DS Daily - 21st December 2009


National Residential Rehabilitation Meeting

Report on progress [National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse, UK]

Bloodborne viruses and prisons

For download: Get out of jail BBV-free! [DoH, UK]

Test all inmates for drugs

More than 90 per cent of people questioned in a survey by pollsters YouGov agreed that mandatory testing should be introduced in Scotland’s jails [Daily Express, UK]

HIV & AIDS in the North West of England

Mid year 2009 statistics from HIV treatment and care centres in the North West of England. 42-page PDF [Centre for Public Health, Liverpool John Moores University, UK]

Anthrax in heroin leads to deaths in Scotland

Eventually, scientists from the UK's health ministry managed to culture some bacteria from the victims: the species was Clostridium novyi, like anthrax a soil bacterium, with toxins that produce similar symptoms [New Scientist Blog, UK]

Alcohol now costs less than water

Supermarkets have been accused of encouraging binge drinking by continuing to sell alcohol more cheaply than bottled water [Times, UK]

Off Measure: How we underestimate the amount we drink

A new analysis carried out by Liverpool John Moores University finds that the discrepancy between alcohol surveys calculating consumption and actual alcohol sales equals 430 million units a week. 12-page PDF [Alcohol Concern, UK]

Labour backs off code to tackle 'irresponsible' binge-drinking games

Promise to clamp down on happy hours shelved after industry lobbying and rows inside government [Observer, UK]

Mentally disordered offenders

A Joint Inspection on work prior to sentence. 56-page PDF [HM Inspectorate of Probation, UK]

Problem drug use the public health imperative

A recognition and acceptance that a public and population health approach to the management of problem drug users is sound public health policy also then requires a long term commitment in terms of staffing and resources where service delivery mirrors that of chronic condition management [Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy]

Getting the message straight

Effects of a brief hepatitis prevention intervention among injection drug users [Harm Reduction Journal]

GPs urged to tackle alcohol abuse

GPs across the south east of England are being urged to sign up to the Big Drink Debate to help address alcohol-related health and social issues [Healthcare Republic, UK]

The legal drugs trade is pulling in high profits

Owners of “head shops” seem to be making high profits. Irish Head Shop (IHS) Enterprises, which has a store in Dublin’s Temple Bar selling products which mimic the effects of illegal drugs, made a €1.68m profit last year [Times, UK]

Cannabis and adolescence: A dangerous cocktail

Canadian teenagers are among the largest consumers of cannabis worldwide. The damaging effects of this illicit drug on young brains are worse than originally thought, according to new research by Dr. Gabriella Gobbi, a psychiatric researcher from the Research Institute of the [McGill University Health Centre, Canada]

Leading-edge therapy targets brain chemistry of addiction

Grappling with nicotine addiction is never easy, but a new drug therapy – developed by Dr. Fang Liu at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health – brings promise to one of our great public health challenges [CAMH, Canada]

Recovery and the Holidays

Just as the Holidays are a time of increased relapse, they can also be a time of resolution and resolve [ONDCP, USA]

Why president's drugs war in Mexico can never be won

In the past three years, more than 15,000 Mexicans have died in the drug war ... Meanwhile, acreage used for poppy and marijuana production has risen to 6,900 and 8,900 hectares, respectively [The Scotsman, UK]

Guidelines on the management of co-occurring alcohol and other drug and mental health conditions in alcohol and other drug treatment settings

The Guidelines are based on the best available evidence and draw upon the experience and knowledge of clinicians, researchers, consumers and carers [National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre - UNSW - Faculty of Medicine, Australia]

Drug haze needs straight talking

Charlie, my 10-year-old son, has a drug problem. Since he started drug education classes at school a few weeks ago, he keeps peppering me with questions about marijuana, cocaine and ice ... The failure to come up with intelligent persuasive answers to these questions is the key reason the war on drugs has failed - because a smart 10-year-old boy can see it is totally disconnected with the reality of modern life [SMH, Australia]

Doctor unease over crash victim drug tests

Doctors are concerned about a new push for hospital staff to test all people injured in road accidents for drugs, so they can report the results to police [The Age, Austraia]

Swiss drug addicts given free heroin

On the face of it, giving drug addicts free heroin is a contentious move, but that is exactly what happens in Switzerland [ABC News, Australia]

Oration 2009 - Photos and transcript

Turning Point holds an annual oration in which an audience of senior government representatives, alcohol and drug clinicians, academics, students and members of the public come together to hear an invited speaker present on an alcohol and drug related topic [Turning Point, Australia]

Police crack down on alcohol for minors

A campaign that aims to crack down on the supply of alcohol to minors is needed to change community attitudes towards drinking, police say [The Age, Australia]

Thailand Convicts Police for Brutality in Anti-Drug Campaign

Eight police officers in Thailand have been convicted for crimes during anti-drug operations [IHRA]