerous - and discovered that the answers are, well, awkward [Boston Globe, USA]

Medical Marijuana Apartheid

Different Rules Apply for Rich and Poor Pot Smokers [Alternet, USA]

Australia most lucrative cocaine market

It's been revealed that the relatively high street value of cocaine in Australia has attracted the interest of overseas cartels, which are now increasingly targeting the country with shipments [The Age, Australia]

Alcohol and other drug treatment services in Australia 2007-08

Findings from the National Minimum Data Set [AIHW, Australia]

Roxon rejects advice on drinking age

Health Minister, Nicola Roxon, has rejected a call from the Prime Minister's advisory body on drugs to consider lifting the drinking age [The Age, Australia]

Teen drinkers corrupting `brain software'

The seven years immediately after a child reaches puberty mark a developmental crunch time, when the brain is both extremely susceptible to damage from drugs and alcohol and six times more likely than an adult's to develop an addiction [The Australian]

Alcohol: a performance impairing drug

Alcohol can affect a person’s sporting performance and recovery afterwards. Fact sheet [ADF, Australia]

Prevention of alcohol-related harm in sport

DrugInfo Newsletter: December 09 [ADF, Australia]

In-car breath tester to put brakes on drink driving

Motorists caught drink drinking with levels over 0.15 or caught twice within five years will be forced to pay almost $3000 to install an alcohol interlock device on their car [The Age, Australia]

“By 2020” recommends Smokefree Coalition

The Smokefree Coalition held its second seminar in Wellington on 14th December [Scoop, New Zealand]

Burma opium production up amid tension in north

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime says there has been a worrying rise in the extent of opium cultivation in Burma [BBC, UK]