DS Daily - 20th November 2009


Perceptions of crime and anti-social behaviour

Findings from the 2008/09 British Crime Survey. 49-page PDF [Home Office, UK]

Pablo the Drug Mule Dog

Pablo the drug mule dog, the face of Talk to Frank’s current cocaine campaign, is set to become even more popular as he launches his own official profile page on [Facebook]

Cocaine Nostrils

Join Pablo, the Drug Mule Dog, as he uncovers the darker side of cocaine [You Tube]

Health MOT for London's homeless

Homeless men in central London are being offered the opportunity for a unique health MOT this week, thanks to a partnership between several of the capital’s leading health and social care providers [Turning Point, UK]

SDF Annual Report 2008/2009

It has been a very significant year for SDF on a number of fronts. Much effort continues to be placed on repositioning SDF so that we can respond to the changing environment within the field as the Scottish drugs strategy begins to make its influence felt [Scottish Drugs Forum, UK]

Coming Soon – New CRI Website

Each of our 160 services will have a web page that details what they deliver, referral routes, contact information and commissioner logos and will incorporate downloadable documents such as leaflets and referral forms [Crime Reduction Initiatives, UK]

Whisky body backs safe drinking

A responsible drinking message is to be included in all future adverts and printed point of sale materials for Scotch whisky, it has been announced [BBC, UK]

The Dutch Smoke Less Pot

One of those inconvenient truths [Addiction Inbox]

First marijuana coffee shop opens in America

The first marijuana coffee shop in the US has opened, posing an early test of the Obama administration's move to relax the policing of medical use of the drug [Telegraph, UK]

Don't Let Your Teenager Become a 'Schoolies' Statistic

Parents are urged to warn their teenagers about the risks of binge drinking as thousands of school-leavers prepare to head to Schoolies Week activities around the country [DoH, Australia]

UNODC fights HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa and Brazil

HIV and AIDS is a devastating problem among injecting drug users and prisoners. In nearly all countries, HIV prevalence in prison is higher than in the community [UNODC]