DS Daily - 30th November 2009


Escape to recovery

How a caring regime can offer real freedom. Editorial - Claire Brown plus other magazine features [Drink and Drugs News, UK]

Girl, 16, found dead from heroin overdose in flat 100 yards from her home

Gail's grandmother said "I went to see her body and she just looked as if she were asleep. I just wanted to pick her up and take her back home" [Daily Mail, UK]

Half our prisoners are already addicts

The article "Methadone 'makes addicts of prisoners'" (News) produced pieces of data that appear to contradict each other. It is, however, correct to say that dependence on drugs and alcohol is the most common and most important healthcare problem in British prisons today [Letter - Observer, UK]

Warder's five drug raids a day in prisons

Drug finds in prison have reached a new average of more than five a day. Statistics uncovered by the Scottish Tories showed 1,705 stashes were found in jails this year [Daily Express, UK]

Statistical bulletin showing information on the Scottish prison population

Including by main crime/offence [Scottish Government, UK]

Scots justice minister calls for more aid for addicts

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill yesterday said Scotland’s swelling prison population could be reduced if reoffending was curbed by helping drink and drug addicts [Press and Journal, UK]

Tender for a new website for the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse

15 chapters including "The communications context" [NTA, UK]

No One Left Out - communities ending rough sleeping

An annual progress report: November 2008 - November 2009 [Communities and Local Government, UK]

Mephedrone menace

The deadly drug that's cheap, as easy to order as pizza... and totally legal [Daily Mail, UK]

Meow meow: 'What's to stop us selling legal highs?'

Schoolgirl Gabrielle Price died last week after taking mephedrone, a freely available ‘legal high’ that dealers sell with impunity [Telegraph, UK]

Cocaine Purity impacts on drug trends

Release is concerned about the impact that low purity cocaine will have on the drug scene in general [Release, UK]

NDAREC Khat Report

Khat: current views from the community around the UK [NDAREC]

Drug Worker Share Part 2/3

Ed Mitchell is joined in the Inexcess studio by six professional drug workers, to talk about their professions in a group share [Inexcess TV, UK]

How to use a tourniquet

The bulk of injectors coming into NSP are either using tourniquets, or have got to the stage where they’re groin injecting because they say they ‘have no veins left’. But from my experience most people lack basic knowledge on how to correctly use a tourniquet [Injecting Advice, UK]

Foxes, henhouses and cans of worms

The debate surrounding the sacking of professor Nutt has opened up a whole can of nice big juicy worms. Issues which have never been allowed into the debate – such as the whole concept of “relative harms” [UKCIA]

BMA condemns Alcohol Bill opposition

The BMA in Scotland has called on politicians to set aside party political differences and back measures to tackle the country’s alcohol pricing [ BMA Scotland, UK]

Dr Richard Watson: Scotland can’t afford to ignore alcohol prices

The decision by Scottish Labour to join the other opposition parties in opposing the SNP proposals for minimum pricing of alcohol is a disgrace [Times, UK]

Ex-Labour health ministers back minimum drink pricing

Two former Labour health ministers have broken ranks with the party over government proposals for minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland [BBC, UK]

Southampton ends minimum price plan

Plans to introduce a minimum price on alcoholic drinks in Southampton have fizzled out [Morning Advertiser, UK]

Garda drug tests to speed up justice

Gardai are to be given the power to carry out drug tests in stations to speed up convictions as part of a crackdown on drug use [Times, UK]

Role of Community agencies in EU enlargement process reinforced

A conference that was organised at the initiative of the European Commission, the event brought together some 150 participants from the EU Member States as well as candidate and potential candidate countries to the EU [EMCDDA]

How the UN sets back harm reduction in Hungary

Hungary is to adopt a progressive national drug strategy in December 2009, but the opposition is using the UN Political Declaration to prevent its adoption [Drug Reporter, Hungary]

'Organised' marijuana growers face crackdown

Police and justice ministry officials are launching a major crack down on organised gangs who engage in large-scale marijuana growing, the public prosecution department said on Sunday [Dutch News]

Drug seizures in west Africa prompt fears of terrorist links

Al-Qaida is thought to have gained control of the cocaine trade flourishing in Guinea and Mali [Observer, UK]

Marijuana Withdrawal: A Survey of Symptoms (Part 1)

Recent clinical research, combined with anecdotal field reports collected by the author, demonstrate the existence of marijuana withdrawal and the consistency of the most common symptoms of withdrawal and detoxification [Addiction Inbox, USA]

At This School, It’s Marijuana in Every Class

At most colleges, marijuana is very much an extracurricular matter. But at Med Grow Cannabis College, marijuana is the curriculum: the history, the horticulture and the legal how-to’s of Michigan’s new medical marijuana program [New York Times, USA]

Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy Communique

Ministers responsible for illicit and legal drugs met in Canberra on 27 November to tackle some of the big issues facing governments and the community with regard to the harm caused by drugs and alcohol [National Drug Strategy, Australian Government]

Alcohol taxation reform: considerations and options

This paper examines the factors that have to be considered when designing alcohol taxation factors and discusses reform options based on three general principles that guide taxation policy [Parliament of Australia]

UN Committee Calls on Poland to Ramp Up Access to Substitute Drug Dependence Treatment

The United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) urged Poland to scale up access to antiretroviral therapy for drug users living with HIV and to increase the availability of substitute drug dependence treatment, especially for people in detention [IHRA]

Alarming rate of addiction among Afghan women

Unprecedented levels of drug addiction among Afghan women have raised concerns as the lucrative narcotic industry hurtles onwards [Press TV]