DS Daily - 7th July 2009


The Impact of Alcohol in: Greater Manchester

This report identifies available alcohol intelligence from across Greater Manchester. The data are separated into six categories: consumption, health related impacts of alcohol, crime, young people, and examples of interventions to tackle excessive alcohol consumption. 61-page PDF [Centre for Public Health, UK]

Minimum price for alcohol set at 40p per unit

Cut-price drink will be banned from Scotland's shops under legislation set to be brought forward by ministers [The Scotsman, UK]

A family guide to drugs and alcohol

It provides basic information and advice to parents and carers whose teenage children may be experimenting with drugs or alcohol [Addaction, UK]

Analysis: Alcohol industry under fire

As an industry, alcoholic drinks makers and its marketers are fast becoming among the most demonised groups in the country, responsible for some of society’s worst ills - binge drinking, anti social behaviour and a growing public health crisis [Marketing Week, UK]

Two boys killed and one breaks neck as 100,000 students hit seaside town to celebrate end of exams

Often experimenting with alcohol and drugs for the first time, the trip is increasingly being seen as a 'rite of passage' for youngsters following the stresses of the A level and GCSE exam season [Daily Mail, UK]

Families in need

Families and statutory authorities alike are struggling to cope with children damaged by neglect and abuse as a result of their parents' dependence on drugs and alcohol [The Herald, Scotland, UK]

NTA Board meeting and papers

July 2009 [NTA, UK]

Hundreds of primary school pupils in rehab for drug abuse

Official figures also show that more than 11,000 under-16s - legally too young to drink - received help with their addiction to cannabis, heroin, alcohol and other drugs [Daily Mail, UK]

Poverty in the media: Being seen and getting heard

How people who have experienced poverty can have a more effective voice in the media [Joseph Rowntree Foundation, UK]

Are 'smart drugs' cheating our students out of their future?

The ethics of the debate over whether 'smart' drugs are cheating is less important than initiating research into how their misuse can "tamper with the human body" [Independent, Ireland]

Call for tougher penalties on drug dealing tenants

The Lord Mayor of Cork has called for tough new legislation to help localauthorities tackle drug dealing tenants [Irish Examiner]

New York Midnight Heroes

New York Harm Reduction Educators distributed 2,000 clean syringes that night, at a rate of one used needle for one new one. That's 2,000 used syringes off the streets. In addition, they distributed condoms, antiseptic pads and bleach kits for cleaning the needles [Huffington Post, USA]

Prevention Works! in and around DC

This city funded organization works with a staff of 12 full and part time workers and a plethora of volunteers but it's not always easy [The Examiner, USA]

The Supreme Court Resists Drug War Hysteria

Ruling on strip-searching case is the latest sign that the High Court's drug war fever may finally be breaking [Alternet, USA]

Prescription drug abuse ravages a state's youth

Kentucky officials see an ‘epidemic’; officials say drugs coming from Florida [MSNBC, USA]

Drug trends

Bulletin for July [IDRS, Australia]

Global economic crisis and HIV

While the results of the survey are worrying, the report does give recommendations on interventions that could help to address the crisis [UNAIDS]