DS Daily - 30th July 2009


Refocusing Drug-Related Law Enforcement to Address Harms

This report describes the findings of a project conducted by the UK Drug Policy Commission that seeks to consider how an explicit refocusing of drug law enforcement on the reduction of drug-related harms could deliver a real impact on the drug related harms experienced by individuals and communities. 96-page PDF [UKDPC]

Moving towards Real Impact Drug Enforcement - Briefing

Strategy and policy implications. 16-page PDF [UKDPC]

Call to 'tolerate' drug dealers

The UK Drug Policy Commission's report says the government's strategy focuses too much on seizures and arrests and not enough on reducing harm [BBC, UK]

Reducing Alcohol Harm: health services in England for alcohol misuse

On the basis of a report by the Comptroller and Auditor General,1 we took evidence from the Department on the performance of the National Health Service in addressing alcohol harm; the Department’s influence on local commissioners, and the Department’s work to encourage sensible drinking. 52-page PDF [Public Accounts Committee, House of Commons, UK]

Confusion 'fuels alcohol misuse'

Widespread public confusion about how much it is safe to drink may be contributing to the growth of alcohol misuse in England, say MPs [BBC, UK]

Heavy drinkers not getting enough NHS help, report says

Just one in 18 people dependent on alcohol are getting help with their addiction from the NHS, a Commons committee report said today [Guardian, UK]

The evidence base to guide development of Tier 4 CAMHS

The purpose of this paper is to present the latest information on these new developments and share with commissioners and providers the evidence base for development of effective services in this area [DoH, UK]

Society welcomes decision on ephedrine and pseudoephedrine

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society today welcomed the decision by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency that medicines containing ephedrine and pseudoephedrine should retain their status as pharmacy (P) medicines [RPS, UK]

Government publishes Social Work Task Force Interim Report

The Government has today published a report setting out the interim findings and recommendations of the Social Work Taskforce [Department for Children, Schools and Families, UK]

Counterproductive to expect too much too soon from homeless addicts

Comprehensive and thoughtful review of the UK-relevant literature warns that services which impose rigid and unrealistic expectations of abstinence or independent living on homeless addicts would deny treatment and housing to vulnerable adults with complex needs [Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK]

Would you steal a lock of your child's hair to test them for drugs? This father did...

Fans of HairConfirm believe it is an invaluable tool for protective parents and a weapon in the fight against drugs [Daily Mail, UK]

Mick Giannasi, Britain's top traffic policeman, calls for drink drive limit to be cut

Mick Giannasi, Britain's leading traffic police officer has called for the drink drive limit to be reduced warning that motorists were not safe to get to "on a couple of pints" [Telegraph, UK]

Flagship alcohol strategy is thrown into chaos

Scotland's flagship legislation on alcohol has suffered a major blow after it emerged a key element has failed to stand up to scrutiny in the courts, a month before the new laws come in to full effect [The Herald, Scotland, UK]

Marston's declines role in anti-binge campaign

But brewer says it has not ruled out signing up in future to Campaign for Smarter Drinking [The Publican, UK]

Police test a third more drivers in Summer Drink Drive Campaign

A police campaign targeting drink driving has resulted in a record number of drivers being breath tested during June this year [ACPO, UK]

Drugnet Europe 67

In this issue: Brain research throws light on addiction; European action on drugs; Associations between HIV-prevention measures and HIV infection; globalisation and harm reduction; World drug report 2009; European Commission conference on drug-related research [EMCDDA]

Country overviews

A structured synopsis of the trends and characteristics of national drug problems. They consist of a summary of the national drug situation, key statistics at a glance and a barometer showing the drug use prevalence position of each country - July update [EMCDDA]

Statistical bulletin 2009

The Statistical bulletin is published yearly by the EMCDDA and provides access to the most recent statistical data relating to the drugs situation in Europe [EMCDDA]

Pharmacy row sparks methadone clinic fears

The potential for further chaos loomed in the pharmacies dispute last night as it emerged that no alternative methadone clinics are being set up [Independent, Ireland]

Hold the heroin treatment

Diminishing income from Suboxone and Subutex will lift a monkey from Reckitt Benckiser's back [Financial Times, UK]

New research reveals what motivates people to smoke

A new study - designed to understand why people smoke and help develop more effective quitting programmes for smokers - has revealed that only half of smokers say enjoyment and coping with stress were reasons why they smoke [Cancer Research UK]

A new drug of choice

Major drug bust suggests Toronto is becoming a hub for heroin trafficking [National Post, Canada]

Commentary: America’s drug problem got so bad because we didn’t raise the alarm

Director of the office of national drug control policy at the White House, R. Gil Kerlikowske spoke with CNN’s John Roberts Wednesday [CNN, USA]

Experts Challenged by Mental Illness Mixed With Addiction

In the often separate worlds of mental health therapists and substance abuse counselors, professionals began realizing in the mid-1980s that large percentages of the people they were seeing -- sometimes 50 percent or more -- suffered from both mental illness and addiction to alcohol or drugs [Washington Post, USA]

Sketches of the Drug Czars

The United States spends nearly $50 billion each year on the war on drugs, to little avail: illegal drugs remain prevalent, and drug-funded groups continue to spread violence from Mexico to Afghanistan [Slide show - Vanity Fair]

Treating Alcohol Addiction: Can a Pill Replace Abstinence?

Whether or not baclofen proves to be the next big quit drug most addiction researchers would continue to encourage abstinence [TIME, USA]

California's pot plants earn Mexican drug gangs billions

Mexican drug traffickers are growing millions of marijuana plants in California's vast national parks, exploiting the embattled state's sweeping cutbacks in its police forces [Telegraph, UK]

Lost in an Abyss of Drugs, and Entangled by Poverty

The majority of paco users go back to consuming after spending a year or two in treatment [New York Times, USA]

Alcohol in our lives

The Law Commission project to review the law on the sale and supply of liquor aims to examine the whole scene from top-to-toe. 296-page PDF [The Law Commission, New Zealand]

Smoking holds one in five back from healthy life

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) says findings from new research that only one in seven New Zealanders has a healthy lifestyle is sign that tough new measures are needed to combat tobacco consumption [Scoop, New Zealand]

Five year drug and alcohol strategy released today

New Zealand has a high incarceration rate for its relatively small population and needs to focus on the factors that land people in prison [Yahoo News, New Zealand]