DS Daily - 4th November 2009


Moves to provide a greater protection for children living with drug addicts

The children of drug addicts will get special help if they are at risk when their parents are receiving treatment, under a new agreement between the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse (NTA) and the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) [NTA, UK]

Joint Guidance

Joint Guidance on Development of Local Protocols between Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services and Local Safeguarding and Family Services. 24-page PDF [DCFS, DoH and NTA, UK]

David Best on the compatibility between Recovery and the Risk Reduction model

David says that the recovery agenda and risk reduction technologies model are compatible. Recovery would support capacity building and community regeneration [FEAD, UK]

David Best on choice for drug users balanced against 'risk and governance

David suggests that choice for drug users is often limited to prescribing with limited support for recovery options. David suggests that a 'choice driven menu is illusory' due to confidence about safety and risk [FEAD, UK]

Science chief backs cannabis view

The UK government's chief science adviser, Professor John Beddington, has told BBC News that he supports the former chief drugs adviser's scientific view on cannabis [BBC, UK]

Gordon Brown backs sacking of chief drugs adviser Prof David Nutt

Gordon Brown has publicly backed the decision by Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, to sack the Government's chief drugs adviser, Professor David Nutt [Telegraph, UK]

Government Scientists

Lords debate and question asked By Lord Taverne: To ask Her Majesty’s Government what steps they are taking to ensure that members of government scientific advisory committees can freely communicate to the Government and the public their conclusions about scientific evidence [Hansard, Parliament, UK]

Minister 'appalled' by Nutt exit

In a leaked e-mail published by The Sun, science minister Lord Drayson said he had been "pretty appalled" by the decision to sack Professor David Nutt [BBC, UK]

Cabinet in drug war over sacking

Gordon Brown's team were at loggerheads yesterday after a senior Minister branded the move "a big mistake" [The Sun, UK]

ACMD Membership

As a member of the ACMD, I just want to correct some of the impression given in the media about the Council’s membership. We’re not all pure scientists – in fact, some of us, myself included, are not scientists at all [Eric Carlin blog, UK]

The sacking of Professor David Nutt

Although this is a very UK focused situation it does raise a number of questions about the separation of science from politics and the need for evidence based policy [Injecting Advice, UK]

Drugs policy must be based on evidence

The issues raised by the despicable sacking of Professor Nutt have wider importance than merely the debate over the classification of drugs – important as that is [Guardian, UK]

An uncertain scientist’s guide to taking risks

Politicians need to be willing to accept scientific uncertainty and still take decisions, and this means getting an idea of the magnitudes of the risks, even when our understanding is incomplete [Times, UK]

Role of the Prison Officer

The twelfth Report together with the Proceedings of the [Justice Committee, Parliament, UK]

How will Alcohol Sales in the UK be Affected if Drinkers Follow Government Guidelines?

Substantively, these studies do not directly show that drink companies' profitability would be affected by declines in risky drinking [Medscape]

Under-18s smoking ban tightened

Scottish government ministers have agreed to toughen up proposed laws on tobacco sales to make it illegal for under-18s to buy cigarettes [BBC, UK]

NSW police launch drink-drive crackdown

More than 100,000 motorists across NSW will be breath tested in a three-day crackdown on drink driving [SMH, Australia]