DS Daily - 11th November 2009


Three more drugs advisers resign

Three more government advisers have resigned after the home secretary's sacking of his chief drugs adviser Prof David Nutt, the BBC has learned [BBC, UK]

Nutt row deepens as more scientists quit

What does the phrase "the discussions were very constructive" mean? Apparently, inside the Home Office it means a meeting between the home secretary and his drug advisors that ends with three more eminent scientists announcing their resignations [Mark Easton, BBC, UK]

Johann Hari: Accept the facts – and end this futile 'war on drugs'

We are handing one of our biggest industries over to armed, criminal gangs [Independent, UK]

Launch of New Alcohol and Drug Initiative

The EADP replaces the previous Alcohol and Drug Action Team in Edinburgh [NHS Lothian, UK]

Opportunity to improve child protection where drug abusers are parents

In a response to the Department for Children, Schools and Families consultation, Serious Case Reviews: Revised Chapter 8 of Working Together to Safeguard Children, Concateno has made the following recommendations: [Concateno, UK]

Services that Manage the Care Needs of Drunk and Incapable People: A Review of the Literature

Reviews the worldwide literature on services that exist to manage the care needs of drunk and incapable people. Undertaken as part of a larger study on services for drunk and incapable people in Scotland [Scottish Government, UK]

Managing the Needs of Drunk and Incapable People in Scotland: a Literature Review and Needs Assessment

Summary of findings and recommendations from a research study on managing the needs of drunk and incapable people in Scotland [Scottish Government, UK]

Best tackles family legacies of booze

Calum Best meets some of the 1.3 million children who have a parent who abuses alcohol [Guardian, UK]

Cigarette machine ban moves closer

Lords reject Health Bill amendment calling for improved regulation [The Publican, UK]

Appeals again hamper methadone clinic relocation

Relocation plans for a Calgary methadone clinic are again on hold after three appeals of the centre's approval were filed with the city [CBC, Canada]

'Crackheads, Senators, Money and Power'

Baylor law professor will speak at Harvard University on the social and legal history of crack cocaine [Baylor University, USA]

Packages of Care for Alcohol Use Disorders in Low- And Middle-Income Countries

Although there is now a substantial evidence base about the relative effectiveness of different strategies for reducing the rates of alcohol-related harm, most of the evidence derives from HICs and cannot be transposed directly to LMIC setting [PLoS]