DS Daily - 2nd July 2009


The Seeds of Exclusion 2009

The study is based on in-depth interviews and validated questionnaires involving 967 homeless people2 at Salvation Army centres within the UK and Ireland conducted by the University of Kent and Cardiff University. 4-page PDF [Salvation Army, UK]

Poverty and Inequalities in Scotland

Conference report 14-page PDF [Scotland's Futures Forum, UK]

Hard-drug seizures in north-east are up 50%

Seizures of hard drugs by police in the north-east have soared over the past 12 months, new figures reveal [Press & Journal, UK]

The need for speed - amphetamine prescribing in the UK

Powerpoint presentation from Russell Newcombe [Lifeline, UK]

We’re all in this together

Improving the long-term health of the nation. 36-page PDF [Public Health Commission, UK]

Coroner blames death on 'toxic cannabis'

A coroner has dismissed claims that cannabis is harmless during an inquest into the death of a trainee chef who died from the "toxic effects" of the drug [Telegraph, UK]

New estimates predict that between 3.4-3.5 million children live with at least one binge-drinking parent

A new piece of research launched today shows that the number of children living with substance misusing parents is greater than previously thought [Action on Addiction, UK]

Youngsters 'drinking dangerously'

One in four young drinkers consume dangerous quantities of alcohol every week, but the number of underage drinkers is falling, a poll shows [BBC, UK]

Drinkers spend more time in hospital

Men who drink just four pints of beer a week are likely to spend more time in hospital, according to research published today [Independent, UK]

Whisky boss hits out at alcohol proposal

Sir Ian Good, chairman of Famous Grouse and Highland Park distiller Edrington Group, has lambasted the SNP Government's proposal to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol in an attempt to combat drink-related illness [The Herald, Scotland, UK]

Bringing home the problems of drink

Two letters [Guardian, UK]

Hooked Podcast

Hooked is a weekly podcast which looks at the world of drugs. We aim to educate and dispel myths about substances. We’ll give you the full story about safer use, strategies for cutting down and stopping, help available and tell you all the stuff you wanted to know but were never taught [Injecting Advice, UK]

‘Horrific risk’ as 1.5million junkie needles vanish

More than 1.5million syringes handed out to junkies disappeared last year [The Sun, UK]

Homeless blogs open the door on a rough world

US websites documenting the stories of homeless people are attracting millions of viewers [Joe Public blog, Guardian, UK]

Hardline smoking ban just isn't fit for purpose

Psychiatric units in England are experiencing considerable difficulties implementing the smoking ban [Guardian, UK]

Mandate of EMCDDA Director renewed

EMCDDA Management Board decided unanimously to renew the mandate of Wolfgang Götz as Director of the EU drugs agency for a further term of five years starting [EMCDDA]

How Portugal treats drug addicts

Some question aspects of the system but what Portugal's controversial experiment has demonstrated is that, if you take the crime out of drug use, the sky doesn't fall in [Mark Easton, BBC, UK]

We Stopped Afghan Eradication. So What About Our Domestic Eradication Programs?

Now that we've admitted that opium eradication in Afghanistan was simply a massive "waste of money," shouldn't the next logical step be to take a look at the eradication campaigns we have going on right here on our own soil? [Drug Law Blog, USA]

Suicide Warnings for 2 Anti-Smoking Drugs

Federal drug regulators warned Wednesday that patients taking two popular stop-smoking drugs should be watched closely for signs of serious mental illness, as reported suicides among the drugs’ users mount [New York Times, USA]

Opium crop haul just a hill of beans, admits MoD

Soldiers engaged in Operation Panther's Claw, the huge assault against insurgent strongholds last week, had discovered a record-breaking haul of more than 1.3 tonnes of poppy seeds ... Except they weren't .. the soldiers had captured nothing more than a giant pile of mung beans [Guardian, UK]