DS Daily - 17th November 2009


Collision course

The sensational sacking of Professor David Nutt seems to have come out of nowhere. But the science of drugs and politics have been heading for a showdown since 2001 [Druglink, Drugscope, UK]

Wither the ACMD?

The sacking of David Nutt has laid bare some uncomfortable truths for the future of the ACMD. Comments welcome [Druglink blog, UK]

ACMD losing the plot

Readers' letters [Drink and Drugs News, UK]

The Tabloid World of Drugs

Just as I complain about the ‘tabloidisation’ of the public discourse about drugs, classification and the ACMD, a colleague has alerted me to David Nutt’s article in ‘The Sun’ – yes, ‘The Sun’ [Eric Carlin's blog, UK]

Videos with Julian Buchanan

9 videos from Julian Buchanan, Professor of Criminal & Community Justice, Glyndwr University, Wrexham [FEAD, UK]

First ever large-scale study of ketamine users published

With Ketamine (K, Special K) use increasing faster than any other drug in the UK (British Crime Survey, 2008) this research showing the consequences of repeated ketamine use provides valuable information for users and addiction professionals alike [Addiction Journal, UK]

Ketamine drug use 'harms memory'

The University College London team carried out a range of memory and psychological tests on 120 people [BBC, UK]

SMMGP 4th National Conference Presentations Online

Partnerships in Progress - What Works and What Doesn't Dr Jenny Keen

New Partners - Next Week? Dr Gordon Gibbons

Hooked 22: Groin injecting

In this weeks Hooked podcast we discuss both the reasons people groin inject and its associated risks [Injecting Advice, UK]

National Conference 2009 Presentations

Presentation slides from the Irish Needle Exchange Forum National Conference 2009 [INEF, Ireland]

Lock me up or this drug will kill me

Ministers plan to ban GBL (chemical name gamma-butyrolactone) - but only as a Class C drug [The Sun, UK]

Evaluation of the Delivering for Mental Health Peer Support Worker Pilot Scheme - Research Finding

This research findings presents the findings of an evaluation of the peer support worker pilot scheme [Scottish Government, UK]

Evaluation of the Delivering for Mental Health Peer Support Worker Pilot Scheme

This report presents the findings of an evaluation of the peer support worker pilot scheme [Scottish Government, UK]

Child mental health fears prompt rise of 'quick fix' drugs

Growing numbers of parents are turning to drugs for a “quick fix” solution to their children’s mental disorders, figures show [Telegraph, UK]

South West Conference Presentations

From the Annual Alcohol Conference held in Bridgewater on the 11th Nov. 09 [Alcohol Learning Centre, UK]

Alcohol price controls suggested by World Health Organisation

Draft recommendations include minimum price controls and tougher drink-driving regulations [Guardian, UK]

Female 'Viagra' boosts woman's sex drive

The pill proved so popular that its German manufacturers are poised to apply for permission to sell it in Europe, meaning it could be on British bedside cabinets by 2011 [Mail on Sunday, UK]

Glaxo-Nabi deal draws nicotine vaccine for smokers a step closer

Smoking addicts may be able to inject themselves in a few years with a vaccine to help fight their nicotine habit, following a deal between GlaxoSmithKline and biotech company Nabi Pharmaceuticals [Financial Times, UK]

Survey suggests decline in smoking has 'hit a wall'

Rate rose slightly in 2008 amid discount pricing and curbs on cessation campaigns [Washington Post, USA]

Issues of Substance 2009

Explores the Role of Substance Abuse Treatment Through a National Treatment Strategy in Canada [CCSA-CCLAT, Canada]

Tools to Help Address Co-Occurring Disorders and Homelessness

A new Web site to help SAMHSA grantees, health professionals and the public address problems of homelessness and co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders [SAMHSA, USA]

Ex-minister backs illegal drug regulation

Former Fraser government minister Peter Baume has endorsed an international report which proposes regulating illegal drugs in the same way as pharmaceuticals [ABC News, Australia]

Prison drug overdoses under investigation

The Victorian Opposition says overcrowding and poor management are to blame for the availability of drugs at Melbourne's biggest women's prison [ABC News, Australia]

Victorian Alcohol and Other Drug Services 2009 Workforce Census

The purpose of the 2009 Victorian AOD Census is to develop a profile of the AOD workforce in Victoria to inform the development of more relevant and focused strategies to address AOD workforce issues [Turning Point, Australia]

Delegate Feedback from ‘Harm Reduction 2009’ in Bangkok

The feedback surveys gauged the full breadth of the conference experience – including the relevance of the topics, the quality of the speakers, the quality of the printed materials [IHRA]