DS Daily - 29th July 2009


ACMD Annual Report 2008-09

This report gives a summary of the main issues the ACMD considered between April 2008 - March 2009 as well as information about its terms of reference, committees and working groups and membership and administrative arrangements. 32-page PDF [Home Office, UK]

Latest volatile substance abuse death figures released

VSA Report 22: Trends in deaths associates with abuse of volatile substances 1971-2007, which was compiled for the Department of Health, monitors trends in deaths associated with the misuse of gas fuels, aerosols, glues, anaesthetic agents and other solvent based products [DrugScope, UK]

Safe using messages may not be enough to promote behaviour change amongst injecting drug users

Most of the interviewees in this study were indifferent towards heroin-related death. Whilst interviewees were well aware of the possible consequences of their actions, these consequences were not seen as important as achieving their desired state of mind [Harm Reduction Journal]

DDN Magazine Features

Including Target Culture - Time for change. Could a criminal justice overhaul be on the cards? Editorial by Claire Brown [Drink and Drugs News, UK]

Career criminal George Moon ran cocaine empire from prison

A career criminal managed to import a million pounds worth of cocaine despite being locked up in prison [Times, UK]

Police to drug-test Sussex suspects on arrest

Early drug testing is being introduced for police suspects to get addicts out of crime and into treatment [The Argus, UK]

Alcoholics will not be cured by liver transplants

Most alcoholics are seriously, if not terminally, ill and they need the appropriate treatment as early as possible [Comment, Guardian, UK]

Mandatory Code – blanket opposition show it’s time to think again, says BBPA

There is a growing groundswell of opposition to the Government's plans for a Mandatory Code for the sale of alcohol, says the [British Beer & Pub Association]

Calgary methadone patients face quandary after clinic closure announcement

Methadone patientsand civic officials worry the loss of a clinic in Calgary could push dozens of people back into a life of addiction because they won't have easy access to treatment [Vancouver Sun, Canada]

Calgary City Council votes to look at broader approach for allowing methadone clinics

City Council voted Monday to look at whether city zoning bylaws need to be changed to allow methadone clinics in industrial areas along with other changes designed to create a more community-wide approach to finding sites for such facilities [Calgary Herald, Canada]

New Resource Provides Nurses with Current Information on Buprenorphine

a new manual which provides nurses with general information about buprenorphine products, is now available through [SAMHSA, USA]

The Drug Myth That Will Not Die

Brits still pushing marijuana/schizophrenia connection [Addiction Inbox, USA]

United States and Mexico Partner to Prevent and Treat Drug Abuse

Director Kerlikowske and Secretary Cordova Villalobos, Minister of Health, Mexico, announced today at a press conference in Mexico City, Mexico, that the U.S and Mexico will hold a conference on prevention and treatment in January 2010 in Washington, D.C. [Pushing Back, ONDCP, USA]

Alcohol and pregnancy dangers discussed

Canadian First Nations guest Jenelle McMillan and her son Jordan are in New Zealand to share their story to help New Zealand families, agencies and communities better respond to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD ) [Scoop, New Zealand]

Drug use patterns among Thai illicit drug users amidst increased police presence

Thailand has traditionally pursued an aggressive enforcement-based anti-drug policy in an effort to make the country "drug-free." In light of this ongoing approach, we sought to assess impacts of enforcement on drug use behaviors among a cohort of injection drug users (IDU) in Thailand [Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy]

Harm Reduction in Prison: The Moldova Model

This report focuses on the introduction of harm reduction programmes in Moldovan prisons and describes successes achieved as well as remaining challenges. 70-page PDF [IDPC]

New highsnlows short film gets young people talking about cannabis

The second animated film in the "Is your high getting you low?" campaign has been launched [ADF, Australia]

Bridges and barriers - addressing Indigenous incarceration and health

The strong links between substance misuse and Indigenous incarceration highlight an urgent need for government to address this disturbing problem. 18-page PDF [ADF, Australia]