DS Daily - 24th December 2009


A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all

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Positive signs that teenagers increasingly shun the most problematic drugs

More teenagers in England who need it are receiving help for problems involving drug and alcohol use, but fewer have problems severe enough to require treatment for addiction, new national statistics reported today by the [National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse, UK]

Substance misuse among young people

Data for 2008-09 [National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse, UK]

Turning Point comment on new young people's report from the National Treatment Agency

“It is good news that that there are now less young people needing treatment for hard drugs such as heroin and crack and this is certainly the case within our services [Turning Point, UK]

Teenage alcohol abuse up, but fewer people counselled for hard drug use

Record numbers of teenagers are receiving help for drug and alcohol problems, but the number of those undergoing counselling for heroin and crack use is falling, official figures show [Guardian, UK]

Fifteen children under the age of 13 'treated for Class A drug use'

The figures, released by the National Treatment Agency (NTA), only reveal the number of children who sought help for their alcohol and drug use [Telegraph, UK]

Cocaine chic linked to rise in young addicts

The number of children being treated for cocaine addiction has nearly doubled in four years, NHS figures show, with the drug’s “glamorous” image being blamed for the rise [Times, UK]

'Cocaine torches' to be used in Paisley night clubs

"Cocaine torches" are to be issued to pub and club stewards in Renfrewshire in an attempt to tackle drug abuse [BBC, UK]

Primary school behaviour and parenting programme curbs teenage substance use

A primary school good behaviour and parenting programme which did not mention substance use at all had later impacts on substance use as great as targeted drug education is typically able to produce - and also provided other benefits [Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK]

Drug death matters

This is the eighth issue of a twice yearly bulletin that will report on progress in relation to the Government's Drug Death Action Plan and the work of the National Forum on Drug-related Deaths [DMIS, UK]

First UK death solely linked to GBL reported

The first death in the UK solely linked to GBL, a man from London, has come to light as the Government moved to outlaw the drug [Press Association, UK]

Second heroin user anthrax death

Health officials have confirmed that a second heroin user, who tested positive for anthrax, has died [BBC, UK]

Meet the Xmas party medics

Patients lie on stretchers in the temporary field hospital, groaning, splattered with blood and hooked up to drips and monitors. Medical staff tend to the wounded, some with head injuries, others almost unconscious. But this isn't Camp Bastian in the Afghan desert - it's platform 10 of Liverpool Street station in central London [The Sun, UK]

Health chiefs in booze price plea

All 17 of Scotland's public health chiefs have called on politicians to back a minimum price for alcohol [BBC, UK]

Doctor on front-line in battle with problem drinkers insists they would benefit

He said that the increased availability of cheap alcohol had helped boost the number of Scots suffering serious problems [The Scotsman, UK]

INEBRIA 09 Brief Advice presentations now available

Presentations covering up to date international research, learning and developments in brief interventions for alcohol from 6th Conference of INEBRIA, 8th and 9th October 2009 are now available [INEBRIA, UK]

New Quit Kit helps smokers give up for good in 2010

An innovative free Quit Kit which gives smokers the right tools to successfully stop smoking is launched today as new research shows that almost half of smokers (44 percent) in England have resolved to quit this New Year [Department of Health, UK]

Jail drug seizures treble to 1,100 in just 8 months

A huge increase in the number of drugs seized by prison warders in Irish jails has been reported this year by the Department of Justice [Herald, Ireland]

Misleading and Misguided: Mandatory Prison Sentences for Drug Offences

Brief to the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs regarding Bill C-15, An Act to amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts. 19-page PDF [Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network]

We Can't Let Politics Keep Trumping Science on Drug Policy

If Obama wants to promote public health - over politics - on substance abuse, there are many more bold steps his administration should take [Alternet, USA]

NIDA Notes

Volume 22, Number 6 [NIDA, USA]

Does bingeing affect earnings?

Using unit-record data from the Australian National Drug Strategy Household Survey, this paper examines the impact of drinking patterns on individuals’ earnings, controlling for selectivity bias driven by the endogenous relationship between drinking and earnings. 38-page PDF [Centre for Health Economics, Australia]

Renewed Lebanese drug trade hikes Mideast tensions

Lebanon's drug-producing heartland is back in business with a resurgence of marijuana and poppy fields, challenging the country's underpowered security forces and adding another dimension to Israel's war with Hezbollah militants [Washington Post, USA]

Status of the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Counternarcotics Programs in Afghanistan

Full Status report. 67-page PDF [United States Department of State, Office of Inspector General]

Report Says Afghan Drug Effort Lacks Strategy

The United States-led counternarcotics effort in Afghanistan, viewed as critical to halting the flow of funds to the Taliban and curtailing corruption, lacks a long-term strategy, clear objectives and a plan for handing over responsibility to Afghans, the State Department inspector general said in a report [New York Times, USA]