DS Daily - 14th October 2009


Alcohol-use disorders (prevention)

Consultation and background documents on the draft guidance [NICE, UK]

Nice backs minimum pricing on alcohol to cut harmful drinking

Health body's view at odds with government line - Plan would stop drink being sold at big discounts [Guardian, UK]

Health chiefs recommend minimum price for alcohol

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) wants to make it more difficult for young people and binge drinkers to buy hazardous amounts of alcohol [Times, UK]

How alcohol affects the brain

If alcohol were invented today, it would be classified as a drug and restricted, according to Professor David Nutt, a government adviser who chairs the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs [BBC, UK]

Injecting injuries and infections

Hooked episode 18 is all about injecting injuries and infections. We cover most of the major injecting health issues [Injecting Advice, UK]

Judge praises police operation to get heroin dealers off streets

Detectives who mounted a massive operation to snare a gang of heroin dealers in Barnsley have been commended by a judge after 10 of their targets were sent to jail for more than 30 years [Yorkshire Post, UK]

MPs approve cigarette vending ban

The removal of cigarettes from public display is a step closer after MPs said vending machines should be banned and shops should keep stocks out of sight [BBC, UK]

Physical problems 'often mental'

Professor Peter Jones, head of psychiatry at the University of Cambridge, said: "Take smoking and lung cancer. People think of it as a physical illness but lung cancer is a behaviour disease due to smoking habit." [BBC, UK]

Gardaí to be given powers to catch drug drivers

Gardaí are to be given powers to help secure convictions for drug driving under a new Road Traffic Bill to be published shortly [Irish Examiner]

'Government has failed in fight against teen alcohol abuse'

The government has failed to properly tackle the growing problem of alcohol abuse among teenagers, despite warnings from the National Council for the Child more than two years ago [Jerusalem Post, Israel]

After the bombing, drug addiction strikes Gaza

Under siege and grappling with joblessness, factional violence and the aftermath of war, Gazans are turning to pills as they seek to escape reality [Independent, UK]

Needle Exchange in the USA: An Update

The issue is currently caught in a conflict between the US House and Senate (two different parts of the Federal Government system), and advocacy is continuing to try and reach agreement on the removal of the ban – but without the geographical restrictions [IHRA]

Call to decriminalize cocaine - Video

Former Colombian president Cesar Gaviria tells Christiane Amanpour what the U.S. should do to curb the cocaine trade [CNN, USA]

Drinkers warned of brain damage

The damage caused by alcohol can be clearly seen in the brain and it is a process that starts sooner than many people think, an expert has warned [The Australian]