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Welcome to DS Daily, our new daily drug and alcohol news service. We are launching the service both as part of our core commitment to the provision and dissemination of up to date information and in support of our role as a membership organisation for the sector.


We are also very pleased to announce that Jim Young, formerly of Daily Dose, has joined our DS Daily team.


We are very keen to receive your comments about the new service which you can send to the Editor, Jim Young at jimy@drugscope.org.uk



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DS Daily - 12th June 2009

Dedicated workers in London sought for tackling drugs changing lives awards

The fourth annual national Tackling Drugs Changing Lives Awards, designed to recognise, reward and celebrate the work being done by drug teams and workers across the country, have been launched today by Home Office Minister Alan Campbell [Home Office, UK]

Society for the Study of Addiction Annual Symposium 2009

Themes: Treatment policy - Service-user involvement - Young people & families [Society for the Study of Addiction, UK]

Clinic methadone doses 'too high'

A young drug addict was prescribed too much methadone at a Borders clinic where he later died, a consultant psychiatrist has told an inquiry [BBC, UK]

Ready Reckoner v1

This ready reckoner aims to assist PCTs to select interventions to reduce alcohol related hospital admissions in the short term [Alcohol Learning Centre, UK]

Health warnings to women force down wine drinking for first time in 13 years

Senior drinks industry analyst, Jonny Forsyth, said: 'Health campaigns and reports about the harm caused by binge drinking in newspapers is having some impact ... However, he said while people are drinking less, the strength of the alcohol has increased in recent years [Daily Mail, UK]

Department of Health: Departmental Report 2009

The report provides a comprehensive overview of spending and investment programmes and of the system reforms accompanying this investment [DoH, UK]

Child poverty duty to become law

Ministers are making it a legal duty for the government, local authorities and other organisations to help to end child poverty across the UK [BBC, UK]

How a black Ferrari snared the £1bn drug barons

Cavan and Jamie Hanna hid the vast scale of their narcotics empire behind a facade of frugality. But then one of their henchmen was spotted in a sports car [Independent, UK]

US backs 'historic' tobacco curbs

The US Senate has backed a bill giving the government far-reaching new powers to try to curb smoking among Americans [BBC, UK]

Do DIY Anti-Overdose Kits Help?

To date, at least 17 states, along with city health departments in New York City, Baltimore, Boston and San Francisco, now have in place programs similar to that of Chicago Recovery Alliance [TIME, USA]

Understanding the Public Health Implications of Prisoner Reentry in California

Examining the demographic and health profiles of the prison population shows that it is disproportionately sicker on average than the U.S. population in general, with substantially higher rates of infectious diseases (such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and hepatitis B and C), serious mental illness, and substance abuse disorders. 220-page PDF [RAND, USA]

Reversing the Erosion in Alcohol Taxes Could Help Pay for Health Care Reform

This paper, which is part of a series of papers on proposals to help pay for health reform, outlines three options Congress could consider for increasing alcohol taxes that would raise $27 billion to about $100 billion over ten years [Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, USA]

Prison Term for a Seller of Medical Marijuana

A federal judge on Thursday sentenced the owner of a marijuana dispensary to a year in prison, a sign that providers of medical marijuana still face the possibility of jail time despite the Obama administration’s promise not to prosecute them if they comply with state law [New York Times, USA]

Mexico’s Narco-Insurgency and U.S. Counterdrug Policy

This monograph argues that the Merida Initiative - and, by extension, U.S. counternarcotics strategy as a whole - suffers from a basic lack of balance. 67-page PDF [Strategic Studies Institute, USA]

Illicit Drug Data Report 2007–2008

The Illicit Drug Data Report is produced by the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) and is recognised as one of the most valuable tools for law enforcement agencies, policy and decision makers, research bodies and other stakeholders in combating illicit drugs [Australian Crime Commission]

Boom times for dealers as Australia binges on cocaine

Australia is in the middle of a cocaine binge not experienced since the turn of the millennium - and most of the drug is making its way to Sydney, an Australian Crime Commission report says [The Age, Australia]