DS Daily - 22nd December 2009


I was told I had two weeks to live, says DJ in anti-cocaine ad

Brandon Block tells Pablo the drug mule dog, voiced by Peep Show's David Mitchell, about dangers of using the drug [Guardian, UK]

Setting minimum alcohol prices unlikely to deter most drinkers

Introducing a minimum price for alcohol is unlikely to cut UK drinking levels, according to a report published today [The Herald, Scotland, UK]

Drug users' failure to modify alcohol consumption in response to hepatitis C

Despite secondary prevention strategies HCV infection continues to spread.3 Therefore programmes for HCV control in the drug using population need to consider tertiary prevention strategies which aim to ameliorate risk factors, such as alcohol misuse, to reduce disease progression and to improve access to effective treatment for infection [Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine]

Nurses to offer patients advice on alcohol intake

Nurses are to advise patients about their drinking habits as part of a scheme to tackle binge drinking [BBC, UK]

What awaits the white cider market as White lightning de-listed and tax rises loom?

Heineken plans to de-list its infamous 'White lightning' cider brand, reportedly to 'reinforce its stance on responsible drinking and drive more value into the cider market' [Alcohol Policy, UK]

Licence suspension for Vic drug-drivers

Victorian police will next year have the power to automatically suspend a driver's licence if a laboratory drug test shows the motorist was affected by illegal drugs [The Age, Australia]

Briton's death sentence upheld by China's supreme court

Father of three who is said to have bipolar disorder has punishment for heroin smuggling confirmed [Guardian, UK]