DS Daily - 16th November 2009


New, improved guidance for schools on drugs and alcohol

Schools Minister Diana Johnson launched a consultation on new guidance for schools to ensure that teachers, parents and the Government are working together to send out a clear message that drug, alcohol and tobacco misuse among young people is unacceptable and could damage their futures [Department for Children, Schools and Families, UK]

Out of control

The Prof Nutt row is obscuring the real issues. Editorial - Claire Brown [Drink and Drugs News, UK]

Watershed for the ACMD?

With the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs in disarray, DDN talks to Professor David Nutt, the sacked chair at the centre of the dispute [Drink and Drugs News, UK]

Talk my language

Recovery can mean many things to many people. DDN reports from a DrugScope conference that aimed to put it all in context [Drink and Drugs News, UK]

DDN Features

More Features from [Drink and Drugs News, UK]

Authorities back down over UK drug users on benefits

Opponents halt plans to order them into treatment [Observer, UK]

Local Matters

A new report "Making it Local" has been published which looks at the functionality and status of DATs and other local drug partnerships. In equal measure optimistic and critical, the report makes a series of recommendations about how local structures could be supported to better implement national strategy - while prioritising the needs of people directly affected by drug use and local communities [Sara McGrail, UK]

Issue 13 of the Drug and Alcohol Findings magazine

This issue was published in 2005 and includes a list on "Nuggets" [Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK]

Lost to drugs: the Trainspotting generation

New research by the Scottish Drugs Forum (SDF) to be released this week reveals just how bleak the picture is for those of the “Trainspotting generation” who got hooked on heroin then failed to clean up their act [The Herald, Scotland, UK]

Social media and drugwork presentation

While at the National Conference on Injecting Drug Use (NCIDU09) Allison Downing and Myself gave a presentation on the use of social media in drugs work ... and what use is a presentation about social media unless you can share it on the media in question [Injecting Advice, UK]

Transform discuss new book on BBC's Today Programme

On Saturday Steve Rolles appeared on BBC Radio 4's flagship current affairs show, the Today programme, to discuss drugs policy reform, specifically Transform's new book 'After the war on Drugs: Blueprint for Regulation' [TDPF, UK]

A critique of the prohibition case and a mention of Transform

Drug law reform seems to be on the agenda in a way it has never been before following the sacking of David Nutt and it’s clear the prohibition camp is rattled [UKCIA]

Intuitive Recovery Share

We join Peter Bentley of Intuitive Recovery as he hosts a group share. The group are reflecting on and their experiences of recovery through Intuitive Recovery and discuss their methods of coping with everyday life [Inexces TV, UK]

Raising alcohol price to 60p a unit would save 900 lives a year – expert

One of Scotland's leading public health experts has called on the Scottish Government to set a minimum price for alcohol 50 per cent higher than is currently proposed [The Scotsman, UK]

Alcohol pricing backed by experts

Dr Emilia Crighton, the convener of the Faculty of Public Health in Scotland, spoke after delegates at its conference voted in favour of minimum pricing [BBC, UK]

Synthetic booze bid for Scotland

Professor David Nutt, a psychopharmacologist recently sacked as the UK government's most senior drugs adviser for claiming that ecstasy was less harmful than alcohol, is developing a synthetic substitute at Imperial College in London. He says it could be on the market within three years, given the political will to introduce it [Scotland on Sunday, UK]

Born to be an addict

Tanya Gold has battled with alcoholism. Now teetotal, she describes with searing honesty her love-hate relationship with the bottle over the past 22 years – and why she firmly believes that her addiction is a genetic predisposition [Daily Mail, UK]

Mindbend potheads flood NHS

Number of cannabis users treated doubled in four years [News of the World, UK]

Can mind-altering drugs have mental health benefits?

New studies are testing whether psychedelic drugs such as LSD and MDMA can treat OCD, post traumatic stress and cancer related anxiety [Telegraph, UK]

24-hour drinking 'leaves police dangerously stretched,' warns assistant chief constable

The introduction of 24-hour drinking has backfired as alcohol-fuelled disorder in cities now persists throughout the night leaving police dangerously stretched, an assistant chief constable has warned [Telegraph, UK]

The disgrace of Britain's jails: Institutions short-change inmates and society

Overcrowding, reoffending, and mandatory sentencing have created prisons that are ineffective and expensive, a charity warns [Independent, UK]

Methadone blues

Dr. Sun estimates that three times as many Ontarians need addiction treatment for prescription drugs as are now getting it. And only about half the province's methadone clinics offer comprehensive counselling about what patients are getting into [Globe and Mail, Canada]

Boomers see views relaxing on marijuana

Health, law enforcement officials bemoan greater public tolerance of drug [Washington Post, USA]

In Historic Shift, the American Medical Association Sees Value in Marijuana

The country's largest physician group, the AMA, has reversed its long-held position that marijuana has no medical worth [AlterNet, USA]

US opens its first marijuana cafe

America's first marijuana cafe has opened – as a private club – posing an early test of the Obama administration's move to relax policing of medical use of the drug [Guardian, UK]

You can cut back on alcohol

Research has shown that there are different degrees of drinking disorders, and many people can change habits on their own [LA Times, USA]

FDA questions caffeine in alcoholic beverages

The attorneys general of California and 17 other states have been pressing the FDA to take action against the products because they pose an unusual risk to young people [LA Times, USA]

Ira Glasser speaks at the DPA conference

Ira Glasser, former director of the American Civil Liberties Union and the president of the board of the Drug Policy Allience addressed the participants of the International Drug Policy Reform Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on 12 November, 2009 [Drug Reporter, Hungary]

Mental Health, Abuse, Drug Use and Crime: Does Gender Matter?

Theories on the causal relationship between drug use and crime in Australian literature have often overlooked the influence of gender as a confounding variable [Australian Institute of Criminology]

Hep C in kids goes undetected: study

Australia's system of health screening for mums on methadone is allowing many of their children to slip through with undetected cases of hepatitis C, doctors have warned. [WA Today, Australia]

Drug body calls for new underage drinking laws

There are calls for more to be done to curb underage drinking, with a national drug body proposing tough new laws governing drinking on private property [ABC News, Australia]