DS Daily - 26th November 2009


DrugScope's conference 2009

Presentations from our annual conference - Drug Treatment at the Crossroads: where next for the recovery agenda? October 2009 [DrugScope, UK]

Hidden cost to families of Britain's drug problem is £1.8 billion.

At least 1.5 million UK adults, caring for relatives with drug problems, are bearing a huge hidden burden valued at at least £1.8 billion pounds. Their care contribution is not fully recognised and the impact on their lives can be devastating. Press release from [UKDPC]

UKDPC Supporting the Supporters Policy Briefing

This briefing highlights the key findings and implications of the study Family members and carers of dependent drug users: prevalence, social cost, resource savings and treatment responses. 8-page PDF [UKDPC]

Adult family members and carers of dependent drug users - full report

The full 55-page PDF report by Prof. Alex Copello, Lorna Templeton and Dr Jane Powell [UKDPC]

Long-term continuing care improves treatment outcomes

Are alcohol and drug dependence best treated as chronic conditions needing extended care, or should we expect patients to recover and leave treatment? Whatever the answer, this review finds that generally the offer of long-term continuing care leads to better outcomes [Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK]

Video: Drug Worker Share

Ed Mitchell is joined in the Inexcess studio by six professional drug workers, to talk about their professions in a group share [Inexces TV, UK]

Our first anniversary: A big thanks

Yes, big day today! Hard to believe that it is one year since we first launched the community [Wired In]. We now have 1070 members, many of whom have contributed content to the community website. In fact, we now have over 1400 blogs on site, along with a variety of stories, articles, multimedia content and links to resources [David Clark, Wired In]

Building on progress - Enhancing the response to HIV in England

Reviews the changing landscape of HIV and HIV services in England and considers what needs to be addressed when planning services for the future. 48-page PDF [DoH, UK]

Scottish Government Unveils Plans To Tackle The Spread Of HIV

The HIV Action Plan aims to reduce the number of transmissions taking place in Scotland through increased prevention, increasing early diagnosis and improving the treatment and care of those living with the virus [eGov Monitor, UK]

SNP 'soft on crime' with on-the-spot fine plan

SNP ministers have been accused of being soft on crime after a Scottish Government paper recommended extending fixed-penalty notices (FPNs) to minor assault, minor theft and cannabis use and possession [The Scotsman, UK]

Rabbi cleared of dealing cocaine

A multi-millionaire rabbi who took part in cocaine-fuelled parties with prostitutes has been cleared by a court of dealing drugs [BBC, UK]

Exercise 'no cure' for heavy drinking damage

Exercising may get rid of a hangover, but working out cannot undo the damage that heavy drinking may cause, the government says [BBC, UK]

Minimum alcohol pricing plan will be blocked

Controversial legislation to bring in minimum-pricing for alcohol in Scotland will be blocked by MSPs [BBC, UK]

Binge Drinking: A Confused Concept and its Contemporary History

This paper discusses the contemporary history of the concept of binge drinking [Social History of Medicine]

The economic impact of alcohol consumption: A systematic review

This study aims to review the economic impact of alcohol worldwide, summarizing the state of knowledge with regard to two elements: (1) cost components included in the estimation; (2) the methodologies employed in works conducted to date [Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy]

Modest support for drug-based treatments for alcohol dependence

Review finds some but inconsistent and often modest support for each of the four medications approved by the US administration for the treatment of alcohol dependence: disulfiram; acamprosate; oral naltrexone; and once-monthly, injectable, extended-release naltrexone [Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK]

John Player archive to go online

Experts have begun creating an online archive of more than 20,000 objects from one of the most important firms in Nottingham's history. Video [BBC, UK]

New report on Vancouver’s illicit drug use epidemic

Report prepared by the Urban Health Research Initiative of the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. 53-page PDF [UHRI, Canada]

Vision hesitates on backing crack smoking room

Mayor Gregor Robertson and his Vision Vancouver councillors will not state a position on whether a supervised crack cocaine smoking facility should open in the city [Vancouver Courier, Canada]

Why More N.Y. Parents Are Drug Testing Their Kids

Free Drug Test Kits for Parents Moving Like Hotcakes in Two New York Counties [abcNews, USA]

Villaraigosa urges limit on medical marijuana dispensaries

The Los Angeles mayor declines to say what the cap should be, but says it should be a level that can be adequately monitored by city officials and the Police Department [LA Times, USA]