DS Daily - 2nd October 2009


The 2009 World Drug Report

A Response From the [International Drug Policy Consortium]

Effectiveness of community treatments for heroin and crack cocaine addiction in England

The first 6 months of pharmacological or psychosocial treatment is associated with reduced heroin and crack cocaine use, but the effectiveness of pharmacological treatment is less pronounced for users of both drugs [The Lancet, UK]

Drug therapy record 'encouraging'

One in three people addicted to heroin or crack cocaine in community drug treatment programmes in England stops using by six months, research suggests [BBC, UK]

Treatments helping addicts, says drug study

Two-thirds of heroin and crack cocaine addicts on drug treatment programmes either abstain or substantially reduce their use of street drugs during the first six months, according to the biggest study of outcomes ever attempted [Guardian, UK]

Treatment cures only one in three drug addicts

Only one in three drug addicts in treatment programmes stops injecting heroin or using crack cocaine in the short-term, according to the largest study ever carried out [Daily Mail, UK]

Scientists: drug treatment does work

Therapy or counselling help heroin and crack addicts to quit their habit, researchers find [Independent, UK]

Half of addicts quit after 6 months of treatment

A senior U.S. White House official said the results validated England's approach to treating drug addicts and called for similar efforts to evaluate American drug addiction programs [Associated Press, USA]

Expert team to map out new strategy for Scotland on drugs

The inquiry, which launches today, will be under the auspices of Scottish Training on Drugs and Alcohol (Strada) an agency which sits within the centre for drug misuse research at Glasgow University [The Herald, Scotland, UK]

Drug-related Parliamentary Questions

Please note that Parliamentary Questions link to the start of the appropriate section of the page, but not necessarily at the exact question [DMIS, UK]

Drug 'gardeners' grow £15m-a-year

Police in Scotland have uncovered more than 110 cannabis factories across the country in the past 12 months [BBC, UK]

Homeless ITN newsreader is hired

The 56-year-old broadcaster, who battled with a drink problem and bankruptcy, will develop and present programmes for Inexcess Television [BBC, UK]

Video: Ed Mitchell to join Inexcess Television

Former BBC and ITN broadcaster Ed Mitchell is to join Inexcess Television as Editor from October 5th 2009 [Inexcess Television, UK]

‘Eyedeal’ way to cut underage drinking

A new ID card to stop under 18s getting into bars and clubs is being launched.

The "foolproof" Eyedeal card is the brainchild of a Glasgow bar boss keen to abide by stringent underage laws as well as ensure the safety of his customers [Evening Times, Scotland, UK]

Alcohol marketing

Does marketing communication impact on the volume and patterns of consumption of alcoholic beverages, especially by young people? - a review of longitudinal studies [Scientific Opinion of the Science Group of the European Alcohol and Health Forum]

Trends in Methamphetamine Admissions to Treatment: 1997-2007

Admissions to substance abuse treatment for primary methamphetamine abuse were more than twice as likely in 2007 to be aged 40 or older (23 percent) compared with admissions in 1997 (10 percent) [SAMHSA, USA]

Why the Young Use Drugs

Getting tough on drugs or on drug users will not address the underlying condition that generates demand. Educating young people about their vulnerabilities could help many to avoid the pitfalls of addiction [Letter - New York Times, USA]

Russia plans tax blitz on beer to fight alcoholism

Ban on sale at kiosks also likely in latest crackdown on 'national disaster' of alcoholism [Guardian, UK]

Russian Drug Czar calls for fumigation of poppies in Afghanistan

Following the extracts from his speech below, is a press briefing from the White House showing that the US administration gave Ivanov short shrift [TDPF, UK]

Afghanistan's drug czar - world's toughest job

Afghanistan's drug czar is waging a new campaign against heroin traffickers who fund the Taliban. The fate of the war may hang on it [CNN, USA]