DS Daily - 9th July 2009


"Closer to home than you think": One in five adults knows someone with experience of drug addiction

DrugScope has today published research showing that 1 in 5 adults in the UK have either direct or indirect personal experience of drug addiction ... The sympathetic response of the majority of people surveyed is in sharp contrast to much media reporting and public discourse around drug users [DrugScope, UK]

Drugs misuse treatment in offender populations

The first Annual Evidence Update on Drugs focussing on Drugs misuse treatment in offender populations [NHS Evidence, UK]

Thames Reach forms new partnership with drugs agency

Homelessness agency Thames Reach and drugs agency Blenheim CDP have formed a new partnership to help improve the lives of some of London’s most vulnerable and socially excluded people [24Dash, UK]

Brief interventions for heavy alcohol users admitted to general hospital wards

The evidence for brief interventions delivered to heavy alcohol users admitted to general hospital is still inconclusive. 51-page PDF [The Cochrane Collaboration]

Alcohol-related deaths up by 40% in ten years

The number of people dying from alcohol-related causes rose by nearly 40 per cent from 5,287 in 1999 to 7,341 last year, figures obtained by the Conservative MP James Brokenshire, a shadow Home Office minister [Times, UK]

What do your think of Home Office websites?

Home Office websites survey [Home Office, UK]

Heroin seizures up fortyfold in Cork

Heroin seizures in Cork have increased fortyfold in the last four years while those seeking treatment for addiction to the drug have increased by a figure of more than 25 in a 10-year period [Irish Times]

Tackle drug use among youngsters more rigorously

The committee calls for a number of key changes to Dutch drugs policy, and focuses on four key points: concern about drug use among young people (particularly the very young), a more restrictive approach to coffee shops, tougher measures against organised crime and the establishment of a drugs authority [Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Netherlands]

Proposal to lower alcohol driving limits opposed by publicans

Publicans are lobbying Fianna Fáil to block moves by Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey to lower the drink-drive limit [Irish Times]

The search for a vein of hope

Does our drug policy really have Four Pillars, or is there just 'one shaky toothpick?' [The province, Canada]

Supervised injection site a matter of rights

Everyone has a right to health care, but injection-drug users being denied [Times Colonist, Canada]

Chemical Dependency and the Physician

Addictive disease is relatively common in the general population and in the physician population. Prompt recognition of addictive disease in a physician is difficult and yet critical because delay could result in morbidity or mortality not only in the addicted physician but also in his or her patients [Mayo Clinic Proceedings]

Marijuana 'could help solve California's economic problems'

A pro-marijuana group has launched a television advertisement in California advocating legalisation and taxation of the drug to help solve the state's budget woes [Telegraph, UK]

An Interview with Richard Lee on the Tax Cannabis 2010 California Ballot Initiative

The proposed Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis 2010 initiative for the 2010 California ballot has already received a significant level of press coverage. Here's a short interview with Richard Lee, who is the proponent of the initiative [Drug Law Blog, USA]

Mexico Accused of Torture in Drug War

Army Using Brutality To Fight Trafficking, Rights Groups Say [Washington Post, USA]

ADCA Strategic Plan 2009-2012

This Strategic Plan emphasises that ADCA must work in collaboration with a wide range of partners, and build effective partnerships both within and outside the AOD sector. 8-page PDF [ADCA, Australia]

Counting the homeless 2006 complete set

Counting the homeless 2006 includes eight state and territory reports on the homeless based on information collected from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006 Census [AIHW, Australia]

Sober people don't talk about a drug-free world

The Drug Policy Director of the HCLU was also invited to make his critical comments from the civil society’s perspective [HCLU]