DS Daily - 12th October 2009


The rise and rise of legal highs

Good trip? A personal investigation into the £10m-a-year market in legal drugs [Observer, UK]

Ministers 'to cut drugs budget'

The Scottish Labour Party has accused ministers of cutting the budget for tackling drug abuse [BBC, UK]

Help for heroin addicts

The mobile harm reduction service, called the Southampton Harm Reduction Partnership (ShaRP), will actively go out into the community and offer a free clean needle exchange service [Southern Daily Echo, UK]

Record heroin addicts in rehab

Record numbers of drug addicts in Northamptonshire are entering rehab programmes with heroin and crack addictions, experts have said [Northampton Chronicle & Echo, UK]

I spent £600 a month on coke

Newsbeat spoke to Barry, 22, who used to spend £600 a month on cocaine and has jus finished a period of treatment [BBC, UK]

Pablo the drug mule dog returns to front anti-cocaine campaign

Adverts voiced by Peep Show's David Mitchell are intended to warn 15- to 18-year-olds about the dangers of the drug [Guardian, UK]

Cannabis use during pregnancy - no link to schizophrenia in offspring found by study

A study was published recently in BJpsych by researchers at Cardiff, Bristol, Warwick and Nottingham universities which threw another spanner in the claims that cannabis causes schizophrenia [UKCIA]

Inexcess Press Conference

Our plans for ‘2010 Year of Recovery’ a campaign to raise the profile of addiction and recovery and help to dispel the myths and stigma surrounding the issue [Inexcess TV, UK]

Do I Drink Too Much?

Addiction expert John Marsden, who likes a drink, makes a professional and personal exploration of our relationship with alcohol ... John experiments with a designer drug being developed that hopes to replicate all the benefits of alcohol without the dangers [Horizon - Tuesday, 21:00 on BBC, UK]

British parents urged to give children booze allowance

British parents should give their teenage children a weekly alcohol allowance at home, to help them avoid falling into Britain's notorious binge-drinking culture, a study recommended Friday [Independent, UK]

The booze bribe

Students who agree to sexual health tests are rewarded... with free alcohol [Daily Mail, UK]

Teenage drinking, alcohol availability and pricing

A cross-sectional study of risk and protective factors for alcohol-related harms in school children [BMC]

Binge drinkers prompt huge rise in 999 calls

Binge drinking has contributed to a massive increase in the number of ambulance calls, new research will suggest this week [Telegraph, UK]

Doctors call on MPs to vote for tobacco display ban in Health Bill

Doctors and health charities are calling on MPs to ban the display of tobacco products in shops across England [Times, UK]

George Shultz on the Drug War

The former secretary of state has long doubted the wisdom of interdiction [Wall Street Journal, USA]

Deadly in pink

Big Tobacco steps up its targeting of women and girls. 36-page PDF [Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, USA]

Medical marijuana

Review and analysis of federal and state policies. 50-page PDF [Congressional Research Service, USA]

Ignoring the Evidence

Why do psychologists reject science? [Newsweek, USA]

Untested implants a faulty treatment

Why the never-ending controversy about naltrexone implants? Comment by Alex Wodak, director of the Alcohol and Drug Service at Sydney's St Vincent's Hospital [The Australian]

Mentally ill Briton faces execution for smuggling heroin into China

Lawyers warn that Akmal Shaikh, 53, who has delusional psychosis, could be shot dead in jail after reports that his second appeal has failed [Observer, UK]