DS Daily - 5th October 2009


Guidance for the pharmacological management of substance misuse among young people

Until now there has been no formal guidance to help clinicians to manage substance dependence among young people. This has left practitioners concerned that their practice may not accord with the developing evidence base. This guidance document describes good practice on the best ways to manage a clinically complex condition. 99-page PDF [NTA, UK]

Guidance for the pharmacological management of substance misuse among young people in secure environments

This guidance document describes good practice on the best ways to manage a clinically complex condition. 111-page PDF [NTA, UK]

Starting methadone in prison improves post-release treatment uptake

In this first US randomised trial, starting methadone maintenance in prison radically improved treatment uptake on release, cut heroin and cocaine use, and may have saved lives [Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK]

Cocaine drug of choice for under-25s, NHS figures suggest

The NTA's annual report, to be published on Thursday, is expected to confirm that both the shift away from heroin and crack and the growing problem of cocaine addiction in under-25s continued in 2008-09 [Guardian, UK]

Largest assessment of treatment programmes in England for heroin and crack cocaine addicts shows drug treatment works

Colin Bradbury, Head of Delivery, NTA said: “Drug treatment has been greatly expanded in the last few years and so it is very encouraging that this study of the most commonly available treatments in England shows that even those with entrenched addiction to heroin and crack cocaine respond well to treatment" [NTA, UK]

High street addiction

Beyond the squeeze. Don’t let recession kill the drive to innovate [Editorial - Drink and Drugs News, UK]

Counting the cost

Last month saw new guidelines on over-the-counter medicines containing codeine. David Gilliver reports on a growing problem [Drink and Drugs News, UK]

The inner light

One man’s problem drinking led him to Quakerism via AA. Both, he explains, can help a quiet process of recovery [Drink and Drugs News, UK]

Culture of innovation

Enabling staff at Swanswell to see their own ideas come to fruition is energising their organisation says chief executive Debbie Bannigan [Drink and Drugs News, UK]

New drug strategy impact assessed

An independent commission has been set up to investigate whether the Scottish government's new drugs strategy is having an impact [BBC, UK]

New partnership on community overdose training

A ground-breaking partnership aiming to help stem the growing numbers of drug-related deaths in Scotland has been agreed between Scottish Drugs Forum and the British Red Cross [SDF, UK]

Crime rises as recession bites - LGA survey

Anti-social behaviour, fear of crime, alcohol and drug misuse, were each identified by respondents as one of their top three priorities – followed by domestic violence [Local Government Association, UK]

Addaction’s new campaign

1.3 million children under the age of 16 are living in homes where one of the parents has a serious drug or drink problem [Addaction, UK]

Prisons must come clean about drugs

Two years after they set about eliminating drugs from Irish jails, prison authorities have as good as admitted defeat. Half of Ireland’s 4,000-strong prison population is still using illegal substances [Times, UK]

UK Recovery March Liverpool 2009 Full Feature

Putting Recovery on the world’s stage - Nearly 1000 people lined the streets of Liverpool to celebrate Recovery for the first time [Inexcess TV, UK]

The Real Recovery Agenda

Recovery is becoming a buzz-word in the UK treatment community. I may be sitting on the other side of the world at present, but plenty of people are communicating with me about what is happening. There is genuine excitement! However… [Wired In to Recovery]

NTA board meeting - 6 October 2009

Papers are now available [NTA, UK]

More BBC anti cannabis hype on behalf of the government - “Revealed - cannabis”

Nobody listens to people who “cry wolf” or who are hypocrites. Nothing could be nearer the truth when it comes to the government’s anti cannabis campaign aimed at young people [UKCIA]

Easier transplant rules for alcoholics

Alcoholics who do not show they can stay sober outside hospital are expected to be offered liver transplants for the first time next month [Times, UK]

‘Licensed industry shouldn’t carry the can for booze problems: individuals must be accountable’

Politicians claim to be proud of Scotland’s alcohol industry and its products, but Alcohol Awareness Week (AAW), which starts today, takes place against a political climate more strikingly anti-alcohol than any in living memory [The Herald, Scotland, UK]

A Developmental Perspective on Underage Alcohol Use

Alcohol Research & Health Volume 32, Number 1, 2009 [Alcohol Reports]

Cocaine Trafficking to Europe

Options of Supply Control. 37-page PDF [German Institute for International and Security Affairs]

The Substance Abuse Policy Research Program Releases 5-Year Research Roadmap

On October 2, 2009, SAPRP released research agendas on tobacco, drug and alcohol abuse and treatment to identify proven policies and highlight the major outstanding questions that must be explored during the next five years [SAPRP, USA]

U.S. cocaine use falls but too soon to claim victory

As U.S. cocaine use falls and security is tightened on its border with Mexico, more drugs are flowing toward Africa, a top U.S. official said, although he warned Americans should not be complacent about the shift [Reuters]

The cost of the war on drugs

Australian governments spend about $4.7 billion a year on the war on drugs. [SMH, UK]