DS Daily - 6th October 2009


Big reduction in waiting times for treatment of drug addicts

Waiting times for drug addicts to receive treatment have improved drastically in the past three months [The Scotsman, UK]

Cocaine 'vaccine' could combat addiction

In a US trial of the vaccine around 40 per cent of treated individuals were protected, but only for two months. Many stopped taking cocaine or reduced their consumption after having the jab [Telegraph, UK]

Cocaine Vaccine for the Treatment of Cocaine Dependence in Methadone-Maintained Patients

Attaining high (≥43 µg/mL) IgG anticocaine antibody levels was associated with significantly reduced cocaine use, but only 38% of the vaccinated subjects attained these IgG levels and they had only 2 months of adequate cocaine blockade [Archives of General Psychiatry]

New overdose DVD

The great people behind the Harm Reduction Works campaign sent me an advanced copy of the new overdose DVDs. As always these are incredibly high quality and free to services/individuals in the UK [Injecting Advice, UK]

Rugby's relationship with alcohol under spotlight as Heineken Cup prepares to kick off

Are rugby's administrators sending out the wrong message by relying on the largesse of the likes of Guinness, Magners and Heineken? [Guardian, UK]

Two in three ambulance call-outs linked to alcohol

Figures released at the start of Alcohol Awareness Week showed 68 per cent of calls were connected to drink [The Scotsman, UK]

Stephen Burgess New Chair of the Drug Education Forum

Stephen Burgess, National Director of Coram Life Education, has been elected Chairman of the [Drug Education Forum, UK]

Smoking 'costs NHS £1m each day'

New figures indicate that smoking is costing the NHS in Wales more than £7m every week [BBC, UK]

Still much to be done to create a smoke free Wales

First Minister Rhodri Morgan has said Wales has much to celebrate in its bid to stop people smoking, but warned there is still much to be done [Welsh Assembly Government, UK]

Addiction service highlights extent of heroin abuse

Almost three out of five young people attending one of the south’s largest addiction services are using heroin, compared to almost none three years ago [Irish Examiner]

The DEA & Opioid REMS – An Intimidating Future?

Involvement of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in the FDA’s plans for an opioid-REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy) initiative is still unknown. However, if what is happening with the prescribing of buprenorphine is any example, practitioners prescribing opioids for pain may be headed for considerable aggravation in the name of “regulatory responsibility.” [Pain Treatment Topics, USA]

Alcohol Misuse for Pain, a Commonplace Hazard

Healthcare providers should be concerned about alcohol misused by their patients to self-manage pain and caution them about the hazards of mixing alcohol with pain medications, according to a study recently published in the Journal of Pain [Pain Treatment Topics, USA]

US official: Honduras stance hurts anti-drug ops

The suspension of American aid and high-level contact with Honduras' interim government following the ouster of its president in a coup is hurting anti-drug efforts, a U.S. Congresswoman said after meeting with officials in the troubled country [Washington Post, USA]

Needle program success

Taxi drivers, tradesmen and body builders are among the growing number of people using St Kilda's 24-hour needle and syringe exchange program - the only service that operates all night, every night in Victoria [The Age, Australia]