DS Daily - 19th October 2009


DrugScope/LDAN response to New Horizons mental health strategy consultation

Our response primarily builds on a consultation process with DrugScope members, including an expert seminar we held on New Horizons in September. Following LDAN's merger with DrugScope in March 2009 its 200 strong membership of London-based drug and alcohol agencies has also provided invaluable feedback into our key policy work, including New Horizons. 122KB PDF [DrugScope, UK]

Unspoken truths

The statistics relating to frequency of sexual abuse are horrifying in their own right. But as our cover story highlights (page 6), while the legacy of abuse is widespread for many drug and alcohol clients, there is a total mismatch with the attention this difficult issue receives. Editorial - Claire Brown [Drink and Drugs News, UK]

Fighting addiction

Gary Topley describes his journey from alcohol-fuelled violence to a new life helping others as a service user representative [Drink and Drugs News, UK]

Girl's Talk

Sue Kenten describes how her service is helping to empower young Asian women in east London at the same time as celebrating their identity [Drink and Drugs News, UK]

Under darker skies

As the financial climate changes for services, the work must still go on. Ian O’Sullivan describes how Mainliners streamlined ambitious plans for an international hepatitis C conference to make sure the event can still happen [Drink and Drugs News, UK]

High society: Britain's drug-taking clubbers

Almost all Britain’s thousands of clubbers routinely take drugs, in particular cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy [Times, UK]

Alcohol Consumption, Mortality and Morbidity - Key Findings

Key findings from Professor Martin Plant, Alcohol Health and Research Unit,
Faculty of Health and Sciences, University of the West of England and [Alcohol
Concern, UK]

Drink is killing one Briton every hour

One person drinks themselves to death every hour, according to figures that expose the full horror of binge-drinking Britain [Daily Express, UK]

Alcohol death toll to reach 9,080 a year, study predicts

Experts call for urgent action to reduce 'unacceptably high' death toll from diseases directly linked to drinking [Guardian, UK]

'Wind-down wine' alert

The relaxing glass that is turning working mothers into alcoholics [Daily Mail, UK]

Most people ignore government advice on alcohol consumption

Those in skilled work, and the young, are more likely to drink in excess of the recommended number of units [Observer, UK]

Two in three Scots admit to drinking too much

In a study examining the reason why people drink, only 35 per cent of Scots said they drink in moderation, while the rest said they drink excessively [The Scotsman, UK]

Manchester to ban cheap drink

The region of Greater Manchester is planning to become the first in England to impose a minimum price for the alcohol sold in its supermarkets, pubs and off-licences in an attempt to tackle binge drinking [Times, UK]

Rural rebellion on drink-drive limit

A row is escalating in Fianna Fail over the Department of Transport’s plans to reduce the drink-driving limit. At least one backbencher is threatening to vote against the government if it introduces the new measures, while more than 20 TDs have expressed opposition [Times, UK]

Television soaps ‘promote binge drinking’

Scotland’s most senior police officer has accused television soaps of glamorising drinking, claiming they encourage alcohol abuse among teenagers [Times, UK]

Over the limit for price of a stamp

Boozers can exceed the drink-drive limit for the price of a STAMP, health experts warned yesterday [The Sun, UK]

The challenge of running wet day centres in Britain

Drug and alcohol work does not get more difficult than this - offering street drinkers a place where they can start to reverse years of deterioration, without having first to stop drinking. Part 2 of our mini-series on wet day centres in Britain will also ring bells for drug workers in needle exchanges and drop-in services. Print publication 2005 [Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK]

Motivational interviewing best without the manual

Motivational interviewing is the most influential counselling style in addiction treatment, and, believe it or not, it works best 'freestyle' - WITHOUT the manual. At first we didn't believe what we'd found, but later it was confirmed by Bill Miller himself, even through he wrote some of the manuals. Print publication 2005 [Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK]

Explaining needle sizes

One of the constant battles I have in my work is getting people to understand why it’s so important to take the right gauge needle [Injecting Advice, UK]

Performance measurement for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders

Policymakers need to work with all stakeholders to establish a concrete agenda for developing, piloting and implementing performance measures that include COD [Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy]

Designer drug meph floods market despite warnings

The latest designer drug to flood the Irish market is called mephedrone – marketed as a legal alternative to ecstasy and cocaine [Tribune News, Ireand]

Can we escape Mexico's drug wars?

Corruption, murders underpinning vastly rich cocaine cartels could cross Canadian border [Star, Canada]

Los Angeles Prepares for Clash Over Marijuana

For the first time, law enforcement officials in Los Angeles have vowed to prosecute medical marijuana dispensaries that turn a profit, with police officials saying they expect to conduct raids [New York Times, USA]

Dancing With Demons

Did an MTV show about addiction contribute to DJ AM’s deadly relapse? [New York Times, USA]

Unprecedented Civil Disobedience For Hemp Legalization

Hoping to focus the attention of the Obama administration on the DEA's bad policies, leading activists were willing to get arrested to make their point [AlterNet, USA]

Smoking bans linked to heart health: study

Smoking bans in offices, restaurants, airports and other public places reduce the risk of heart attacks and heart disease, a federally-commissioned panel of US experts found Thursday [BT Yahoo News]

Moderate Drinking: The Debate Continues

New study says it’s the lifestyle, not the alcohol [Addiction Inbox, USA]

A Variety of Sources Feed Into Taliban’s War Chest

The Taliban in Afghanistan are running a sophisticated financial network to pay for their insurgent operations, raising hundreds of millions of dollars from the illicit drug trade [New York Times, USA]

State Budget Submission 2010/11

In developing this submission, VAADA examined a range of data indicative of treatment activity and demands on services across the sector. This data highlighted current pressure points on services’ capacity, and identified service gaps and areas of growing demand. The analysis illustrates a clear need for additional resourcing to respond to alcohol misuse; as well as investment along Melbourne’s growth corridors and in the health of Victoria’s ageing population. 34-page PDF [Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association, Australia]

Police seize more cocaine, heroin

New South Wales Police say they have seized twice as much cocaine and four times as much heroin so far this year compared to all of 2008 [ABC News, Australia]

Police want pseudoephedrine crack down

NSW police want cold and flu drugs containing pseudoephedrine to become prescription-only medicines to crack down on production of the addictive drug known as ice [The Age, Australia]

Blitz on all-night bottle shops in bid to curb alcohol-fuelled violence

All-night bottle shops have had their opening hours slashed in a new attempt to curb escalating alcohol-related violence on Melbourne's streets [The Age, Australia]

Africa's new narcostate

A photographer documents the struggles of Guinea-Bissau, which has become the new hub for cocaine trafficking in Africa [Globalpost]