DS Daily - 31st July 2009


Drug Death Matters - Newsletter (Seventh Edition)

This is the seventh issue of a twice yearly bulletin that will report on progress in relation to the Government's Drug Death Action Plan and the work of the National Forum on Drug-related Deaths. 7-page PDF [Scottish Government, UK]

Drug deaths in Fife 2008

A report on the findings of the Fife Drug Deaths Monitoring and Prevention Group (Fife Drug and Alcohol Action Team) 87-page PDF [NHS Fife, UK]

British Crime Survey: Drug Misuse (Wales)

Table 8: Proportion of adults reporting the use of drugs in the last year in Wales, 2004-2009 [Statistics for Wales, UK]

Comment on the recovery debate

For me the discovery that there is a recovery model with structured approaches to planning, case management and coaching has filled a void that we knew existed and had started to try and fill ourselves in Leeds [Mark Weeding, Executive Director DISC, UK]

Changing Habits

Changing Habits, is a "must read " introduction to drug treatment. 21-page PDF [Addaction, UK]

When the drugs policies don't work

Yesterday's (UKDPC) report accepts that while there is currently "little political or public appetite to ease enforcement interventions", there should at least be, in their carefully chosen words, "scope for flexibility in application and approach" [Mark Easton Blog, BBC, UK]

Drug war will not be won 'playing cops and robbers

The war on drugs needs a rethink because just playing "cops and robbers" will not win it, the head of Britain's "FBI" has admitted [Telegraph, UK]

The Big Question: Should police take a new approach to drug crime by relocating dealers?

Questions and answers [Independent, UK]

Drugs are evil. We should legalise them now

The harm this market causes comes both from its existence and its illegality. And there’s only one of those we can tackle The harm this market causes comes both from its existence and its illegality. And there’s only one of those we can tackle [Times, UK]

Don’t understate the dangers of cocaine

To imply that drugs do not differ in their liability to lead to dependence flies in the face of the facts. Letter - Professor Leslie Iversen, Department of Pharmacology, University of Oxford [Times, UK]

Legalising cocaine will increase dependency

Users would be placed at a further distance from addressing their problems if cocaine is legitimised [Kathy Gyngell, letter, Times, UK]

How should we deal with drug dealers?

Have your say [BBC, UK]

Bed-blocking hits mental services

Many of these patients have complex behavioural problems. These include challenging anti-social behaviour or drug and alcohol issues [BBC, UK]

Drugs raid torture claim referred

Prosecutors are considering whether to bring charges against police officers over allegations that a man was tortured during a drugs raid in London [BBC, UK]

Alcohol: Social Marketing for England

The Strategy is based on social marketing principles, and uses customer understanding, insight, and audience segmentation to deliver targeted support, which enables individuals to identify their level of alcohol-related risk, and to take ownership of managing that risk [National Social Marketing Centre, UK]

Government watchdog considers ban on IQ booster drugs

The government's official experts on illegal drugs have been asked to look at whether intelligence-enhancing drugs, such as those used by students to boost performance in exams, should be banned [Guardian, UK]

Counterproductive to expect too much too soon from homeless addicts

Comprehensive and thoughtful review of the UK-relevant literature warns that services which impose rigid and unrealistic expectations of abstinence or independent living on homeless addicts would deny treatment and housing to vulnerable adults with complex needs [Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK]

Liver charity calls for compulsory unit labels on alcohol

The British Liver Trust voiced its concern over the report by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), which showed that 40per cent of people were unaware of sensible drinking guidelines and 77per cent did not know how many units were contained in a large glass of wine [Independent, UK]

Research on young people who do not drink or drink very little

This calls for proposals focuses on why and how some young people do not drink at all or do not drink to intoxication, and how this choice impacts on their lives [JRF, UK]

Research on young people, alcohol and locality

This call for proposals is focused on the influence that 'locality' has on the drinking and drinking cultures of young people aged 15-24 [JRF, UK]

Two years on - fewer people intend to quit smoking following smoking ban peak

There has been a slight fall in the proportion of smokers who would like to try and quit, with 67 per cent of respondents to a recent survey claiming that they would be willing to give up [Cancer Research UK]

Random drug testing for drivers under new plan

Random drug testing of motorists will be a key part of the new anti-drugs strategy to be published in September, said Minister of State John Curran [Irish Times]

HSE gets €900k to cut treatment waiting lists for addicts

Government is providing €900,000 to the HSE to cut chronic treatment waiting lists for heroin addicts in many parts of the country [Irish Examiner]

Drug projects face being shut down

A number of drug projects will be shut down if funding cuts proposed in Bord Snip are implemented [Irish Examiner]

Smokers still being misled by cigarette packaging

Consumers are still being misled over the health hazards posed by cigarettes because of a loophole in packaging design regulations, Canadian scientists have said [Cancer Research UK]

D.C. Races to Rescue Needle Funding

This week, Norton and other D.C. officials were racing to persuade congressional leaders to erase a House amendment that would essentially reinstate the ban [Washington Post, USA]

NIH and VA Announce $7 Million Partnership for Substance Abuse Research among Military Personnel

Research will focus on war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan [NIDA, USA]

Drug users may fall through cracks in budget

Thousands of California drug offenders could end up without treatment or jail time because of a clash between the state's new budget and an initiative approved by voters nine years ago [Washington Post, USA]

U.S. Criticized for Extraditing Minor Colombian Drug Suspects

A range of critics - defense lawyers, analysts and even a former American ambassador who once strongly advocated extradition here - are questioning a policy that they say has gone beyond targeting drug kingpins to scooping up players on the periphery of the narcotics trade [Washington Post, USA]

Drug and Alcohol Strategy 2009-2014

This is the fourth Drug and Alcohol Strategy the Department has produced [Department of Corrections, New Zealand Government]

Pharmacy cure for doctor shopping

An electronic monitoring system that could stop prescription drug overdoses such as the one that killed Michael Jackson is ready for rollout in Australia but awaiting government support [The Australia]

ECOSOC adopts resolution on UNAIDS

Recognition was also given to the need for the Joint Programme to significantly expand and strengthen its work to address the gap in services for injecting drug users in all settings [UNAIDS]