DS Daily - 1st October 2009


Drug tests for exam students 'inevitable'

'Academic doping' by students is becoming routine, psychologist warns [Independent, UK]

Sports-style dope tests to weed out drug-cheat students

Students who use brain boosting 'smart drugs' to get better exam grades could face sports-style urine tests to weed out the cheats, warns a top academic [Daily Mail, UK]

Ban on drinking in the street

Entire towns and cities to become public alcohol-free zones [Daily Mail, UK]

Pregnant smoking 'psychosis link'

Mothers who smoke during pregnancy put their children at greater risk of psychotic symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations, a study suggests [BBC, UK]

Women more vulnerable to drug/alcohol harm

The Women’s Health Council, the state agency promoting health and social gain for women, today published three reports on Women and Substance Misuse in Ireland [Women’s Health Council, Ireland]

Women & Substance Misuse in Ireland

Overview [Women’s Health Council, Ireland]

Prisons 'too crowded and drug use is rife'

Prisons have become dangerously overcrowded and the rate of drug taking is “enormously high”, a leading member of the prison visiting committee network has said [Irish Times]

Funding of Government-led drug programme by charity causes concern

Merchants Quay Ireland (MQI) said the €750,000 donated to the Government by the Elton John Aids Foundation to establish needle exchange services across the country was a serious development [Irish Examiner]

Message in a Bottle Alcohol Seminar Video Part 1

This video features one of the seminar presentations by Stephen Rowen, a trained clinical social worker, specialist in addiction and former clinical director of the Rutland Centre [Drugs.ie, Ireland]

In 16 states, drug deaths overtake traffic fatals

Experts said the startling shift reflects two opposite trends: Driving is becoming safer, and the legal and illegal use of powerful prescription painkillers is on the rise [Washington Post, USA]

Cannabis/tobacco - American research

Despite all the headline grabbing research that’s been carried out to look for cancer causing properties of cannabis, there doesn’t seem to have been any research done to look at the effects of mixing cannabis and tobacco, as is common practice here in the UK [UKCIA]

CDC: Alarming Increase in Methadone Deaths

Deaths From Opioid Painkillers Have Tripled Since 1999 [Web MD, USA]

Myanmar Drug Trade Surges Along Thai Border

Anti-narcotics officials are rubbing their eyes at the spectacle they are now witnessing: a flood of heroin and methamphetamines is spilling across from Myanmar as traffickers slash their inventories in a panicked sell-off [New York Times, USA]