DS Daily - 27th November 2009


Statistics on Drug Misuse: England, 2009

This annual statistical report presents a range of information on drug misuse amongst both adults and children. It also includes a focus on young adults. The report is primarily concerned with the use of illicit drugs. 74-page PDF. Excel format [The Health and Social Care Information Centre, UK]

Alcohol Bill published

Scotland has a 'once in a generation chance' to tackle the country's alcohol problems, Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said today as the Alcohol Bill was published [Scottish Government, UK]

Alcohol Etc. (Scotland) Bill (SP Bill 34)

An Act of the Scottish Parliament to make provision regulating the sale of alcohol and licensing of premises on which alcohol is sold and to make provision for the imposition of charges on holders of licences granted under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982. Explanatory Notes and Policy Memorandum [Scottish Parliament, UK]

Alcohol Etc. (Scotland) Bill Health and Sport Committee Call For Evidence

The Committee welcomes evidence from individuals as well as from organisations and professional bodies. The Committee intends that evidence received will inform its consideration of the Bill at Stage 1. All responses will be made available to the Committee [Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee]

Social consequences of harmful alcohol use in Ireland

The report compiles and analyses the available data on the subject, and uses a combination of archival data, survey research results and research literature . 64-page PDF [Health Research Board, Ireland]

Alcohol Academy regional seminar presentations available on key topics

The AERC Alcohol Academy delivered a workshop and seminar event for alcohol leads in the Yorkshire & Humber region on the 11th November, covering a range of topics pertinent to local alcohol strategy [Alcohol Policy, UK]

'While Labour talks, people die' rages drink-row Sturgeon

The health secretary claimed yesterday that Labour's failure to back the SNP's flagship proposal on minimum alcohol pricing would cost Scottish lives [The Scotsman, UK]

Survey: Majority of people would accept roadside drug testing

Survey validates Road Safety Week campaign against drug driving [Concateno , UK]

Pablo the Drug Mule Dog - Video Blog

This is me, Pablo The Drug Mule Dog, meeting the first person on my quest - a tall and quite scary bouncer who gives me the low down on coke and night club toilets. Lovely [Facebook]

Refuges needed across Britain to protect runaways

A network of emergency accommodation for young runaways should be created across the UK, a new report says today - written by The Children’s Society in collaboration with the University of York and was commissioned by the Department for Children, Schools and Families [The Children's Society, UK]

Commissioning, Delivery and Perceptions of Emergency Accommodation for Young Runaways

The overall aim of the project was to generate a set of recommendations which will help local authorities and other key stakeholders to develop solutions that will meet the emergency accommodation needs of young runaways. 97-page PDF [Department for Children, Schools and Families., UK]

ACPO Award for Northern Region Deputy Director

Mary Calvert, CRI Deputy Director for South & West Yorkshire, has been awarded a Certificate of Commendation from The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). The award recognises her outstanding contribution to the reduction of drug-related crime in England and Wales [CRI, UK]

Does Brain Research Worsen the Addiction Stigma?

What can be done to balance out the downside of public perceptions related to the brain disease of addiction? [Addiction Inbox, USA]

Tim Montgomery: my fall into drugs, prison and beatings

The story behind the fall of Tim Montgomery, the former 100 metres world record-holder who now trains in a pair of tennis shoes on a concrete track in an Alabama prison [Times, UK]

Injured drinkers filling emergency rooms

Each year about 3000 people die and 65,000 are taken to hospital in Australia because of alcohol abuse [The Age, Australia]

Arrests won't end drunken violence: police

Victoria's police chief says his force cannot arrest its way out of alcohol-fuelled violence, with the state recording a jump in assaults over a year [The Age, Australia]

700,000 drinkers 'in need of help'

At least 700,000 problem drinkers need help, medical leaders say in "a historic and unprecedented" push to change alcohol laws [Stuff.co, New Zealand]

New report on synthetic drugs trend in Asia

While countries in the region have increased their efforts to tackle the problem, a new UNODC report (Patterns and Trends of Amphetamine-Type Stimulants and Other Drugs in East and South-East Asia 10 MB PDF) highlights the continued need for joint efforts, both at the national and regional levels [UNODC]