DS Daily - 3rd July 2009


Diversity: learning from good practice in the field

This report highlights good practice in diversity, based on interviews with local drug partnerships that performed well in a related service review. 28-page PDF [NTA, UK]

Equality and diversity

This is the first detailed investigation into knowledge of drugs and drug services among a range of black and minority ethnic groups in England: South Asian, Black African, Black Caribbean, Kurdish, Turkish Cypriot and Turkish, Chinese and Vietnamese [NTA, UK]

Doctors call for alcohol ads to be banned

BMA conference urges a minimum unit price for all drinks to curb alcohol-related illnesses [Guardian, UK]

Doctors sound alert over binge drinking from age eight

Children as young as eight are being brought into hospitals unconscious after getting drunk on cheap cider, spirits and alcopops such is the ease of access to cut-price alcohol, according to doctors [Times, UK]

Binge drinking puts child in A&E every 48 hours

A child under 12 needs emergency hospital treatment every 48 hours because of binge drinking [Times, UK]

Pharmacists to offer advice on alcoholism and depression

Pharmacies in the Capital are set to provide help with alcoholism and mental health after being handed further powers as part of a pilot scheme [Edinburgh Evening News, UK]

Alcohol and Offenders Project Report, Yorkshire and Humber Region

This study was commissioned by the Home Office Government Office for Yorkshire and Humber, in collaboration with YHIP, DH, NTA and [Lifeline, UK]

Alcohol consumption and use of acute and mentalhealth hospital services in the West of Scotland

Alcohol consumption has a substantial effect on acute and mental health admissions and bed-days [Epidemiol Community Health]

Young homeless people succumbing to dangers of alcohol abuse, says report

Salvation Army report notes 'alarming' levels of young people on the streets with alcohol addiction [Guardian, UK]

RCN responds to Scotland alcohol statistics

All of the practical measures that are being put forward by the Scottish Government must be matched by educational and health promotional work from the earliest ages right through to older adults if we are genuinely going to tackle this growing health time bomb [RCN, UK]

Crisis Skylight Newcastle: A Place of Learning and Inspiration

Following the success of the first two Skylights, Crisis wishes to extend this service to other cities. Charities Evaluation Services was commissioned by Crisis in 2008 to undertake an evaluation of CSN. 54-page PDF [Crisis, UK]

Do Better Do Less: The report of the Commission on English Prisons Today

The final report of the Commission on English Prisons Today takes a radical look at the purposes and limits of a penal system and how it should sit alongside other social policies [Howard League for Penal Reform, UK]

Jack Straw launches first mental health courts

Problem-solving courts for offenders with mental health problems or learning disabilities, the first of their kind in England and Wales, were formally launched by Justice Secretary Jack Straw [Ministry of Justice, UK]

Towards a Popular, Preventative Youth Justice System

It includes proposals for early intervention for preventative purposes, as well as for the extension of the system to some of those in the 18-21 age group [Institute for Public Policy Research, UK]

Recognising complexity: Commissioning guidance for personality disorder services

Guidance for commissioners in the NHS, criminal justice system, local authorities and others, which provides information and suggestions on best practice when considering services and systems for people with personality disorders. 69-page PDF [DoH, UK]

Working Together To Provide Age-Appropriate Environments And Services For Mental Health Patients Aged Under 18

This briefing has been written to support commissioners of both Adult Mental health Services and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services to prepare to meet the requirements of a new duty within the Mental Health Act 2007, amending the 1983 Act, to admit and treat patients aged under 18 into an environment in hospital which is suitable having regard to their age [National Mental Health Development Unit, UK]

Cocaine and other causes of violence

Letters [Guardian, UK]

Drugs policy needs shaking up: report

The Netherlands should raise the age limit for buying alcohol and soft drugs from 16 to 18. A government commission is set to make this recommendation on Thursday, the Volkskrant reports [Dutch News]

Keep Dutch soft-drugs coffee shops for locals: commission

Dutch coffee shops that sell cannabis should should cater mainly for local people and not bulk-buying drugs tourists from abroad, a government commission proposed Thursday [The Age, Australia]

Traffic out of control

Observations on Canada and drug trafficking [New Statesman]

Los Angeles police under scrutiny in Jackson death

The investigation of Michael Jackson's death is widening as questions intensify about the drugs he took, the doctors who provided them and the actions of police [Washington Post, USA]

Michael Jackson: Drug Enforcement Agency called in over death

The investigation into Michael Jackson's death intensified today as the US Drug Enforcement Agency was called in [Telegraph, UK]

Peer-based Addiction Recovery Support

History, Theory, Practice, and Scientific Evaluation. 265-page PDF [William L. White, MA. Great Lakes Addiction Technology Transfer Center, USA]

Panel suggests eliminating tobacco from military within 20 years

A complete ban on tobacco in the military is needed but would likely take about 20 years, according to a new Institute of Medicine study commissioned by the departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs [Stars and Stripes, USA]

Neuroscience: Pathways to Alcohol Dependence

Neuroscience is showing that the pathways of addiction are based in the brain. 6-page PDF [NIAAA, USA]

Managua meeting strengthens regional response to drugs and crime in Central America

Central America is caught in the cross-fire between the world's biggest suppliers of coca (the Andean countries) and the world's biggest consumers of cocaine (North America) [UNODC]

Survey of Alcohol Use & Consequences in Melbourne's Vietnamese Community

10-page PDF [Alcohol Education & Rehabilitation Foundation, Australia]