DS Daily - 16th July 2009


Four years for crystal meth maker

A man behind what is believed to be Scotland's first illicit crystal meth laboratory has been jailed for four years. [BBC news, UK]

'Alarming gap' in counselling for young

More than one million young people are being deprived of advice and counselling services every year, according to a report published by Youth Access. [Children and Young People Now, UK]

Health committee alcohol inquiry looks at advertising

The Health Committee questions witnesses including the Advertising Standards Authority, Ofcom and the Drinkaware Trust about alcohol advertising. [Parliament, UK]

David Kenworthy to chair United Kingdom Anti-Doping

David Kenworthy has been appointed the first Chair of United Kingdom Anti-Doping (UKAD), Gerry Sutcliffe, Minister for Sport announced today. [COI, UK]

Emergency needles

Nigel Brunsdon discusses the need for NSP workers to carry emergency needles. [Injecting Advice, UK]

Signs for improvement – commissioning interventions to reduce alcohol-related harm

This guidance is designed to direct commissioners in areas where tackling alcohol harm is an identified priority, to the resources and guidance, which will assist them in commissioning interventions to reduce alcohol-related harm in their local community. [Department of Health, UK]

Naltrexone implants after in-patient treatment for opioid dependence: randomised controlled trial

In the first randomised trial, implants which block opiate-type drugs for months helped heroin addicts in Norway avoid relapse after detoxification. If these or allied products gain a UK licence, they could help pave the way to abstinence for the minority of suitable addicts. [British Journal of Psychology, UK]

Limiting the exposure of young people to alcohol advertising: third annual report 2008

As this Third Annual Report of the Alcohol Marketing Communications Monitoring Body shows, there was overall compliance in 2008 by television, radio, cinema and outdoor advertisers with the obligations set down in the Codes. [Department of Health and Children, Ireland]

Alcohol use and the traveller community in the west of Ireland

The Western Region Drugs Task Force (WRDTF) has published a report on the nature and extent of substance use, and use of services, by members of the Traveller community in the west of Ireland. [National Documentation Centre on Drug Use, Ireland]

Benzylpiperazine (BZP) abuse amongst attendees of the Drug Treatment Centre Board

A study was commenced at the Drug Treatment Centre Board’s Drug Analysis Laboratory in order to determine the level of usage of BZP amongst attendees of the Drug Treatment Centre Board (DTCB). [Irish Medical Journal, Ireland]

Winehouse offers drug advice

Mitch Winehouse given opportunity to educate Goverment Committee on drug use. [STV, UK]

Pot no longer focus of anti-drugs campaigns

Over the last several years, without many people realizing it, the U.S. government has changed the focus of its anti-drug efforts, deemphasizing marijuana in favor of prescription drugs. [CBS, USA]

Remembering the victims of cannabis

Those who kid themselves that the trade in cannabis is a victimless crime should take a long hard look at the experience of those forced to work in it. [Yorkshire Evening Post, UK]

16% of motorists tested had drugs in system, federal survey finds

The latest national survey by federal safety officials of alcohol and drug use on the nation's roadways found that 16 percent of drivers tested on weekend nights turned up positive for drugs, including marijuana, cocaine and prescription sedatives. [Chicago Tribune, USA]

Child maltreatment as a risk factor for opioid dependence

Examines the prevalence, characteristics and risk factors for child maltreatment among opioid-dependent persons compared to a community sample of similar social disadvantage, using a case-control design. [Child Abuse and Neglect, international journal]

California mulls tax on marijuana

A bill to tax and regulate marijuana in California like alcohol would generate nearly 1.4 billion US dollars (£854 million) in revenue for the cash-strapped state. [Daily Express, UK]