DS Daily - 6th July 2009


Drug Misusing Offenders: Ensuring the continuity-of-care between prison and community

This document provides specific guidance on managing the continuity-of-care journey that drug misusing offenders follow on entering prison from the community, whilst in prison, and exiting prison [Home Office, UK]

Pioneering court offers hope to addict mothers

Observer has had unique access to a radical project that brings together courts, the voluntary sector and government to concentrate on such families - and bring help when it is most needed [Observer, UK]

Bank chief urges employers to give former drug addicts a job

Barclays boss says recovering crack and heroin users can make loyal, highly motivated workers [Observer, UK]

Cost of methadone prescriptions up by 84 per cent in five years

According to the Scottish Government's official statistics, the cost of providing the heroine substitute to addicts has risen from £9,049,792 in 2003-4 to £16,637,636 in 2008-09 [The Scotsman, UK]

The myth of addiction treatment provision

Has pouring £300million a year into methadone helped – or quicksanded the
UK into the worst drug problem in Europe? [Addiction Today, UK]

The Phoney War on Drugs

Despite this government spending £10billion – £1.5billion a year – on its drugs policy, the numbers emerging from government treatment programmes are the same as if there had been no treatment at all [Addiction Today, UK]

Hidden markets: sex work in Northumberland and Tyne and Wear

The researchers found a strong association between sex work and issues of drug misuse, mental and physical ill-health, homelessness and violence/abuse [Barefoot Research, UK]

Hooked on prescription drugs

Why do ordinary people like me become addicted to prescription drugs? [Times, UK]

Two faces of our love affair with alcohol

People simply do not believe the government health warnings ... recovering alcoholics whose chronic alcohol abuse has left them all but ruined mentally, physically and emotionally [Sunday Herald, Scotland, UK]

Mobile help for drug addicts

A mobile drop-in centre for drug users is set to hit the county’s roads for the first time to give support to hundreds more addicts who are struggling to beat their addiction [Oxford Mail, UK]

Junkie's fix costs US Pounds 16M ; Methadone Bill Doubles

The bill for handing out methadone to heroin addicts has almost doubled in five years to more than pounds 16million [Industrial Laser Solutions, USA]

Over 2 billion used needles end up in trash each year

Six million are people with medical conditions that require injections. The other three million are intravenous drug users [Examiner, USA]

Michael Jackson and Prescription Drugs: A Window on a Broader U.S. Issue?

No Official Determination About Death, but Case May Shine New Light on Abuse of Doctor-Prescribed Drugs [abcNEWS, USA]

Iran hangs 20 drug traffickers in mass execution

Iran on Saturday hanged 20 people for drug trafficking at a prison in Karaj, west of the capital [AFP, Google News]

Tobacco tax hike to make a million quit

There will be a million fewer smokers in Australia if the Rudd government adopts new recommendations that are believed to include a sharp increase in taxes, plain labelling, a ban on internet sales and media campaigns [The Australian]

In conversation with Mohamed Rashid, a recovering drug user

Rashid gives an account of his journey with drugs, how he found help and what he is doing now to assist people with drug addiction [UNODC]