DS Daily - 12th November 2009


A return to reason?

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs and the Home Office have just published the fruits of their meeting yesterday [Mark Easton, BBC, UK]

Johnson agrees new drugs protocol

The Home Secretary has agreed a number of concessions to his drugs advisers after several walked out [BBC, UK]

Alan Johnson accused of 'political expediency' as scientists attack

Alan Johnson was accused today of making drugs policy according to “political expediency” and of humiliating David Nutt by sacking him over a personality clash. The accusations came from the latest senior scientist to resign from the Government’s expert drugs panel [Times, UK]

Nutt slams drug advice concessions

Concessions agreed by the Home Secretary with his drugs advisers fail to address the key issue of scientific independence, Professor David Nutt said [Daily Express, UK]

Mystery backer comes forward to fund independent drugs council

A new drugs council could be set up to work independently from the Home Office to ensure political freedom for scientists, Professor David Nutt, the Government’s former chief drug adviser, said [Telegraph, UK]

People who label cannabis harmless are 'simple', says judge in veiled attack on Professor David Nutt

A judge attacked those who claim cannabis is harmless as 'simple' after hearing how a man brandished a pistol in public while suffering drug-induced paranoia [Daily Mail, UK]

Drug Court makes its case for tackling abuse

Groundbreaking scheme prepares for its first Government review [Evening Times, Scotland, UK]

A quarter of British men have been involved in alcohol-fuelled violence

Millions of people across Britain could be putting themselves at risk of alcohol related violence, casual sex or blackouts, according to an ICM poll carried out on behalf of the Priory Group [Telegraph, UK]

Exclusive video footage from the Irish Needle Exchange Forum Conference

Both videos were recorded at last weeks inaugural Irish Needle Exchange Forum conference in Killarney [Drugs.ie, Ireland]

Why Are We Locking Up Traumatized Veterans for Their Addictions Instead of Offering Them Treatment?

This Veterans Day, let's get past the bunting and ribbons and look at our returning troops' real needs [Alternet, USA]

Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities Operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs

A new generation of veterans is coming home from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan with a variety of medical needs, including treatment for substance abuse and/or psychological disorders [SAMHSA, USA]

National Hepatitis C Needs Assessment 2008

The purpose of the National Hepatitis C Needs Assessment (2008) was to identify the education, information and support needs of Australians living with hepatitis C; to inform the development of improved information, education and support services for people with hepatitis C in Australia [Hepatitis Australia]