DS Daily - 23rd October 2009


Breaking the Cycle of Substance Misuseamong Families

The results of a three-year Addaction pilot project [Addaction, UK]

Inquest into teenage heroin death

A teenage girl who drifted into heroin addiction was not "seriously considered" for a place in secure accommodation, a coroner has said [BBC, UK]

Crime in England and Wales

Quarterly Update to June 2009. 18-page PDF [Home Office, UK]

£1m-a-week cocaine factory found by accident, court told

Jury hears police discovered 'industrial-scale' drugs ring during routine 999 call [Guardian, UK]

Quality assurance for HIV healthcare

This project will develop standards for HIV services in NHS Scotland [NHS, UK]

China: British man facing execution

Amnesty International is urging people to use the prepared email to write to the Chinese authorities to prevent the imminent execution [Amnesty International]

Supermarket Scandal

Super-cheap Alcohol Sales in the North West. 2MB PDF [Ourlife, UK]

Minimum pricing of alcohol

Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon responds to a news release claiming that minimum pricing for alcohol is "illegal" [Scottish Government, UK]

Alcohol, Entertainment and Late Night Refreshment Licensing

England and Wales, April 2008 - March 2009. 55-page PDF [Department of Culture, Media and Sport, UK]

European judge casts fresh doubt over SNP plans for minimum alcohol prices

The Scottish government’s plans to introduce a minimum price for alcohol have suffered a setback with a move by the European Court to block similar initiatives in other EU countries [Times, UK]

Tenants losing out with LHA

Shelter has launched a new report that shows Local Housing Allowance (LHA) has caused more than a quarter of claimants to fall behind on their rent payments [Shelter, UK]

Waiting for a Legal Shot

HCLU and the Danish Street Lawyers present you their new short movie about the introduction of heroin maintenance to Denmark [Drug Reporter, Hungary]

European Organised Crime Threat Assessment 2009

The OCTA is based on a multi-source approach, including law enforcement and non-law enforcement contributions. 68-page PDF [Europa]

Irish gangs sourcing heroin from Pakistan

A new report has indicated that some Irish criminal gangs have become international entities and are getting their drug consignments directly from sources in Colombia and Pakistan [RTE News, Ireland]

Launch of 4th annual Drug-Free Work Week campaign

Activities occurring in workplaces and communities nationwide Oct. 19 through 25 [US Department of Labor]

How Pure Is Ecstasy?

Dutch study of street MDMA [Addiction Inbox, USA]

The War Against Dispensaries

We're all cheering the new federal medical marijuana guidelines that direct prosecutors not to arrest law-abiding patients in medical marijuana states. But of course, it remains to be seen what prosecutors will do with those guidelines [Drug Policy Alliance, USA]

Is the Military Ignoring Its Heroin Problem in the Ranks?

Occupy the world's largest heroin producer in Afghanistan and it's no wonder the methadone clinics are overpacked -- but the military is mum on the subject [AlterNet, USA]

Battling Addiction With Those Who Know It Best

Officials caution that no program can work until the addict is ready, although the new emphasis on wide-ranging, long-term support tailored to individual needs appears to be a promising advance in a field of limited success [New York Times, USA]

Largest US sting on drug cartel arrests 300-plus

In the largest single strike at Mexican drug operations in the U.S., authorities arrested more than 300 people in a sting that demonstrates an upstart cartel's vast reach north of the border [Washington Post, USA]

Is Mexico winning its war on drugs?

"The most important thing is that the Mexican government is on the offensive," said Bernard Aronson, U.S. assistant secretary of state for inter-American affairs from 1989 to 1993. "They're not in a state of denial. They're getting going."[CNN, USA]

Alcohol and other drug treatment services in Australia 2007-08

Findings from the National Minimum Data Set [Australian Institute of Health and Welfare]

Alcohol and other drug treatment services in Australia 2007-08

Report on the National Minimum data Set [Australian Institute of Health and Welfare]

Alcohol remains number one on drug treatment list

Alcohol continues to be the number one drug of concern for Australians seeking treatment for drug or alcohol issues, according to a report released today by the [Australian Institute of Health and Welfare]

Kids treated for amphetamine, cannabis and alcohol abuse

A bleak Federal Government report reveals 12-year-olds are using heroin and a child under 13 was treated for cocaine use last year [News.com, Australia]