DS Daily - 13th July 2009


Quango executives grab 20% pay rises

Three board members at the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse received pay rises of about 17%, according to the drugs quango’s new accounts. The agency also said the rises reflected bonuses earned during the previous year [Times, UK]

Alcohol deaths treble in Wales

The latest statistics reveal the extent of the nation’s booze shame, leading experts to call for a revolution in the way we deal with drink. Alcohol-related deaths in Wales rose from 199 in 1992 to 573 last year, with the sharpest rise taking place in the past two year [WalesOnline, UK]

Warning over alcohol price plan

Plans for minimum alcohol prices could destroy the Scotch whisky industry, the Scottish Conservatives have warned [BBC, UK]

Alcohol ban in force on railway

A complete alcohol ban is in force on trains on the Merseyside rail network this weekend, police have warned [BBC, UK]

Where high-flyers crash out

Stressed City victims of alcoholism and burnout are increasingly seeking help at an island retreat [Observer, UK]

We go into the Lyons' den

Debbie Lyons bags up a drug deal in her dingy flat as she plies her evil trade to rake in more cash for one of Scotland's most feared crime families [News of the World, UK]

I can't admit drug shame to son

The shame of a career wrecked by cocaine is still too much for Gareth. He hasn't found a way to tell his six-year-old son he may never play rugby again [News of the World, UK]

Drink and drugs may no longer be the key to creativity

Pete Doherty had heroin, Blur boozed and Scorcese snorted cocaine, but are narcotics and alcohol necessary for great art? [Times, UK]

Tracking system to monitor recovering drug users

Drug addicts receiving treatment are to be monitored by a special patient-tracking system following a failure to keep check on recovering users in methadone programmes [Irish Examiner]

Methadone clinic has earned chance

Now Calgary looks like a city that would rather deny the existence of social problems than deal with them [Calgary Herald, Canada]

Addicts to get free crack pipes in city trial

Victoria councillors have agreed to allow the Vancouver Island Health Authority to oversee distribution of free crack-pipe kits in the city -- but only on a temporary basis [Times Colonist, Canada]

CAMH combines genetics with brain imaging to personalize treatment for mental illness and addictions

Thanks to a $2.8 million grant from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) announced on June 18, researchers at CAMH will be able to combine the power of genetics and sophisticated brain imaging to personalize treatment [CAMH, Canada]

Jackson Family Attempted Drug Interventions

Family Says Jackson Was Addicted to Prescription Drugs as Cops Probe Doctors [abcNEWS, USA]

Waiting lists for drug abuse treatment too long

22 million Americans with a substance abuse problem, many of them trying to get treatment, but unable to afford the costs, and standing in waiting list lines [Examiner, USA]

Characteristics of inmates witnessing overdose events in prison: implications for prevention in the correctional setting

Findings signal an urgent public health challenge that requires prompt interventions to reduce this drug related harm within the correctional system, including adequate access to medication with opiate agonists [Harm Reduction Journal]

Censorship in California: Marijuana Ad Campaign Rejected by TV Stations

The Marijuana Policy Project has a TV ad campaign supporting taxing marijuana, but several stations won't run it [Alternet, USA]

Guinea army on alert, says drug dealers plan attack

Guinea's military rulers have put their armed forces on maximum alert, saying drug traffickers and their allies in neighboring countries want to destabilize the world's biggest bauxite exporter, state television reported [Washington Post, USA]

India's leading alcohol tycoon criticises 'political hypocrites'

India's leading alcohol tycoon has criticised the “political hypocrites” who control the country’s only dry state after more than 130 people died from drinking tainted home-made liquor [Independent, UK]