DS Daily - 10th July 2009


Police accused over death of drug dealer who swallowed cocaine

Police officers are under investigation after a suspected drug dealer died minutes after being gripped by the throat as he was being searched [Times, UK]

Protecting life is uppermost when police use force on drug suspects

The dark world of illicit drugs is dangerous both for those who are dependent on them and for the traffickers or dealers. It is the job of the police not only to enforce the law but to prevent harm coming to either party. Comment by Andy Hayman, former Assistant Commissioner in the Metropolitan Police [Times, UK]

Delivering effective needle and syringe programmes presentations now available

Presentations and notes from this conference, held on 1 July 2009, are now available [NTA, UK]

Clinical Update

For June 2009 [SMMGP, UK]

Young People’s Development Programme evaluation

Research into the Young People’s Development Programme, which aimed to reduce teenage pregnancy and substance misuse amongst vulnerable young people aged 13-15 [Institute of Education, UK]

Drug test kit lets parents check on children with lock of their hair

A testing kit that lets parents detect whether a child is using drugs using a lock of hair is now available in Britain [Times, UK]

New initiative to reducing the spread of Hepatitis C

New "one hit kits" are being offered to drug addicts across Greater Glasgow and Clyde to help reduce the spread of Hepatitis C [STV, UK]

Foil packs extend harm reduction reach of needle exchanges

British needle exchanges which piloted distribution of foil packs for smoking heroin found they were widely used and may have increased attendance and reduced the number of injections, lending weight to current attempts to legalise such provision [Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK]

Southwark cocaethylene campaign poster and leaflet

Southwark has produced a cocaethylene poster and leaflet with support from the London Drug Policy Forum [Alcohol Policy UK]

Call for pre-watershed booze ad ban

Alcohol should not be advertised on television before the 9pm watershed, a leading charity has said.A large number of adverts for alcoholic drinks are shown before this time, when children are likely to be watching television, Alcohol Concern said [London Evening Standard, UK]

Police warn pubs over £1 spirits

Pubs and clubs in a Leicestershire town are being urged not to sell cut-price alcohol, as part of a police campaign to discourage bad behaviour [BBC, UK]

Alcohol and Pregnancy and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: a Resource for Health Professionals

This resource has been developed to support health professionals to address the issue of alcohol use in pregnancy with women. 36-page PDF [Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, Australia]

Drunks who sign up for therapy can avoid a fine

Police will no longer fine drunk and disorderly offenders if they agree to attend an alcohol education programme under a radical new scheme to tackle booze-fuelled crime in Scotland [The Herald, Scotland, UK]

Family hits out at town's bars after underage son dies after booze binge

The family of a teenage boy who died falling off a cliff during a camping holiday to celebrate the end of his GCSE exams have criticised the town's bars for repeatedly serving his underage group strong alcohol [Telegraph, UK]

High School Limits and College Drinking: Parental Influence on College Students’ Alcohol Use

This study does not support the theory that allowing adolescents to experiment with drinking will lead to a later reduction in alcohol misuse. Instead, the study indicates that having parents who allowed any drinking during high school was a significant risk factor for alcohol misuse during college [BASIS]

Youth work: Open for the weekends - what do youth workers really think?

A CYP Now survey has found that while youth workers agree more Friday and Saturday night projects are needed, many fear they could lead to the closure of existing weekday schemes and risk compromising their professional integrity [CYP Now, UK]

Methadone clinic closes

Stung by what its backers call hostility from aldermen and the public, an embattled methadone clinic is giving up on Calgary [Sun, Canada]

Marijuana 'could help solve California's economic problems'

A pro-marijuana group has launched a television advertisement in California advocating legalisation and taxation of the drug to help solve the state's budget woes [Telegraph, UK]

Police arrest 26 AIDS activists in the Capitol for unlawful assembly

The activists carried signs in support of funding for needle exchange, HIV/AIDS housing and programs aimed at fighting AIDS [LA Times, USA]

Director of National Drug Control Policy Testifies on National Strategy to Reduce Drug Trafficking Across Southwest Border

National Drug Control Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske testified before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on President Obama's strategy to staunch the flow of illicit drugs and drug proceeds across the Southwest border and to reduce associated crime and violence in the region [ONDCP, USA]

Under the influence: The role of the alcohol industry in New York State politics

The health and social costs of alcohol use [Corporations and Health Watch, USA]

From Golden Triangle to Rubber Belt ?

The Future of Opium Bans in the Kokang and Wa Regions [TNI, Netherlands]