DS Daily - 23rd November 2009


Sacking of Prof Nutt - Professor Nutt's response

Response (Published 18th November) from Professor David Nutt to the request from the Science and Technology Select Committee for information about the background to the sacking of Prof Nutt from the ACMD [Commons Science and Technology Committee, Parliament, UK]

Home Secretary responds to MPs on sacking of Professor Nutt

The Commons Science and Technology Committee publishes (18th November) Home Secretary, Alan Johnson's response to its request for background to the sacking of Professor David Nutt as Chairman of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs [Commons Science and Technology Committee, Parliament, UK]

The dismissal of Professor Nutt as Chairman of the ACMD

Miscellaneous Reported Papers (Published 18th November) [Commons Science and Technology Committee, Parliament, UK]

Government vs science over drug and alcohol policy

It would be an understatement, given the political, media, and academic interest, to say that I stirred up a hornets' nest in the UK Parliament and elsewhere - Professor David Nutt (Free registration required) [Lancet, UK]

An Audience with Professor Nutt - video

On 11th November CCJS held an audience with Professor David Nutt chaired by our director, Richard Garside [Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, UK]

BBC Radio 4 - The Report - David Nutt and the future of the ACMD - a critique

Sadly then, right from the start the programme had laid out its stall. What we were to get wasn’t going to be the promised look at the future of the government’s drugs policy, or a real investigation into the relative dangers of cannabis compared to other drugs, instead the programme had an entirely different agenda to the one billed [UKCIA]

Methadone 'makes addicts of prisoners'

Thinktank says inmates are swapping one addiction for another [Observer, UK]

Courts 'shunning treatment orders for fines' for drug addicts

New figures show low levels of drug treatment and testing orders as conviction rates soar [STV, UK]

Teenagers risk kidney failure in drug craze

Ketamine causes irreversible damage, fear GPs [Observer, UK]

Overdose and trust

"Do you trust the people you use with?" It's a simple question really, but for a lot of people its a lot harder to answer that you'd think [Injecting Advice, UK]

Let Scotland cut drink-drive limit, MSP urges

UK ministers have come under fresh pressure to allow a lower drink-driving alcohol limit in Scotland [BBC, UK]

Ritalin? But my son’s only two

I thought that my toddler son was merely ‘energetic’. But the experts thought differently [Times, UK]

A randomized controlled trial of an internet-based intervention for alcohol abusers

The internet could increase the range of help-seeking options available because it takes treatment to the problem drinker rather than making the problem drinker come to treatment [Addiction]

Call for Operating Grants 2010 in the drugs area

It is aimed at supporting organisations - such as non-profit organisations, voluntary associations, foundations, NGOs or similar bodies, active in the field of Drug Prevention and Information for their activities in their financial year 2010 [European Commission]

41 soldiers test positive for drugs since testing began

In total, 41 members have failed drug tests since standard random drug testing was brought into the Army in 2002 [Irish Examiner]

HIV/TB epidemic in Eastern Europe a 'public health disaster'

There were significant regional demographic differences. Patients in Eastern Europe were younger, mostly white, and more likely to be injecting drug users and co-infected with hepatitis C virus [Aidsmap, UK]

Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey

This survey is important because it provides reliable, current information about the health behaviour, risk behaviour, attitudes and beliefs of Ontario children and adolescents. Highlights 346 Kb - Detailed findings 1.7 Mb [Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canada]

Support for legalizing marijuana grows rapidly around U.S.

Approval for medical use expands alongside criticism of prohibition [Washington Post, USA]

Medical Marijuana: No Longer Just for Adults

Several Bay Area doctors who recommend medical marijuana for their patients said in recent interviews that their client base had expanded to include teenagers with psychiatric conditions including attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder [New York Times, USA]

L.A. City Council is poised to debate how many pot dispensaries to allow

For a moment two years ago, Los Angeles officials thought they knew how many marijuana dispensaries the city had: 186. That's how many registered to operate under the city's moratorium. The city quickly lost control, and the number soared: 500, 600, 800, now perhaps 1,000 [LA Times, USA]

Media has significant role in drug deaths

Researchers from four prestigious universities have reported a very high level of correlation between opiod drug deaths and news reporting of opiod abuse or misuse [Examiner, USA]

Breaking the News or Fueling the Epidemic?

Association between News Media Report Volume and Opioid-Related Mortality [PLoS]

The Needle Nexus

H.I.V. infects: by injection with a hypodermic needle previously used by an infected person. Outside Africa, a huge part of the AIDS epidemic involves people who were infected this way [New York Times, USA]

US could ban caffeine-alcohol drinks within months

The US Food and Drug Administration is unimpressed by the fad for drinks that contain a double hit - alcohol and caffeine. Unless makers supply the FDA with scientific evidence that the drinks are safe they could be banned within months [New Scientist]

U.S., Mexico align against common foe: brutal narcotics trade

After long era of mistrust, nations merge training, intelligence and technology [Washington Post, USA]

Demand Reduction in the America's

ONDCP Deputy Director Thomas McLellan provided the keynote address to Forty-Sixth Regular Session of the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission of the Organization of American States on Wednesday in Miami, Florida [Pushing Back, ONDCP, USA]

Bolivia election: Cocaine casts shadow on campaign

As Bolivia's Evo Morales campaigns for re-election ahead of polls in December, his support from the nation's indigenous coca producers is again coming under scrutiny [BBC, UK]

Qld govt spends $1.5m on alcohol blitz

The government will spend $1.5 million on policing entertainment hot spots to curb violence during the festive season [SMH, Australia]

Debunking the claim that abstinence is usually healthier for smokers than switching to a low-risk alternative

Nicotine is so desirable to many people that when they are given only the options of consuming nicotine by smoking, with its high health costs, and not consuming nicotine at all, many opt for the former. Few smokers realize that there is a third choice: non-combustion nicotine sources, such as smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes, or pharmaceutical nicotine, which eliminate almost all the risk while still allowing consumption of nicotine [Harm Reduction Journal]

As deaths in Afghanistan rise, so does the growth of opium

The Taliban, bankrolled by drugs production, have the upper hand over coalition forces [Independent, UK]