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Welcome to DS Daily, our new daily drug and alcohol news service. We are launching the service both as part of our core commitment to the provision and dissemination of up to date information and in support of our role as a membership organisation for the sector.


We are also very pleased to announce that Jim Young, formerly of Daily Dose, has joined our DS Daily team.


We are very keen to receive your comments about the new service which you can send to the Editor, Jim Young at jimy@drugscope.org.uk



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DS Daily - 18th June 2009

Salford drug court to break cycle of crime

Salford’s first court dedicated to rehabilitating drug offenders and preventing drug-related reoffending was praised today by Justice Minister Bridget Prentice, during a visit to mark the court’s sixth month in operation [Ministry of Justice, UK]

Factors associated with mortality in Scottish patients receiving methadone in primary care

A retrospective cohort study [BMJ, UK]

Cannabis: anti-legalisation - Cannabis: pro-legalisation - Cannabis: abusers - Cannabis: users

Video clips from the Learning Zone [BBC, UK]

Submission to the Home Affairs Select Committee Inquiry: The Cocaine Trade

This submission will demonstrate how the criminalisation of cocaine is at the root of many of the issues with which HASC is grappling in this inquiry. 7-page PDF [TDPF, UK]

All in the Mind

Claudia Hammond travels to Portugal to find out how decrimalising drugs could help addicts [Radio4, BBC, UK]

Blood-borne virus testing highlighted as good practice in tackling drug misuse

£11m funds injected for drug treatment as report highlights BBV testing. This funding boost is welcomed by [Concateno, UK]

Housewives hooked on cocaine

The middle-class mothers with a class A drug habit [Daily Express, UK]

There's no escape from the past in this kangaroo court

Without the protection of judge or jury, the right to work of an estimated 11.3 million people will be determined by the ISA. But who exactly will make these decisions? [Guardian, UK]

An evaluation of the Young Person’s Alcohol Intervention Programme in the Wirral: an interim report

Researchers have conducted an analysis of the existing data from Police and Response, which is presented in this interim report. 13-page PDF [Centre for Public Health, John Moores University, UK]

£1.4 million crackdown on teenage summer binge drinking

A nationwide crackdown on teenage binge drinking during the summer holidays, with up to £1.4 million of new cash for 69 youth crime priority areas [Department for Children, Schools and Families, UK]

£3bn cost of alcohol to NHS every year

Illness and injury caused by excessive drinking accounts for more than three per cent of the entire health service budget, Oxford University researchers found [Telegraph, UK]

Middle classes vulnerable to binge drinking

Alcohol is being used as a tool to mask the inner demons of the middle classes, the chief executive of a new body to tackle substance abuse claims [Wales Online, UK]

Divorces cause children to turn to alcohol

A quarter of children whose parents divorce before they reach 18 turn to alcohol, a survey shows [Telegraph, UK]

Homeopathy treatment for offenders

Acupuncture and hypnotherapy are not usually associated with the probation service but the treatments are part of a programme designed to tackle alcohol-related offending in Leicester [Today, Radio 4, BBC, UK]

The ROSIE Study: Drug Treatment Outcomes in Ireland

The Study recruited 404 opiate users entering treatment. Participants were interviewed at treatment intake, 1-year and 3 years after the baseline interview. This report presents outcomes at 1-year and 3 years for the whole population and the ‘per protocol’ population i.e. participants who completed all three interviews 116-page PDF [NACD, Ireland]

NACD annual report 2008

A 26-page PDF [National Advisory Committee on Drugs]

UN Committee on the Rights of the Child calls for harm reduction for under 18s in Sweden

The UN’s body of experts ... has recommended that the State "Ensure the provision of necessary evidence-based support, recovery and reintegration services to all children affected by substance abuse, including drug users below 18 years of age and children suffering as a result of their parents’ drug abuse, aimed at effectively reducing the harmful consequences of such abuse" [IHRA]

Health service saves by vaccinating needle exchange users for hepatitis B

US figures show that testing needle exchange users for hepatitis B and at the same time starting a short course of vaccinations (the UK model) saves lives and thousands of health service dollars, but UK exchanges have lagged behind in offering these services [Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK]

Time to End Prohibition for Drugs?

Letters [New York Times, USA]

Overdose Prevention and Response

A Guide for People Who Use Drugs and Harm Reduction Staff in Eastern Europe and Central Asia 86-page PDF [Open Society Institute, USA]

Closing the Addiction Treatment Gap

New Poll Finds Most Americans Support Including Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in National Health Care Reform [Open Society Institute, USA]

Emerging Issues in the Use of Methadone Spring 2009

This Advisory presents information on the increase in deaths related to methadone, particularly in combination with other drugs or substances, but stresses that methadone is effective and safe in the treatment of opioid addiction and chronic pain when it is used appropriately [SAMHSA, USA]

A Drug War Truce?

Political pressure to end the War on Drugs is building in surprising quarters [Rolling Stone, USA]

War on tobacco is merely posturing

Congress could ban cigarettes, therefore it could ban tobacco advertising. Instead, tobacco promotions will be even more severely curtailed. These restrictions merit a constitutional challenge. Congress should not be allowed to effectively prohibit truthful communication about a legal product [Boston Herald, USA]

Global State of Harm Reduction

The ‘Global State of Harm Reduction’ e-tool is an online resource containing up-to-date information on harm reduction policy and programming around the world [IHRA]

World Drug Report 2009 to be launched in Washington on 24 June

The Report, launched in the run up to World Drug Day on 26 th June, gives evidence of trends in world drug markets [UNODC]

US agents to get new powers to fight drugs

More federal agents will be able to investigate drug cases under a new agreement between government agencies battling Mexican cartels, Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress yesterday [Boston.com, USA]

Academics slam result of study into alcohol abuse

The Ministry of Health and the ACC are standing by the findings of an alcohol-harm study, despite a review of the report that says the study has "few redeeming features" [Stuff.co, New Zealand]