DS Daily - 10th November 2009


Johnson to calm fury over Nutt exit

Home Secretary Alan Johnson will try to calm scientists' anger over the sacking of Professor David Nutt at crisis talks with the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs [Daily Express, UK]

Alan Johnson accused of misleading Parliament over David Nutt sacking

Alan Johnson has been accused of misleading Parliament over the sacking of David Nutt as his chief drug adviser after it emerged that the Home Office was informed in advance of the controversial lecture that prompted his dismissal [Times, UK]

Losing a key chemical element

I resigned from the council because of the way David Nutt was treated,' former ACMD senior chemist Les King told [Chemistry World, UK]

Longitudinal analysis of the Offending, Crime and Justice Survey 2003–06

This report presents longitudinal analysis of self reported data on offending, drug use and anti-social behaviour amongst young people (initially aged 10 to 25) from the Offending, Crime and Justice Survey, which was carried out annually between 2003 and 2006. 45-page PDF [Home Office, UK]

Pupils get insight on drug world

School pupils are being given a stark insight into the world of addiction and criminality in a project involving former drug dealers and users [BBC, UK]

Untold Damage: Children's accounts of living with harmful parental drinking

This report highlights the findings of a collaborative research study undertaken by SHAAP(Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems) and the NSPCC's Childline in Scotland service to explore children and young people's experiences of harmful parental drinking and the concerns they express about the impact this is having on their lives. 50-page PDF [SHAAP and Childline, Scotland, UK]

The Orientation and Integration of Local and National Alcohol Policy in England and Wales

The study was multi-dimensional and employed qualitative documentary analysis
and semi-structured interview methods to explore the roles, responsibilities and
viewpoints of a range of stakeholders operating at the national or local level. 13-page PDF [AERC, UK]

Limiting access key to community action against drink-driving deaths

TextA multi-million dollar attempt to equip US communities to tackle substance misuse only succeeded in reducing alcohol-related traffic deaths when treatment initiatives were supplemented by measures to limit the availability of alcohol. Print publication 2005 [Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK]

Drug Strategy October 2009 Newsletter

The latest edition of the Drug Strategy Unit’s Drugs Newsletter! This month’s issue includes ‘featurettes’ on largest assessment of treatment programmes in England for heroin and crack cocaine, Shared Responsibility campaign and more [Home Office, UK]

Hooked 21: Filters

In todays podcast we're talking about filters for injecting [Injecting Advice, UK]

Drug slang: what police must learn:

A to B - C to D - E to H - I to Q - R to Z

Police officers are being issued with a list of almost 3,000 slang words and phrases associated with illegal drugs, in order to stay one step ahead of criminals [Telegraph, UK]

Payout after prison drugs stroke

"It's not as easy to... not take drugs in prison because nearly everyone does take drugs" [BBC, UK]

Time for precautionary action on alcohol industry funding of sporting bodies

Where evidence is lacking, policy makers should adopt the precautionary principle which recommends, among other things, taking preventive action in the face of uncertainty and shifting the burden of proof to the proponents of the activity [Addiction Journal]

Call for ban on drinks industry sponsoring sporting events

The government should ban the alcohol industry from sponsoring any sporting event in the interest of preventing harm, international medical experts say today [Guardian, UK]

Drink watchdog set to call time on strongest beer ever brewed in UK

The strongest beer ever produced in Britain is set to be banned – weeks after a Scottish brewery launched the brew as a "cure" for binge drinking [The Scotsman, UK]

Why you could be drinking healthy alcohol in 3 years

A substance said to give the feeling of booze without the health risks is being developed by controversial ex Government drugs tsar Professor David Nutt [The Sun, UK]

Responsible retailing of alcohol in Ireland

This first Compliance Report is being made to the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform in accordance with Section 7 of the Explanatory Memorandum section of the Voluntary Code on the Display and Sale of Alcohol in Mixed Trading Premises. 21-page PDF [Responsible retailing of alcohol in Ireland]

The rise of legal highs

Since cocaine sales have plummeted in the past 12 months – due to the recession – drug dealers have been forced to adapt [Drugs.ie, Ireland]

Italian MPs to be offered drugs

Italian MPs to be offered drugs tests to prove scandal-hit parliament is not an 'opium smoking den' [Daily Mail, UK]

Sweden denies 'losing control' of alcohol policy

The Swedish health ministry has rubbished claims by Europe's beer industry that the country's alcohol policy has led to increased consumption and boosted illegal trade [EurActiv]

A randomized controlled trial of an internet-based intervention for alcohol abusers

The internet could increase the range of help-seeking options available because it takes treatment to the problem drinker rather than making the problem drinker come to treatment [Addiction Journal]

Blunted needles

Congress is set to stick it to clean-syringe programs [Washington Post, USA]

Policies to Prevent Drug Problems

This document focuses primarily on policy research needed to prevent problems associated with illegal drugs in the United States. 36-page PDF [RWJF, USA]

Recovery: A Philosophy of Hope and Resilience

A person’s early days in recovery might be compared to a climber’s first steps up a great mountain. There’s a lot of work ahead. As time passes, healing occurs not only for the person in recovery but also for relatives, coworkers, business associates, and the community at large [SAMHSA, USA]

Mentoring Former Prisoners

A Guide for Reentry Programs. 98-page PDF [Private / Public Ventures, USA]

Should Pot Be Legal?

Part 1 Of Point-Counterpoint Between Judge James Gray and Drug Free America Foundation's David Evans [CBS News, USA]

Lies About Marijuana Drive People to a Much More Harmful Drug -- Booze

Anti-pot propaganda drives most people to drink alcohol instead. But booze is far more dangerous than marijuana [AlterNet, USA]

TIP 49: Treating Alcohol Use Disorders with Medication

People with alcohol use disorders (AUDs) now have more options in seeking help. A new resource from SAMHSA provides clinical guidelines for the proper use of medications in the treatment of AUDs. 127-page PDF [SAMHSA, USA]

Youthline Welcomes Party Pill Regulation

New Zealanders urged to stop seeing intoxication as “a necessary part of fun. ”A leading youth development organisation has welcomed government moves to restrict the sale of the party pill ingredient, DMAA [Youthline via Scoop, New Zealand]